More Cruise Jobs

FIFTY two more Saint Lucians have received employment through the Government supported Cruise Ship Employment Programme.

Last Thursday, 31 students from the Springboard Training and Development Centre were interviewed by representatives of Carnival Cruise Lines. Thirty were successful and were offered skilled positions on the Cruise Ship. During the week before, 26 students were interviewed. Twenty two were successful and are currently preparing to take up employment on Carnival Cruise Lines.

Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is pleased by the latest news from Springboard. He said every single job that is created counts “in this difficult environment”.

The Prime Minister added: “I am elated that another government supported programme is bearing fruit. When the cruise ship employment programme was introduced in the 2013/2014 Budget, the Opposition went on an elaborate campaign to discredit the programme and planted fear in the minds of Saint Lucians.

“I am advised that 420 Saint Lucians have gained jobs on Carnival Cruises since the commencement of this programme. In 2015 alone, 160 young people have been offered jobs with Carnival Cruises. The officials at Springboard have advised that approximately 130 more young people will be trained and employed under this programme by December 2015.”

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