Observing Emancipation

Painting by Ted Sandiford
Painting by Ted Sandiford

THE Cultural Development Foundation has created a small ripple in celebration of Emancipation Day with a month long exhibition on the third floor of the Blue Coral Mall.

This year the CDFย mixed new art with old by featuring three completely different but equally talented artists.

On display is the work of 3D and Fine Arts creator Ted Sandiford, a wall of photographs dating back to pre Independence from the late Francis Tobias and an array of paintings and clay moulds from the late John Phulchere.

Painting by John Phulchere.

Director of Events and Production at the CDF, Drenia Frederick told The VOICE they felt it necessary to feature these three artists to allow people the opportunity to experience their works.

She said: โ€œItโ€™s really to honour the artists of St. Lucia.โ€

Frederick said however, that a day of such importance is not getting the recognition that it truly deserves so by taking such baby steps, they are trying to shine light on the matter.

She said: โ€œI think itโ€™s a period in our history that we should not forget and it should inform us about where we go in the future.โ€

Painting by Tobias.
Painting by Tobias.

Frederick added that since emancipation, black Caribbean people have come far. โ€œWe have accomplished people who are talented, creative, we have writers and this exhibition is an attest to thatโ€, she said.

Emancipation Day has been celebrated in the Caribbean on August 1 in recognition of the abolition of slavery in 1834.

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