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Uses Of Adversity

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

SOME of the best stories are those which cast the human condition in its many vicissitudes; from extreme poverty, danger and want to prosperity, security and contentment. Many will agree that our creature comforts can leave us short of inner peace, tranquility and happiness. In that sense a man’s altered circumstances may be compared to that of the changing fortunes of a country; rising from poverty and economic stagnation and zigzagging its way towards social and economic progress. Still, one must be careful to measure the changing fortunes of a country not only in terms of economic jargon, but by its impact on the life of its many citizens.

The sight of misery and poverty is never pleasing especially to persons who have experienced better. The condition of the individual often mirrors that of the state and helps explain why the state has been described as the individual writ large. The two are inextricably bound up – each depending on the other for growth, development and progress. How does a country (and its people), move from poverty and want to prosperity and happiness? For answer, some point to Singapore under its former leader Lee Kwan Yew whose vision and work ethic were crucial in his country’s development. In addition, education and training, strategic thinking, the rule of law, trade and conflict resolution, together were the platform for Singapore’s transformation. One must not rule out the powerful influence of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other institutions of global reach – and their confidence Singapore … and Yew.

Based on Singapore’s example (and some notable others), only a very reckless leader will fail to heed the crucial role and influence of international organizations such as the World Bank. It may be argued that that institution has leaned more towards the political and economic interests of western democracies. It is also true that the methods, politics and economics of these western countries have also led to more rapid social and economic development of their peoples.

It is therefore disingenuous for government mouth pieces in Saint Lucia to question the recent downgrading of the island by the World Bank. What would the World Bank gain by relegating Saint Lucia to the likes of Venezuela and Zimbabwe in its economic performance assessment of the island? Embarrassing governments (and their supporters) is not what the World Bank was set up to do. Only those who will not see deny that. The economy of Saint Lucia has taken a severe battering under Kenny Anthony and new Labour. The island’s economy is far less buoyant today than it was at independence, thirty-six plus years ago. There is frankly one compelling reason for that island’s parlous economic state – the incompetence and missmanagement by Kenny Anthony and his new Labour Government. This is the conclusion which the SLP apologists and their hacks find difficult to accept.

Saint Lucia may not be aware of the details in the periodic reports of the World Bank and IMF. What is patently obvious is that life has become harder and people are less able to provide for their families since the return of the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to office. It is therefore dishonest of those who know better to try and twist a World Bank report, in order to make the government look good. This is clearly a case of intellectual dishonesty. Such dishonesty flatters and deceives, and plunges both government and people, into more dire economic straits.

The question is how to extricate Saint Lucia from its misery and its consequential low ranking economic performance, by the World Bank. An equally interesting question is: What can (and must) be done to change the economic fortunes of Saint Lucia and to return it to the ‘good books’ of the World Bank and to a better economic performance rating by that august body?

The man on the street in Saint Lucia knows where his bread is buttered. He knows how hard things are. He does not need the World Bank to remind him that he is worse off today than he was four years ago. He who feels it knows it! The average citizen sees the neglect and squalour growing around him in Castries, once the pride of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. He knows that Saint Lucia has enjoyed better days. He is aware of the passing of a rough economic trough. He sees people walking long distances in the hot sun selling farine, brooms, cassava and whatever else they can lay their hands on. The last time he saw this was fifty years ago.

What is the reason for the increasing poverty reported by the World Bank? Why did the SLP in opposition blame the UWP Government, and not the downturn in the world economy, for the island’s malaise? Did the SLP know better but chose instead to lie to the people? Is the former opposition party still lying and deceiving the people of Saint Lucia? If they are not, then why divert blame for the poor state of Saint Lucia’s economy to others and further exacerbating the lie by criticizing the World Bank report on Saint Lucia?

The reality which the people of Saint Lucia must face is this: There are highly qualified academics that lack the ability to get things done. It’s a fact of life that some people are better doers and hands-on achievers, than others. Some are good at regurgitating what they read in books or hear from the lips of others. Political leaders (and parliamentarians) who have never had real life experiences in building anything will be no different in politics. Repeating failed economic medicines over and over and expecting different results makes no sense. Why therefore should anyone be surprised at the World Bank assessment of Saint Lucia?

