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Where Satire Misses The Mark

Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

CONTINUOUS ridicule, no matter how pointed, can sometimes miss its mark, falling short of its intended victim. People are often distracted by the stress and pressures of life seeking basic human needs. The struggle for survival leaves little time for a philosophical reflection on the human condition. Suffering from ‘bare survival’ today is a serious affliction for those who have known better days. To cope, some have made an art of laughing in the face of desperation, using carnival humour and rum to accentuate satire. Unless therefore, one is prepared to look beneath the surface, the happy mask can be mistaken for the genuine as the battle for survival rages within.

This reminds me of joke by a well liked politician who is no longer among the living. A middle aged couple seemed happily married. One day the wife returned home unexpectedly and found her husband in a compromising position with the female helper – the maid. ‘I’m surprised at you Harry,’ cried the wife; ‘no, dear,’ retorted the quick-witted husband, grinning sheepishly. ‘You, my dear, are amazed………I am surprised.’ That exchange can fly past many, little appreciating either the pregnant pause, or, that surprise can mount to a thing of amazement.

The husband’s reaction served to blunt the emotional impact of his action by using satire to neutralize infidelity – but, what about the more important erosion of trust? Ah-a-ah trust; that word again! How frequently it props up in serious conversation. There seems to be a growing awareness that trust is often undermined by a lie. And once trust has been broken or eroded, it is difficult to recapture – more so if those who are lied to take such virtues as integrity and honesty, seriously.

A child who lies to its parents can soon be taught the value of speaking truthfully. Telling the truth can help modify ones’ behaviour – as does telling a lie. In time, there will be consequences to habitual lying. I recall my grandparents were absolutely convinced that the devil was (and is) the biggest liar and that every wrong deed begins with a lie. And it takes another bigger lie to cover-up the first small one. Every lie thereafter makes matters worse.

Lies spoken by leaders are even more damaging. Such lies imply that, people are too stupid to identify the lie or, that they are too timid to call such a leader out. However you turn it, lying is the greatest form of disrespect. A lie aims to deceive! And why should a leader wish to deceive his or her followers? Whatever the reply, one can say with certainty that lies beget more lies.

Sometimes leaders lie in order to pretend they are more knowledgeable than they really are. When such a leader feels inadequate he/she descends to lying rather than expose his/her lack. For example, a leader must understand global warming and it impacts on his country’s agriculture, its fishing and its tourism industries. He or she must be constantly mindful that agriculture, forestry, food production and water resources are all inextricably connected and, that cyclical seasons and food production are constant challenges to people everywhere.

The harsh global economic system severely impacts the Caribbean. A one-dimensional leader who focuses only on using the laws to embarrass his opponents ‘while Rome burns’ will not long survive. The lack of a broad base of knowledge especially in agriculture, the environment, food production and marketing and how these influence jobs and job creation will soon find a clueless leader exposed. Wise multi-dimensional leadership is the preferred choice for today’s leader no matter what expertise he surrounds himself with.

A leader who is also a pathological liar therefore has no place in the modern state. Unfortunately, some governments continue to use lies and deception as a smokescreen to blind the unsuspecting citizen. Thankfully, on a small island such as Saint Lucia it may be easier to identify and stop a lying politician before he inflicts any incurable wound. Leaders, who have tarnished the image of our dear island in pursuit of their own selfish agendas, using political power to transform themselves from rags to riches, must be stopped at all cost.

The pursuit of stolen wealth is a disease not easily cured. Saint Lucia has been put on warning. As much as we believe that Kenny Anthony has mismanaged the country and has made too many unsustainable financial and economic decisions, we ought to choose carefully who we vote to replace him. Some of the rogues who so disgraced Sir John’s political party have no more place in government.

