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St. Lucia And Cuba – We’ve Come A Long Way


I was pleased to learn that Cuba and St Lucia signed a trade agreement which will deepen existing bilateral relations and examine future trade opportunities between our countries.

I presume that St Lucia, through our Ambassador to Cuba is taking full advantage of the significant advances in science and technology in that country as they relate to our needs.

St Lucia’s contribution to Cuba dates back to early to mid 1970s when Latin American Nematologists visited my nematology laboratory for training in Nematology and related banana technologies at WINBAN Research and Development Centre in the Roseau Valley, St Lucia.

I recall that three Cuban scientists (one lady, who appeared to be the leader, and two gentlemen) visited that Centre when England was still responsible for our external affairs. I accepted their request to visit (as I did with other scientists from Latin America) but the British Government Representative was not too pleased with my unilateral decision to accept visitors from Cuba without relevant permission.

I recall that every move made by the Cuban scientists had to be monitored by our Royal Police Force including a reception at my residence and a visit to BATA to buy shoes. We have come a long way since those days and I am pleased that our people of St Lucia can now work with the people of Cuba without police escorts and for the good of the people of our two countries.

I would be pleased if our Ambassador Charles Issac in Cuba and the Cuban Ambassador in St Lucia Jorge Soberon could put me in touch with the three Cuban scientists so that we may be in a position to continue our exchanges in technology. Unfortunately, I do not recall their names for I have moved away from the microscopic to the macroscopic problems facing humanity.

–Ambassador Dr. Joseph E. Edmunds, OBE (Edsel Edmunds)
Former Ambassador of St Lucia to the UN, OAS, and US,
Former Senior Research Fellow, University of the West Indies

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  1. Recognizing the humanity of others and extending our in equal measure is a powerful force transcending even ideologies and isms. In the end this force may even negate the production and reproduction of ideologies and isms of repression.

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