The worse part of the reaction to the World Bank report is the refusal by some to acknowledge that the ship of state is sinking. The denial reminds one of the stories of American evangelist Jim Jones, who murdered several hundred innocent Americans in the jungle of Guyana, a few years ago. Jones’ accomplices knew the truth but, they were so caught up in his evil lies they refused to acknowledge it.

The deceitful tongues and skewed economics of the Government of Saint Lucia bite the people where it hurts most. Still, some refuse to acknowledge it. People are dying in larger numbers. The man who stood in the House of Assembly and grandly announced that he will write to foreign investors and tell them ‘not to invest in Saint Lucia’ has not apologized for that statement. Unless he does, the island will remain cursed. The World Bank downgrading is an outcome of that cursed tongue. That cursed tongue is leading Saint Lucia to resemble Haiti and Zimbabwe more and more each day.

So where do we go from here? Is one expected to say tongue in cheek that. The economy is booming, and that one ought not to pay attention to the World Bank report on Saint Lucia? Or should the government come clean and speak truthfully to the people and apologize for plunging them into such an economic mess?

The people must take matters into their own hands! They must transform adversity into opportunity and progress. They must change to a better, more confident and God fearing people. They must first change their government.


  1. A taxi driver drove me to railroad station- a 25 minute ride. He was an articulate “caucasian” whose employment was excessed via the 2008 economic down turn. The man was articulate and dressed more for exclusive limo service than was required of this local service,
    Nonetheless we shared a spirited conversation and within 15 minutes I realized that he was the first manager of a local franchise – part of a huge national chain-back in the 199os, The store and mall was in my nearby ocal mall at that time . I had frequented his store on a regular basis. Back thn he was fresh out of college and -by his account-rode the promotional gravy train to become a regional manager and trainer of managers.
    He asked me if I recognized him after turning the ceiling light on and slowing quite a bit. I remarked that he had not aged much. In fact he was trim and fit looking.
    He explained that this was a second ob to a day job that was slow and commission based.
    He was professional, courteous, confident, optimistic and hopeful for an upturn. I know his mind and opportunity is ready for –
    and body are ready for -better days. Are you Peetar?
    PS I will get back to a more focused analysis of your article, but I like how you positioned your “gauntlet” in the second paragraph-not the first- saving te first for icing on the bonbon- you sly Marie Island fox?

  2. Josie:

    After reading this, “infinite deal of nothingness”, I am established in my perception that you are the Satan incarnate. Understanding the depth of your mental illness brought about by your mis-education, unequivocal love for the demonic entities known as the Chastanets, now in possession of your soul, and your hatred of Black people, I am not alarmed how you gloat at the Great African countries of Haiti and Zimbabwe. However Lucians should know that individuals like Rick John Wayne telling us, “I am Roman” , Allen Chastanet, telling us “The American Civil War was fought against England” , Michael Chastanet’s advocating the murder of Lucians, “We should TAKE THEM OUT !”, and Peter Josie’s desecration of our African Giants like Mugabe and Toussaint Louverture, are transparent acts of demented Samboes and White Overseers employed by C.I.A. to keep us in a perpetual state of ignorance and Christianized into thinking that a Caucasian God is our only Savior.

    But here’s what you don’t want Lucians to KNOW in the video below:




  3. I will ignore the messenger and welcome the message. Peter Pan you struck a home run on this one, albeit you could have delved deeper on cause and effect…case in point: The multitude of Tertiary Educated within the Ministries sitting on their hands all day just waiting on the 24th of each month to suck the blood of the nation . What are we getting in return from these high salaried RUBBER STAMP employees? Higher Education is not design for you to sit in one stagnated brain dead place for any extended period of time as is the current trend in these Ministries. The zero sum game is milking the nation, its time we have a revolving graduating student population manning the affairs at these ministries instead of the educated fixtures that produce very little.

  4. /
    Peter Josie and Rick John Wayne explains why having Sex with a Majee Noir/Black Magic was not as Good as Having SEX with Jesus, and not even Viagra can help the Thong-wearing John Wayne who was squeezed in my Keyhole last night wearing nothing but coconut oil and now his days are on the countdown while he threatens to take down the HO– USE OF WAX U.W.P.






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