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A Persistent American Cancer

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

I can’t recall when first I heard the word racism but, for reasons which I could not explain, I did not think it described a nice person or a thing. It may have been the hushed tones and the patois used by those who wished to protect themselves from its harm. Growing up when patois seemed the language of choice, ‘an aversion to black and dark skinned people’ was the best translation, to describe racism. Later, I recoiled at the fact that, in some countries a person could be shot dead because he was black or dark skinned – a matter over which he had no control.

In my political awakening in the late nineteen fifties, it became clear to me (and other kindred spirits), that white America and Europe were the centers of racism and bigotry. Racism became an even more frightening aspect of life even though I had not personally experienced it. It was (and is) akin to a cancer which impacts the entire social and economic fabric of the black race, especially in countries built on back slave labour.

Slavery, capitalism and racism became a sort of dance macabre for generations of Caribbean (and Afro/American) people in search of self-worth, self-expression, and yes, their manhood. A new generation seemed determined to create an Afro-centric-world in which black sin was no longer a ticket to the back seat of the bus, or to the out-house. No longer would the back of the bus be reserved for second and no-class citizens. No longer would he depend on unethical and deceitful ‘white’ hands for sustenance. No longer would his skin tone define his social and economic status – his fate.

To be fair, some Americans and Europeans have tried to free themselves from the stain of racism. But the cancer persists in the hearts and minds of many. One cannot legislate against the disease of racism. Hundreds of years of abuse (and racism) cannot be easily erased. The mere passage of anti-discrimination legislation is powerless against a heart bent on hatred and racial discrimination. And there is no known genetic code which can help expunge and destroy racism.

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It therefore remains for love, respect, tolerance and trust, none of which can be forced on the hearts of men, to replace fear and hatred, which fuel racism and thrives on ignorance.

Sadly, racism flourishes at the heart and soul of American (and European) politics. White politicians and their surrogates seem determined to turn back the hands of time. That lot would return the entire black race if they could, to a time when white was right, and the whip, an instrument of fear. Black men were then reduced to ‘two-thirds-man’ – eroding their worth and self-confidence.

Thankfully, emancipated black people know that the struggle never ends and that politics is crucial to their continued emancipation, economic progress and self-worth. The problem is to correctly identify imposters, posing as black liberators.

Interestingly, no one denies that racism, bigotry and hatred were at the heart of the recent murder of nine black worshipers in a church in South Carolina, USA, by a young white man with a gun. Racism is still at the centre of the thinking of those white folks in that State who wish to keep the old confederate flag flying there.

It is at the center of recent killings of young black men and women by white policemen in several U.S cities. It is the reason Sandra Bland, a young black woman, was recently pulled from her car in the State of Texas and found dead three days later in a jail cell.

Paradoxically, these recent killings and the racism that spawn them have been studiously avoided by white politicians in America, preparing for the next election cycle. Their attitude exposes the hypocrisy and double standards in American politics. There are too many politicians especially in the Republican Party who, avoid confronting the evil and senselessness of racism.

Unfortunately for Afro/Americans (and the rest of humanity) the field of declared Republican candidates in this primary season is choke-full with racists and haters. Donald Trump, a construction entrepreneur and self-declared multi-millionaire is at the top of that list. He recently declared all Mexicans crossing the U.S/Mexico border illegally, as drug mules, rapists and felons. He has extended that language to cover other illegal immigrants.

Don’t be fooled. The Donald Trump ranting reflects the feelings and attitudes of a large swath of Republican right-wing voters. Such obviously racist statements are hurtful. They alienate many including more centrist Republicans and others.

Again, racism is at the heart of Republican attitude towards president Obama. They are often rude and disrespectful. Trump has gone further than most in denouncing the president as non-American, threatening to obtain a ‘true’ copy of Obama’s birth certificate as proof. One elected Republican shouted ‘you lie’ during a State of the Union address by president Obama. The State of the Union address is one of the most important rituals of a sitting U.S president.

