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An Extremely Serious Matter


It is often said that to say one lie, one has to say many more and at the end, the truth emerges.

This administration has embarked upon a series of debatable statements which are now coming home to roost. The most serious to date which faces the nation has to do with the Royal St Lucia Police Force. We should recall that our P.M. categorically stated that he had seen with his own eyes a hit list prior to the alleged extra judicial killings. Well, if Mr Camron Laure is indeed correct, his statement clearly denies that any such hit list existed. Assuming Laure is correct, there will be serious consequences and repercussions as the reputation of high ranking officers and by extension the Police Force will have been grossly disadvantaged. More importantly, if the Prime Minister gave the personnel of the IMPACS Commission certain guidelines based on the most recent information, then the present controversial IMPACS report may very well be flawed.

In the past, the Prime Minister has been described as a Teflon Minister, but such attributes never last forever and on that score, he may have now angered the nation. Viewing and hearing Mr Laure on television, one could not deny that this officer spoke from the heart and with a clear conscience. The utterances of the Senate President some days ago and the response from the PM that his statements were not inconsistent with previous rumours, has certainly cast a shadow of doubt on the whole matter and the situation should have been promptly investigated.

A strong rumour is presently in circulation that all these utterances were nothing more than empty words to distract the nation from the realities of what is on the ground. This remains an extremely serious matter when one considers that the main security arm of the nation comprising some one thousand officers has been jeopardised.

–The Watchman


  1. It’s not hard to see where your obvious bias is. …”well if Cameron Laure is correct” Twice….. So what if the Prime Minister is correct!? So couldn’t the Prime Minister have also spoken from the heart and with a clear conscience?
    Your rantings are crystal clear and lack objectivity so we know who you are!

    You and Cameron Laure are are definitely playing the political card and are on the same team.

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