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We Need A Giant Slayer

Image of Rochelle Gonzales
Image of Rochelle Gonzales
Rochelle Gonzales

HOW many red hot cases have to turn cold before murderers are brought to justice? How many women and children have to get raped before the perpetrators are stopped? How many crimes have to go unpunished before someone says enough is enough, let’s clean up the whole mess of a justice system we have in St. Lucia?

Crime, both serious and petty has become the dominating force in St. Lucia somewhat like a meaner version on Goliath and everybody else is a victim whether they were actually victimised or simply laying in wait for their turn to be victimised.

Just take a look at the recent homicides crippling the island…do you honestly think that people with the power to bring about justice have NO clue who’s behind it?

You know it, they know it, we all know that many of the top criminals in society have their police and lawyer friends who can easily make evidence and or witnesses disappear with one 30 second phone call…but who’s gonna do anything to stop them?

If this is all too serious, let’s get to lesser, yet just as effective crimes. Just two weeks ago, I gave one Rita William the chance to tell her story, a story of rape from the age of eight to rape as a teenager which led to her having an unwanted child…why is she still living in fear of that ordeal and those before? Why are those men still free?

Now tell me, how can one feel safe from bullies and criminals when the bullies and criminals own the ones who are meant to be keeping us safe?

There I was thinking that the damning IMPACS report would have brought about some significant change but all it seemingly did was just cause an itch that was quickly scratched and forgotten about.

Whilst I still believe that The U.S. shouldn’t be the ones to step in and push us around seeing that their own backyards are in complete disarray, I genuinely believe that a fresh crop of lawmakers all around should be brought in to clean up the mess we have here because at the rate we are going, where friendships and money continue to dictate the direction taken by those with the power to implement change then we might as well be dogs chasing our tails because we are going nowhere.

A major shake up needs to come from the head down…interpret as you wish.

Call me ignorant but I have a list of countries that I would never like to visit because quite honestly, the crime rate there scares me and that includes Jamaica, Trinidad and the obvious ones like Iraq etc. but here’s what scares me even more…my island home, the place that I love with my all is starting to fit the same criteria as those islands and countries that scare me…how did this happen?

I am proud to be a St. Lucian and my island to me is paradise but man, we have some real parasites feeding off this place and it’s killing us all because whilst our name is being dragged through the mud and our reputation is being soiled, we the people continue to live in fear and feel like fish in a barrel as the honest and decent citizens are so easily picked off and nothing is being done about it.

I get so annoyed when people say “look at the States, they have more crime than us so we should quit complaining” um, one, St. Lucia is a DOT compared to the U.S. so it’s kind of obvious that they would have more crime and 2, I DON’T CARE THAT THEY HAVE MORE CRIME, I DON’T LIVE THERE, I LIVE HERE SO I’M CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE!

St. Lucia is too small an island to have such a high number of unsolved crimes. And I know that you know that they know that most of the culprits are well known who walk among civilians like untouchable bosses.

We need a better functioning justice system and whilst I’m aware that this is going to take time and an unimaginable amount of money, I think that this is an issue that should be a top priority…don’t you think?

All the well known criminals wreaking havoc in St. Lucia shouldn’t have the liberties to live freely and happily with the same, if not more benefits than us hard working and honest citizens. No, the tables need to be turned right around and they should be the ones cowering in their little rat holes just waiting to be picked off one by one. They should be the ones wondering when their number will be up and that it is looming. But most importantly, this should be done in a legal way from a freshly refurbished legal system that recognises the law and goes all out to uphold it.

We need to do this for our people to thrive comfortably and in peace; we need to do this to save the reputation of our award winning island; we need to do this for our children to be able to grow up in a safe environment and we need to do this so that the hundreds who have been murdered and the thousands who have been hurt by criminals can finally get the justice that they deserve.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...



  1. The lack of action by Kenny Anthony’s Government in taking decisive action against the Police Brass and the Killer Cops identified in the IMPAC Report has turned out to be a telling failure, while exposing the widespread corruption and incompetence that plagues the citizens of this island when it comes to major crimes committed by Police and Government officials.

    The Police under the incompetent Vernon Francois murdered innumerable young men, then in attempts to conceal their murderous actions planted false evidence on the bodies of the murdered victims and these criminals are roaming the island freely while committing more murders, yet not one of these Killers have been brought to book.

    This is a disgrace of monumental proportions unsurpassed in the history of this island. While the Government seemed paralyzed and unable to act upon a matter of such magnitude, the UWP under the leadership of the Fraudster Allen Chastanet is engaged in gutter politics as to whether Anthony informing the citizens of the findings by IMPAC was appropriate and how he should have spoken to us grown men and women.

    Kenny Anthony informing us of the horrific acts of murder of St. Lucians committed by a confederate army of killer Cops was the correct action, requiring stellar leadership. However, the delay in taking actions against these rogue killer cops has left us in a state of bewilderment. The prolonged delay for delivering justice to the families of the murdered victims is of itself a criminal act — “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.