There is more than a political dimension to racism. There is a national security dimension! Racism seems at the heart of opposition to the Iran/U.S plus five, deal. Some U.S lawmakers seem to put the security of Israel before Obama and the U.S. They use the unspeakable horror of the holocaust, to attack and undermine president Obama and the recent Iran/U.S/Russia, China, England, France etc. agreement.

One must ponder, whether there is any morality among Republican politicians. Cuba and the U.S have recently re-established diplomatic relations after fifty years of trade embargo and sanctions that have not achieved the downfall of Fidel Castro and his friends. Republicans oppose Obama for bringing the charade to an end. These haters aim to continue to punish the Cuban people (and Obama), for crimes they did not commit.

Gun control is another issue on which the U.S has no legitimacy to lecture the Caribbean and the rest of the world. The indiscriminate killing of innocent black lives in America is a result of persistent racism plus the ease of owning a gun. The killing and incarceration of so many young black men in the U.S is no accident. So, do black lives matter in the U.S? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

The irrevocable conclusion is that racism is alive and well in the U.S and that black lives matter little. Racism continues to sap the bone and marrow of this otherwise great and beautiful country. Persistent racism makes ‘God Bless America’ seem an empty slogan. A cure must soon be found for that cancer or else it will sap her vitality and kill her. That would be a very sad and unfortunate event.


  1. When, in the past I have said that the worship of a Naked Caucasian as the God of Negroes, does irreversible damage to the brain-cells of the victims of White Supremacy, many of the brain-damaged Samboes like TOM TOM KANE have attacked me with everything including the kitchen sink.

    I must ask you intelligent people to consider the statement of this Sambo Peter Josie, who having been taught from infancy, that Caucasians were the superior Race since they possessed all the physical characteristics of the Caucasian God of the Negro — blond hair, pale skin, thin nose, thin lips, and blue eyes — telling us today that he Sambo had NEVER experienced Racism ? I’ll be damned.

    Beware of the proponents of ignorance, such as those who say, “Let’s pretend that Slavery NEVER happened and the world will be a much better place. I ask you, to imagine such deluded entities making a similar statement to the Jewish people about the Extermination Camps of Nazi Germany, or the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in the USA.

    We are often reminded of the superiority of Capitalism to other isms, but the truth and driving force of Capitalism has remained a well kept secret, because it was built on the stolen wealth and labor of the African known as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I can remember being taught about Sea-Island Cotton, and how valuable a commodity it was during the Industrial Revolution, but the role of our Black-a-Lucians were never discussed as we were given our doses of Racism through mis-education at the RC Boys and SMC — something that never happened to Peter Josie, ’cause he NEVER EXPERIENCED RACISM. LOL.

    Cotton and Sugarcane were the most important commodity of the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, enriching the American and British Bankers, manufactures and merchants, laying the foundation of Capitalism upon the backs of the Africans. To this day, after a lifetime of being mis-educated, samboes like Rick John Wayne, and Peter Josie Wales will tell you that they have never experienced Racism — talk about being delusional ?

    This delusional Sambo regurgitates programmed cliches about how much Caucasians have struggled to stop hating and killing Black men, and to end their evil practices of Racism. If Caucasians were truly sincere and serious about ending white supremacy, they would outlaw the teaching that God is a Caucasian to African and Caucasian people and their children by taking down these evil images of a Caucasian Naked Male that inflicts the inferiority complex and the God Complex upon the Black and Caucasian respectively.

    1. Quoting Son-of-Man – July 15, 2015 at 9:54 am “… it required Psychiatric intervention in my life to alert me to the damage inflicted upon my being….”
      Now, It will require a second round of psychiatric intervention to alert you to the damage inflicted on your brain. It’s true that your mental condition doesn’t allow you to be fully aware of the things you say and the things you write; but, brother, you are regurgitating the same things (Chastanet, Josie, Rick Waye, White God, Black God, Niggers, etc., etc.) over and over and over.
      It’s time to wake-up and snap out of the nightmare you are living; for we are tired of it; this publication is tired of it; infact, the whole world is tired of it; yet you proceed……..

