Prophet Promises Miracles

A Barbados-born “prophet” is coming to St Lucia for two nights of supernatural miracles next weekend.

Prophet Browne with Benny Hinn
Prophet Browne with Benny Hinn

The sessions will be held at the Bay Gardens Resorts next Saturday and Sunday.

Prophet Janal Browne was born in Barbados and at a young age he started ministering to congregations in Barbados and around the Caribbean. He said his prophetic walk began when he had a visitation by the Holy Spirit many years ago and the Lord spoke to him and gave him the mandate and scroll “to go and spread the gospel to the nations”.

Prophet Browne has had extensive training in the Prophetic ministry. He said he has ministered in many miracle-healing services in countries such as Trinidad, St. Lucia, Guyana, and in Miami and many others places, where hundreds, have been healed including numerous miracles of blind eyes and deaf ears opened by the power of God.

Prophet Janal Browne and his wife Lady Victoria Browne are the co-founders of The Prophetic Movement Ministry and popular radio programme “Connected to the Prophet”.

Miracle Healing Services are held every other Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. and Prophet Browne said many have testified to receiving supernatural transference of huge sums of money, up to US$7 million miraculously. Others have claimed debt cancellations, bills miraculously paid off, the disappearance of cysts, fibroids and lumps.

Prophet Browne travels extensively around the world where thousands experience the supernatural power of God.

The Prophet said he and Lady Victoria were called out of 17,000 people to the stage by renowned Evangelist Benny Hinn in 2013 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, in Trinidad & Tobago. There, he said, Hinn prophesied that he (Browne) would be one of the most accurate and influential prophets in the world when it comes to prophecy, revival and the miracle power of God.

Hinn prophesied and commissioned Browne and Lady Victoria to go forth to nations preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, Browne has had major prophecies and revelations including the plane crash of Dr. Myles Munroe and wife from the Bahamas, the Asian Plane crash 2015, major changes in the government of Trinidad which happened six weeks after he prophesied and the prophecy concerning Guyana October 2014 that there would be a new government, which came to pass eight months later.

Prophet Browne told THE VOICE he had prophesied to hundreds of businessmen around the world some had received up to $10 million in the exact time prophesied to them.

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  1. It would be nice to see him prophesy over the outcome of the next elections in St. Lucia.
    Also on the leadership of the opposition in St.Lucia. Then again it’s a long wait to see if any of his prophesies materializes. I have read in the good book where it says, ” ….in the last days that old men shall dream dreams and young men shall prophesy…….” we are living in the last days, whether you want to believe it or not. It is time we put aside all political wickedness, and start the process of wood will to all, most especially the poor, the sick and the youth among us. Cut out the greed, the lust for power, rid us of the drug trade, the human trafficking, sex trade of the underage and a total war on poverty, the root cause of all the crime and the degradation of this society. Most of all, let us find the Almighty and begin to pray, seriously.

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