    I ask: Is the hiring of a few more prosecuting attorneys to expedite justice for the victims and their families, and the removal of these criminal killer cops from our streets, less important than opening and embassy in Taiwan ? but with imbeciles like Chastanet and the Irish accent woman Rigobert in opposition, Labour can drag its feet until the Sun becomes a Brown Dwarf and the DPP turns to stone before these maleywez will see justice. I will write the U.S. dept of Justice to encourage the maintaining of sanctions against this criminal enterprise masquerading as Law Enforcement in St. Lucia.

  2. Rochelle:

    You see what has happened to your hairline as a result of the use of these harsh chemicals used to process your hair to look like Caucasian no-bodied dead hair ? anyway you are a beautiful woman, nice smile, and I love the lips. Nice pic.

    So because of the nice picture I will have to ask you accompany me on my next trip to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj as my third wife – I did not say JABAL; WIFE. You will find my other wives very loving and conscious females. lol

      1. It is EXTREMELY rare that I respond to comments on here even though I read every single one but you sir dragged me out from behind the looking glass with this one to say a massive LOOOL and Thank you…I think?!?

  3. St Lucians are no more inherently worse than any other country, but without proper systems to keep people honest people will revert to nastiness.

    Women are the solution – more education about not having children early. They need to value themselves more so they don’t end up with useless men and then create useless children.

    The police obviously need root and branch reform. New systems of accountability and record keeping. They should not be in the business of dispensing justice, their presence is meant to prevent crime. It is the second part of the judicial process which is abysmal. Nothing happens once crims have been picked up.

    There also needs to be a split between those people who can be rehabilitated and those who need to be incarcerated for everyone’s own good. You want to try and filter the low level petty criminals away from the big ones.

    People can start improving the situation by making sure you tell off your kids for misbehaving, make sure they respect others property, make sure they read, go to bed on time etc. today’s idiot child is tomorrow’s larcenist.

    1. Reading your suggestions, some of them sensible, like segregating the seasoned criminals from the the first offenders; but how do you suppose to prevent high school children from having babies, when 70 % of Lucians are influenced by the perverted dogma of the Catholic Church/S.J. Convent teaching that contraceptives and birth control are equivalent to murder ?

      Let’s be truthfully here, this is an island that glorifies fornication, homosexuality/’zaammee’ in the popular culture, song and dance — have you not seen the “good” Christians wearing G-Strings touching their toes while being penetrated sexually from behind by intoxicated males in public and given prizes for best costumes and best pornographic performance ?

      Again, how do you as a good Christian propagate the sinful nature of Birth Control, Glorify licentious behavior and stop teen pregnancy ? O.K. I got it ! almost forgot there is something called the “Chastity Belt” made of Stainless Steel with the master lock.

  4. I agree it’s not easy. I am not a catholic so I find the obsession with contraceptives odd. lucians seem to cherry pick which parts of the religious texts that apply, and they seem quite happy with going to church then committing numerous sins.

    Anyway let us refrain from going down the usual religious angles on these comments, it’s tiring.

    The people need to stop expecting government to do everything for them, no policy will insulate people from their own poor life choices. I come back to it again – if men and women took more responsibility for their actions and were humble and honest, then everything would be better.

    The number one priority is a functioning police and judiciary. Everything else flows from being safe and secure. If people can’t live and be civil with each other then incarceration is the only way. The island is too small to be spoilt by rotten apples.

  5. Haven’t you read that Lucians are ranking members of the World Alcoholic consumers ? how does this statement of your, even begin to make sense ? “if men and women took more responsibility for their actions and were humble and honest, then everything would be better.”. Why are you afraid of Religion ? what you eat, who you marry, how you are buried, every aspect of your life is affected by it — that is why same-sex marriages are not practiced in St. Lucia.

    Imagine if someone created a food that was designed to make you hungrier the more you ate it. Then the very person who created that food created a slogan telling you to “Eat Responsibly”. What would the responsible thing be to do if your trying to avoid the potential pitfalls of overeating, consume it in moderation or to not consume it at all?

    The very nature of alcohol, regardless of the intentions, educational background, yearly salary, social popularity and religious upbringing of those that consume it, is that it impairs the judgment and suppresses the God-Given inhibitions that are meant to keep us from behaving like immoral savages. Every time you consume alcohol you’re playing Russian roulette with you life except Shaytan/Satan is holding the gun and he’s playing with 3 bullets.

    I was at a party with Josie and he could not put down the glass of that alcohol, I suspect the man has an addiction to the dark colored spirits.

  6. I’m not afraid of any religion, I have developed a set of critical faculties which mean I don’t believe in hocus pocus. Religion is useful to set a moral framework but you shouldn’t use it to absolve yourself of proper reasoned thought. Like I say, Lucians see no contradiction between going to church and committing multitude of sins. At least I have the decency to not pretend to be a godly man. I don’t need an ancient book to dictate to me how I live my life. I know some people need that crutch, particularly religious converts who have a void which needs filling.

    I agree with you that the only things Lucians are world beaters are drinking and debauchery. Every year is another step towards further degradation.