      You just can’t keep posting comment after comment and turning around and answering them yourself; but then again, it’s not your fault; your medication has become weak and ineffective; maybe it’s time for something stronger or something different. Have you ever considered visiting the cemetery late at night? Maybe you should; a large audience (who will not talk back) is awaiting you.

    2. TOM TOM KANE YEAH !!!

      It is quite obvious that you have some kind of identity crisis. I thought for a fleeting moment that YEAH!!! was a sensible individual and not the same boorish ignorant self-hating Negro from N.Y., but alas, all the sex changes, radical surgeries, and the litany of pseudonyms cannot conceal the backwardness of a papa ‘Jammet’.

      You desire to mislead the people of this island, by telling us how living as a nigger in America is your dream come true — I mean how sick are you ? are you some kind of honorary white in the midst of these vicious evil Caucasian Christians who kill Black people for driving a car, or not answering them as “YEAH MASSA” ? Or is it because you believe as told in the Bible that the Earth is 6,000 years old ?

      I have tried to open your eyes to the evil hypocrisy of the so-called white man, who gave you a bible that he wrote for you slaves, knowing it is bogus, replete with descriptions of the size of the African ‘Lolo Boowick’ and breaking like ‘mal-lo-bee’ : Ezekiel 23

      19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt.
      20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.
      21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled.

      Now since you became a transsexual waitress at Junior’s Cheesecake Restaurant, I can relate to your love and obsession with such pornographic literature, but don’t think I will be accommodating of your perversion and tell people that the Earth is 6000 years old. I will continue to inform you and the notorious Negro Roman Catholics that they should never have made me eat the “body and blood of the naked Caucasian” they call God, to save me from Satan. Here’s some of your Glorious history:

      Scientists say they have traced the world’s 6,000 modern languages — from English to Mandarin — back to a single “mother tongue,” an ancestral language spoken in Africa 50,000 to 70,000 years ago.
      New research, published in the journal Science, suggests this single ancient language resulted in human civilization — a Diaspora — as well as advances in art and hunting tool technology, and laid the groundwork for all the world’s cultures.

      The research, by Quentin Atkinson from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, also found that speech evolved far earlier than previously thought. And the findings implied, though did not prove, that modern language originated only once, an issue of controversy among linguists, according to the New York Times.

      Before Atkinson came up with the evidence for a single African origin of language, some scientists had argued that language evolved independently in different parts of the world.

      Atkinson found that the first populations migrating from Africa laid the groundwork for all the world’s cultures by taking their single language with them. “It was the catalyst that spurred the human expansion that we all are a product of,” Atkinson said, the Wall Street Journal reported.

      Atkinson traced the number distinct sounds, or phonemes — consonants, vowels and tones — in 504 world languages, finding compelling evidence that they can be traced back to a long-forgotten dialect spoken by our Stone Age ancestors, according to the Daily Mail.

      Atkinson also hypothesized that languages with the most sounds would be the oldest, while those spoken by smaller breakaway groups would utilize fewer sounds as variation and complexity diminished.

      The study found that some of the click-using languages of Africa have more than 100 phonemes, or sounds, whereas Hawaiian, toward the far end of the human migration route out of Africa, has only 13, the Times reported. English has about 45 phonemes.
      The phoneme pattern mirrors the pattern of human genetic diversity as humans spread across the globe from sub-Saharan Africa around 70,000 years ago.

      1. When your logic and reasoning fail to persuade, you degenerate into the lowest form of mankind – bitter, vulgar, cantankerous, and animalistic.

