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Image of Peter Foster (Left) Guy Joseph (Right)

Speaker, Guy Joseph In Verbal Exchanges.

Image of Peter Foster (Left) Guy Joseph (Right)
Peter Foster (Left) Guy Joseph (Right)

PARLIAMENTARY Opposition member for Castries South East Guy Joseph and Speaker Peter Foster clashed verbally in the House of Assembly again on Tuesday.

It ended with Joseph being prevented from continuing his contribution to a debate on a motion to guarantee financing of roads in the south of the island and being asked by the Speaker to take his seat.

Foster and Joseph have clashed in the House before. The two are also opponents in the High Court where Joseph is challenging the Electoral and Boundaries Commission, of which Foster is Chairman and which has recommended increasing the number of electoral seats from 17 to 21.

Joseph yesterday declared that the Speaker must “know his place” emphasizing remarks he had made elsewhere recently that Speaker Foster was not impartial when sitting in the chair.

Joseph, a former Minister of Communications and Works, was interrupted by the Speaker Tuesday while raising questions about the LaborieBanse Road project, which Joseph claimed was filled with discrepancies.

Earlier Joseph attempted to raise questions about the relationship between two signatories on the contract for the road project and was asked by the Speaker about the relevance of the question.

Foster told Joseph that he would not allow him to impute improper motives against anyone who was not a member of the House without making the proper foundation.

Joseph also questioned the content of the Bill of Quantities relating to the project claiming that the information there was inadequate. He questioned the defect liability provision in the document claiming that as worded it would let the contractor off the hook if the road proved defective on completion.

But Speaker Foster informed Joseph that a defective liability provision does not absolve a contra tor from liability and explained what the term meant. Joseph had questioned why the project liability period ended the same day that the project ended.

The Speaker’s interruptions clearly annoyed Joseph who at one point objected to what he said was the Speaker interpreting the contract for him.

At one point, Joseph told the Speaker that he did not know that he (Foster) was part of the debate. When Joseph continued speaking while the Speaker was doing the same, Foster asked him to sit down, which he did. But on resuming his address, Joseph said he had realized for some time that the Speaker wanted to be part of the debate and challenged him to get out of the Speaker’s chair if that was the case.

The Speaker informed Joseph that he was being disrespectful to the chair and ruled him out of order. A verbal exchange continued before finally Foster demanded that Joseph take his seat.

Since then Joseph has again accused the Speaker of “behaving like a politician” while presiding at meetings of the House. It was the Speaker, he said, who was really out of order.

Yesterday, Joseph continued his criticism of Speaker Foster while discussing the House of Assembly issue. He said he believed he should have been allowed to ask more questions and get reasonable responses not from the Speaker, but rather from the government.

Joseph said he was not disrespectful to the Speaker, but instead advised him that if he wanted to join the debates he should become a politician, but if he wants to be Speaker he had to be fair and unbiased.

Said Joseph: “When I tried to bring up a point, he (Foster) said we are not debating things of the past. But every time the government goes and digs up something that happened 20 years ago the Speaker allows it.”

Joseph said he was not going to continue going to Parliament to be pushed around by the Speaker “who was not elected by anyone in Saint Lucia, other than by the parliamentarians on the government side”

He added: “I will not allow this to happen to me. I can say to the Speaker, if he is going to engage me in debate in the House again, he can rest assured the same thing will happen.”


  1. We know Guy Joseph is a, “piece of work”, but as a Member of Parliament, he is what the Lucian electorate decided upon; we may not like his style, but the Electorate has spoken.

    Who elected Peter Foster to debate Members of the Opposition and interpret contracts for the Government in Opposition ? NO ONE ! The display by this immoral and arrogant Peter Foster has brought nothing but disgrace and international embarrassment to the people of this Island.

    Here is an individual, Foster. presently engaged in a legal dispute against Guy Joseph in the Courts, with matters pertaining to the number of electoral districts, yet this devious shyster Foster tries to deceive the people of St. Lucia by creating the appearance that he Foster is a neutral mediator of Parliamentary Procedures in the Government of Kenny Anthony.

    We know that as a child, Peter Foster was a victim of some of the worst domestic Violence perpetrated against any family on this island by his father Kenneth, which might begin to explain the aberrant behavior and fear of Guy Joseph’s presentation displayed by Peter Foster in the Parliament.

    If this immoral shyster Foster, had a scintilla of decency within his soul he would not have interjected himself into the debate among the ELECTED MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT to preempt Guy Joseph’s revelations of Peter Foster’s illicit and adulterous relationship with a man’s wife involved in approving the contract in question.

    Where does Kenny Anthony conjure such immoral Scum ? Claudius Francis and now a sick Peter Foster ?

    What is even more tragic in this latest circus is the absence of leadership on the part of the Idiot Allen Chastanet who is best described as a decomposing cadaver ? Guy Joseph and the rest of this brain-dead Party, please take this advice: The next time this immoral shyster Peter Foster attempts to enter the debate on the floor of the People’s House, DON’T SIT DOWN, YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR SAD EXC– USES FOR UWP MPs SHOULD WALK OUT OF THE CHAMBERS.

    You UWP idiots under Chastanet are like a ship without a rudder.


  2. That SOM is on point — his father K. Foster would beat he mom wit sticks in front little Peter, they live on Maynard hill, he beat nother woman name Kagigan all over lucia.

  3. S.O.M.
    You know, I don’t always agree with you, especially when you attack Christ and Christianity.
    But this is a rare occasion I would say RIGHT-ON. The apple don’t fall too far from the tree.
    I have known Kenneth Foster from teen age years. He has always been what you described of him; very aggressive, likes to fight. I don’t know any of his children, but I’m not surprised that this one, Peter, Is portraying the same attitude. St. Clear Daniel to me was the right guy as a Speaker of the House. I hope Kenny Anthony pulls this man aside and have a good talk with him, or better still, ask him to take a long vacation like the Commissioner of Police. But you know, he wont do that, they are two of a kind. Don’t worry, we may not like Guy’s accent, but he wont back down to anyone; he can take care of himself, and WIN too.

  4. I recall some weeks ago, Guy Joseph introduced a document into the debate at a session in Parliament which he had obtained from the Roman Rick John Wayne. The introduction of this particular letter was used by the S.L.P. politicians to inflict much humiliation upon an obviously embarrassed Guy Joseph, while exposing Rick John Wayne as an agent of the C.I.A. and causing Rick John Wayne to make a public “Act of Contrition” to Dr. Kenny Anthony as can be seen in this video below.

    This debate/presentation was handled properly, allowing Guy Joseph to let himself play the fool, and smoking Rick John Wayne out of his crab hole into the open road, like the crab on the highway of a rainy night to be crushed by an automobile. I can say that we all benefited from this exchange between the Labor Government and the Opposition MP without the Shyster Peter Foster interjecting himself into the debate.

    What is wrong with Negroes like John Wayne, Peter Josie, and the Shyster Peter Foster ? These Negroes are mis-educated in institutions of White Supremacy, making them incapable of rising above the self-hatred and inferiority complex imposed upon their subconscious minds by the the savagery practiced in their worship of a naked so-called White man nailed to a crossed-post as their God. In the video below we see the Shyster Peter Foster in his role as Overseer.

    Peter: “you understand the word, ‘COUNTENANCE’, right Guy ?”
    Guy : “YEES !”
    Peter: “you understand the word ‘DEDUCTION’, right Guy ?
    Guy: “since when it’s your job to teach me English !”
    Peter : “Watch your tone Guy ! WATCH IT WELL ! you’re disrespecting me !”



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