    Lucian attitudes towards same sex relationships is about as advanced as it was in the USA in the 50s. It takes enlightened people to realise that it occurs all over the world from people of all ethnicities. Like it or hate it these are facts. Even your friends in the Middle East are just as likely to do it despite what your book says.

  7. I am deeply saddened by the state of St. Lucia. Although I do not live there but I’m St.lucian and my heart is for the betterment of the island. With than being said let me just point out the issue here. The problem is not a Governmental one, neither is it a police one. It’s a SIN problem. St. Lucians have turned their back on God. How have we done that? One might ask. Well I’m glad u asked! We have rebelled against God’s word and given room to the enemy. And because we have rejected God he has therefore left us to our own demise. The children of Israel had a government or kingdom that was governed by a king ALONGSIDE THE PROPHETS. The Morden day Church is a representation of Christ in the earth and we have separated ourselves from it. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
    ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬
    We cannot look to the Government to fix a spiritual problem. The spirit realm is very real and we are ignorant of the Devils devices. We as a people need to repent and seek the true and living God. There’s no need for more lawyers when we have an advocate with the father who makes intercession for us. We don’t need the earthly courts to do anything. What we need to do is take our petition to the king of kings and Lord of Lords, take it to the heavenly Court. There is so much witchcraft in the St. Lucian Government and God is not pleased with it. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re casting spells, but disobedience the bible says is as the son of witchcraft! Pride has taken over the land, God hates pride. And we Lucians approve it because we don’t stand against it. You cannot approve what God has disapproved. Why don’t we take heed to the guidance and directions of the Men and Women of God on the Island? When we reject them we reject God and then when things happen we cry out to God. Well guess what! God is not hearing those cries because people’s hearts are not right and they’re not willing to turn from their wicked ways. Why don’t we go to our Pastors and Prophets and ask them what can we do as a people to appease the anger of God? Why don’t the entire Nation call for a Day or two of Fasting and Praying. Why don’t we involve the Church and our God ordained Prophets in the decisions that we as a nation make. We have removed God from everything! We glorify the devil and celebrate pegan Gods ignorantly. Well guess what God says; my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge I will also reject you. It’s a sin problem people seek God and turn from wickedness. And also we have to pray for those in authority. God commands it.

  8. Look here Shao:

    Lucians love their “Chen-bois” especially my friend Guy Papa Jab Joseph — “SINCE WHEN DAS YOUR ROLE to interpret contracts” I see you live off island; here’s a method you can use to travel; I use it to travel all over the world.


    Did you know one can accomplish flight by beheading six hundred and sixty-six(666) virgin chickens, collecting the blood in a large basin, then capturing the Consecrated BODY and BLOOD of God from the Communion – pretend to swallow the ‘Losti’ but spit it into a black napkin or handkerchief to shield it from Sunlight. Sunlight will kill the body of God, transforming it into smoke – at the precise hour of the New Blood-Moon, mix the body of God with the Blood of the Chickens. Do not be alarmed by the awful screams produced as the body of God dissolves to produce a raging torrent of BLOOD which will flow into the bowels of Hell as it flows into the Ocean,(this ritual must be performed next to the ocean at the time of High Tide) then with the utterances of the Litany of the Virgin Mary recited backwards while holding the head of a dead Black Goat with horns over six inches. A King Toad/Frog with a piece of God in its mouth and sewn shut must be inserted into the throat of the Goat. While holding the head in your left hand, jump across the River of BLOOD backwards, you will be instantaneously transported to the destination of your desire? No Visa is required as you will be washed in the Blood of Lucifer.

  9. Yes justice delayed is justice denied – and that’s wrong on so many levels. What about the human rights of victims and their families awaiting justice? Perhaps Mary Francis would like to fight the cause of the victims of murder rather than for the perpetrators?
    How can justice be served without a functioning forensic lab, under resourced police, under resourced Court officials / facilities and the outrageously increasing number of crimes. There is no deterrent & the criminals know that. Impacs has only given the criminals more strength & probably it’ll all be swept under the carpet especially as elections get nearer. Isn’t it a shame Taiwan is more important. Maybe they can pump money into the justice system.
    The place has gone down the pan & soon the visitors will stop coming.

  10. Ahoy there Prince SOM
    A jolly response from Lady Rochelle. This is certified proof that you have “Celestial” connections.
    As a fond admirer, I request a pre nuptial toast to Lady Rochelle (preferably a platonic greet & meet at a distinguished locale of her choosing)-
    at the very least it would afford honorable closure at my delay in acknowledging my “beyond literary affections” for her.
    My school boy chums would label my delay and said loss of her hand as “kokard”.
    However, I do see synergy and symmetry in your proposed matrimonial bond. You two are like lion and lioness-hearted.
    I do admire said bravery in both of you. Yes, I will dance at your ceremony -even in Ural Cossack tradition- lady Rochelle deserves an all in one gentleman-scholar-warrior to match her cultivated-culturally sophisticated-intellectual brave heart; indeed.

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