        The fact of the matter is that we both came to the United States to further our education and to better ourselves economically. You studied mechanic at some half-ass vocational school in New Jersey while I studied accounting at a New York University. I became a CPA and stayed in America; you, on the other hand, wasn’t a good mechanic and didn’t land that dream job you were hoping for (every car you fixed went in reverse); and as a result, you had to return to St.Lucia where Psychiatric intervention was required to help you cope with your catastrophic failer.

        Since returning to St.Lucia and becoming the racist Muslim Psycho that you are today; you have decided to target and belittle those who have done better than you: Josie, Chastanet, Rick Wayne, white folks, Christians, Kane; and the list goes on.

        Son of Man, you are an old cock-eye, grumpy, sore loser who would rather tell people that Kane works at Junior’s instead of telling them that he workd at Merrill Lynch in Lower Manhattan; you would rather tell people that Kane lives in his sister’s basement instead of telling them that Kane owns a house in Bergen County. You see what jealousy has done to Muhammad’s #1 deciple?

  2. Josie:

    Please stop calling African Americans, AFRO AMERICANS ! Afro is a hair style and no conscious African American calls themselves Afro; I know where Italy is, hence Italian American ! I know where Ireland is. hence Irish American ! but where the hell is Afro, is that on Pluto? my God man would you stop being so Boorish !

  3. /

    The practice of racial identification is a relatively recent phenomenon as documented in the book: “The Plan: A Paranoid View of Black Problems”. This practice is only a few centuries old, debuting around the period when The “Gates” of Europe opens upon the World spewing vermin like Christopher Colombo, a pirate responsible for the murder of millions of Arawak and Carib peoples; pirates like Francis Drake, Hernando Cortez another Christian Mass Murderer who exterminated the Aztecs Peoples of Mexico; The Christian Mass Murderer Pizarro who in the name of Jesus unleashed hell upon the the Incas Peoples of South America, and the Terrorizing and extermination of the Pequots and Powhatans Peoples of North America by Queen Elizabeth-1, and King James (who wrote your Bible).

    In the “New World” racial identification is used to justify the institution of Chattel Slavery and the extermination of the Carib, Arawak and other so-called “Indian” Nations here in North America. The brainwashing education taught us that these Nations of Americans were SAVAGES in need of Christianity/Jesus, and the Black African possessed inferior intellect – UNCIVILIZED SAVAGES that could be exterminated with impunity.

    Unless one understands the connections of the religious role in the justification of White Supremacy there can be no solution to the problem. The Christian Bible is the most Evil Book in the Universe, because there is nothing more wicked than to lie against God the Creator of Creation, therefore it will not be necessary to elaborate about the drunkenness and incest which inundates the pages of this Bible used to justify the atrocities committed by the imps of Satan.

    Yesterday, an eighteen-month old baby was burned alive by a group of Racist the evil book tells us are the “Chosen People” in the country of Israel. These Caucasians, many of them born in England, France, New York, New Jersey and the U.S. are also called “Settler Jews”, because they go to Palestine and build settlements on the land that is owned by the people of Palestine, in violation of U.N. Resolutions, because they are told in this evil Bible that God Gave them a place called Israel that has no boundaries; a form of Racism known as Zionism.

    Yesterday another evil Caucasian Christian blew the brains of an African American for not having a front licence plate, and lied in an attempt to cover-up the murder which was captured on video. Michael Chastanet has said we should “Take Out” our Black Lucians because the Israeli and U.S. agents told him, “That’s what we do; all the time” with impunity. The racist killer cop was charged with murder – something Kenny Anthony’s Government is yet to do with regards to our Killer Cops led by Vernon Francois.

    We have been told that the Creator of the Galaxies impregnated a virgin with his sperm/begotten, so God would make himself a white man to save us from Satan. In the video below one can observe how individuals like the brain-damaged Peter, Rick John Wayne, and the victims of White man worship react to statements that contradicts the brainwashing they have received from the pushers of White Supremacy. The Negro TOM TOM and Rick John Wayne seen in the video, attacks the questioner for saying that this Jesus is bogus. This shows how insane this Caucasian has made Negroes.




  4. /

    Today, August 1, marks the 181st anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation which “officially” ended more than two centuries of African enslavement in the former British colonies of the Caribbean. But for several years thereafter, these “newly freed ex-slaves” remained bound to their former masters in a ruthless system of indentured servitude that under the euphemistically titled “Apprenticeship System” amounted to little more than slavery by another name. In short, Emancipation was not an event but a complex and protracted process that has never been realized.

  5. As many of you celibate Emancipation from Slavery by attending the Slave Master’s Churches of White Male Worship where you will be given more lethal doses of anesthesia to maintain your oppression by white supremacist, you should at least be given this flotation device to save you from drowning and going under. THE HISTORY OF BRITISH SLAVE OWNERSHIP :

    The past has a disconcerting habit of bursting, uninvited and unwelcome, into the present. This year history gate-crashed modern America in the form of a 150-year-old document: a few sheets of paper that compelled Hollywood actor Ben Affleck to issue a public apology and forced the highly regarded US public service broadcaster PBS to launch an internal investigation.

    The document, which emerged during the production of Finding Your Roots, a celebrity genealogy show, is neither unique nor unusual. It is one of thousands that record the primal wound of the American republic – slavery. It lists the names of 24 slaves, men and women, who in 1858 were owned by Benjamin L Cole, Affleck’s great-great-great-grandfather. When this uncomfortable fact came to light, Affleck asked the show’s producers to conceal his family’s links to slavery. Internal emails discussing the programme were later published by WikiLeaks, forcing Affleck to admit in a Facebook post: “I didn’t want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves. I was embarrassed.”

    It was precisely because slaves were reduced to property that they appear so regularly in historic documents, both in the US and in Britain. As property, slaves were listed in plantation accounts and itemised in inventories. They were recorded for tax reasons and detailed alongside other transferable goods on the pages of thousands of wills. Few historical documents cut to the reality of slavery more than lists of names written alongside monetary values. It is now almost two decades since I had my first encounter with British plantation records, and I still feel a surge of emotion when I come across entries for slave children who, at only a few months old, have been ascribed a value in sterling; the sale of children and the separation of families was among the most bitterly resented aspects of an inhuman system.

    Slavery resurfaces in America regularly. The disadvantage and discrimination that disfigures the lives and limits the life chances of so many African-Americans is the bitter legacy of the slave system and the racism that underwrote and outlasted it. Britain, by contrast, has been far more successful at covering up its slave-owning and slave-trading past. Whereas the cotton plantations of the American south were established on the soil of the continental United States, British slavery took place 3,000 miles away in the Caribbean.

    That geographic distance made it possible for slavery to be largely airbrushed out of British history, following the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. Many of us today have a more vivid image of American slavery than we have of life as it was for British-owned slaves on the plantations of the Caribbean. The word slavery is more likely to conjure up images of Alabama cotton fields and whitewashed plantation houses, of Roots, Gone With The Wind and 12 Years A Slave, than images of Jamaica or Barbados in the 18th century. This is not an accident.




  6. David Cameron, Prime Minster of England.

    The family of the current Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, benefited from the enslavement of African people. According to Dr. Nick Draper of University College London, as many as one-fifth of wealthy Victorian Britons inherited part or all of their fortunes from the slave economy. As a result, there are now wealthy families all around the U.K. still indirectly enjoying the proceeds of slavery they have inherited; Queen Elizabeth-II and the so-called Royals are the highest ranking Pirates .  In addition to benefiting from slavery while it was legal in the British empire, Cameron’s ancestors were given £4,101, equal to more than £3 million today ($4.7 million dollars), for the 202 black people they enslaved on the Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica.

    The history of British slavery has been buried. The thousands of British families who grew rich on the slave trade, or from the sale of slave-produced sugar, in the 17th and 18th centuries, brushed those uncomfortable chapters of their dynastic stories under the carpet. Today, across the country, heritage plaques on Georgian townhouses describe former slave traders as “West India merchants”, while slave owners are hidden behind the equally euphemistic term “West India planter”. Thousands of biographies written in celebration of notable 17th and 18th-century Britons have reduced their ownership of human beings to the footnotes, or else expunged such unpleasant details altogether. The Dictionary of National Biography has been especially culpable in this respect. Few acts of collective forgetting have been as thorough and as successful as the erasing of slavery from the Britain’s “island story”. If it was geography that made this great forgetting possible, what completed the disappearing act was our collective fixation with the one redemptive chapter in the whole story. William Wilberforce and the abolitionist crusade, first against the slave trade and then slavery itself, has become a figleaf behind which the larger, longer and darker history of slavery has been concealed.

    It is still the case that Wilberforce remains the only household name of a history that begins during the reign of Elizabeth I and ends in the 1830s. There is no slave trader or slave owner, and certainly no enslaved person, who can compete with Wilberforce when it comes to name recognition. Little surprise then that when, in 2007, we marked the bicentenary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, the only feature film to emerge from the commemoration was Amazing Grace, a Wilberforce biopic.

    George Orwell once likened Britain to a wealthy family that maintains a guilty silence about the sources of its wealth. Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, had seen that conspiracy of silence at close quarters. His father, Richard W Blair, was a civil servant who oversaw the production of opium on plantations near the Indian-Nepalese border and supervised the export of that lethal crop to China. The department for which the elder Blair worked was called, unashamedly, the opium department. However, the Blair family fortune – which had been largely squandered by the time Eric was born – stemmed from their investments in plantations far from India.

    The Blair name is one of thousands that appear in a collection of documents held at the National Archives in Kew that have the potential to do to Britain what the hackers of WikiLeaks and the researchers of PBS did to Affleck. The T71 files consist of 1,631 volumes of leather-bound ledgers and neatly tied bundles of letters that have lain in the archives for 180 years, for the most part unexamined. They are the records and the correspondence of the Slave Compensation Commission.

    The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 formally freed 800,000 Africans who were then the legal property of Britain’s slave owners. What is less well known is that the same act contained a provision for the financial compensation of the owners of those slaves, by the British taxpayer, for the loss of their “property”. The compensation commission was the government body established to evaluate the claims of the slave owners and administer the distribution of the £20m the government had set aside to pay them off. That sum represented 40% of the total government expenditure for 1834. It is the modern equivalent of between £16bn and £17bn.

    The compensation of Britain’s 46,000 slave owners was the largest bailout in British history until the bailout of the banks in 2009. Not only did the slaves receive nothing, under another clause of the act they were compelled to provide 45 hours of unpaid labour each week for their former masters, for a further four years after their supposed liberation. In effect, the enslaved paid part of the bill for their own manumission.

  7. The records of the Slave Compensation Commission are an unintended byproduct of the scheme. They represent a near complete census of British slavery as it was on 1 August, 1834, the day the system ended. For that one day we have a full list of Britain’s slave owners. All of them. The T71s tell us how many slaves each of them owned, where those slaves lived and toiled, and how much compensation the owners received for them. Although the existence of the T71s was never a secret, it was not until 2010 that a team from University College London began to systematically analyse them. The Legacies of British Slave-ownership project, which is still continuing, is led by Professor Catherine Hall and Dr Nick Draper, and the picture of slave ownership that has emerged from their work is not what anyone was expecting.

    The large slave owners, the men of the “West India interest”, who owned huge estates from which they drew vast fortunes, appear in the files of the commission. The man who received the most money from the state was John Gladstone, the father of Victorian prime minister William Ewart Gladstone. He was paid £106,769 in compensation for the 2,508 slaves he owned across nine plantations, the modern equivalent of about £80m. Given such an investment, it is perhaps not surprising that William Gladstone’s maiden speech in parliament was in defence of slavery.

    The records show that for the 218 men and women he regarded as his property, Charles Blair, the great-grandfather of George Orwell, was paid the more modest sum of £4,442 – the modern equivalent of about £3m. There are other famous names hidden within the records. Ancestors of the novelist Graham Greene, the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the architect Sir George Gilbert Scott all received compensation for slaves. As did a distant ancestor of David Cameron. But what is most significant is the revelation of the smaller-scale slave owners.

    Slave ownership, it appears, was far more common than has previously been presumed. Many of these middle-class slave owners had just a few slaves, possessed no land in the Caribbean and rented their slaves out to landowners, in work gangs.These bit-players were home county vicars, iron manufacturers from the Midlands and lots and lots of widows. About 40% of the slave owners living in the colonies were women. Then, as now, women tended to outlive their husbands and simply inherited human property through their partner’s wills.

    The geographic spread of the slave owners who were resident in Britain in 1834 was almost as unexpected as the gender breakdown. Slavery was once thought of as an activity largely limited to the ports from which the ships of the triangular trade set sail; Bristol, London, Liverpool and Glasgow. Yet there were slave owners across the country, from Cornwall to the Orkneys. In proportion to population, the highest rates of slave ownership are found in Scotland.

    The T71 files have been converted into an online database; a free, publicly available resource.

    During the production of a documentary series about Britain’s slave owners for the BBC, made in partnership with UCL, all of my colleagues who learned of the existence of the database found themselves compelled to enter their own family names. Those whose surnames flashed up on screen experienced, like Ben Affleck, a strange sense of embarrassment, irrespective of whether the slave owners in question were potentially ancestors.

    There are, however, millions of people, in the Caribbean and the UK, who do not need a database to tell them that they are linked to Britain’s hidden slave-owning past. The descendants of the enslaved carry the same English surnames that appear in the ledgers of the Slave Compensation Commission – Gladstone, Beckford, Hibbert, Blair, etc – names that were imposed on their ancestors, initials that were sometimes branded on their skin, in order to mark them as items of property.

    Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners, the first of two episodes, presented by David Olusoga, will be broadcast on Wednesday on BBC2. Click here for the:

    Legacies of British Slave Ownership Database




  8. Donald Trump may buy the Republican nomination, and it will be the best thing for the Democrats. By the looks of things, the Tea Party and the Republicans are toast. Hilary not out of the woodwork. It will be messy, but I give her the Nod. ( but after all, who cares.)

    1. FOX

      Clinton is finished ! finished even before she started – that phony is too dishonest. That will be the best thing for the USA; the Clintons are a very evil group of deviants, and let me ask you to imagine that Obama had some twenty year old Monica suck his penis in the Oval Office, and ask yourself would Obama be alive today ? I can tell you, they would have lynched him there and then. Trump, Christe, and the whole Republican slate are all the same; a bunch of blood sucking coward politicians who can’t wait to kill another million Arabs and Africans — the only people left to be bullied because they can’t fight back. North Korea has the N-bomb so the bullies will leave them be.

    2. A Double-Whammy for Clinton, Part One:

      After months of resistance, Hillary Clinton’s campaign says that the former secretary of state will turn over to the Justice Department her private server and a thumb drive containing copies of her emails. (And that news came on the same day that we learned that two of the emails that the inspector general for the intelligence community reviewed contained “top secret” information, the highest classification of government intelligence.) This is exactly the scenario that many people assumed would play out beginning six months ago – that Clinton would resist and resist and resist and then relieve the pressure when it became absolutely necessary.

      And Part Two: A new poll shows Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

      And here’s Part Two of the double-whammy for Clinton the day after this new flurry of email stories: A fresh poll from Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald shows Sanders leading Clinton 44 percent to 37 percent among likely Democratic primary voters.




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