There is a handful calling for another convention of the UWP. In my recollection no leader has had to face two consecutive annual conventions in the UWP. No leader except Sir John has won the leadership of the UWP more convincingly. The only reason some persons want Allen Chastanet out is to ride on the unpopularity of Kenny Anthony and the SLP, and to get their sticky fingers on the peoples’ money. Never again! Allen Chastanet must stay. He must do more; he must declare his willingness to work with all Saint Lucians who are prepared to put their shoulders to the wheel, to lift this island from the SLP economic-ditch. During the public addresses on platforms Allen Chastanet will have sufficient time to tell his story and explain his party’s social and economic policy.

There are those who pretend that the next elections are between the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the Chastanet family. No! The next elections are between the forces of good governance within the United Workers Party (UWP) and those disgraced liars in the SLP government. Whatever it takes, one prays that Saint Lucia will make a choice of a new government headed by Allen Chastanet, as Prime Minister. Not voting is not an option!

The people of Saint Lucia have by and large, shown an understanding of the issues. I have contested seven general elections and have taken every result in my stride. Each has taught me a lesson which I reflect upon, thereby increasing my understanding and knowledge.

I return once more to the warnings of my grandparents that calculated lying is not restricted to hungry Caribbean criminals posing as politicians. Witness what the lying President George W. Bush has done to the Middle East – and the world. The world has become a much more dangerous place since the attack and destruction of Iraq and its former leader Saddam Hussein.

The recent uncovering of corruption within the International Football Federation (FIFA) has badly tainted that body and exposed certain personalities once thought untouchable. It’s a great pity that the U.S. will act as the world’s policeman when her national interests seemed threatened. Other countries are left to fight corruption on their own. But what will the U.S. do if Mr. Grynberg, a U.S. oil magnate, wins his case against the government of Saint Lucia and the Government refuses to obey a court order against it? What if Saint Lucia wins and Grynberg refuses to pay? Will the U.S. act and will it also act in the Lambirds affair which some are cunningly turning into satire whilst punishing its poor victims? When will the ridiculing of Saint Lucians end and serious politics begin? Is it where satire misses its mark and the masses get serious…and angry?


  1. Sweet Pea/
    The recent passing away of Christopher Lee who played your Fu Manchu alter ego with great aplomb left a theatrical void.
    Have you read Main Street By Sinclair Lewis. It is considered in literary circles as the American benchmark of SATIRE.
    Most medicines today, are coated with a little pleasantness to help
    Put another way, SATIRE is the MUTUAL ROMANTIC amicability that may lead to consensual coition as opposed to the morbid xxx intercourse that passes as love-making-today.
    Our microwave quick dinner world is so hyperventilated that we miss the crescendo of tender nuances that build up to mutual orgasm. It is an inpatient world that has neither clutch or brake orchestrated by the psyche mechanism of “Delay of Gratification” . Your PARTY and your writing , often times read like an ADHD p\layground bully.
    Parenting 101 inculcates delay of gratification from our very first sip from the maternal mammary glands.
    Therefore, SATIRE is less a ‘veneer’-as you imply.
    Rather, its a powerful literary form of “Delay of Gratification” that respects the democratic liberty of the reader to participate in finding/constructing meaning to the author’s gist. We all know already what your hired hand purpose is all about. You are like those criers on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, hustling us to their “peep \ shows”
    SATIRE makes extensive use of symbolism, the reader must toil mentally to extract the author’s gist.
    Unlike your STALINIST writing
    -you dictate what and how we “ought to THINK” as in “ANIMAL FARM”
    Did Jimmy Cliff sing “I would rather be a free man in my grave –
    than living as a pauper or a SLAVE.
    Like Fu Manchu or modern macho Cro Magnons, you rivet “what and how to think” like a phallus on steroids & the blue pill-
    eager to rapture the virgin mentality of the peasant masses.
    Your most recent article had Rape as part of its TITLE.
    Is that your subliminal theme -PEE-TAR!!
    Does pissing on our heads and calling it RAIN make you feel VIRILE!
    What does Super Fly + Spanish Fly
    and your current article share in common?………Advocacy of Prostitution !
    it is said that you frequent the bar scene – do you follow up on the charming chatter of precocious BAR FLIES ?

  2. /
    ” We all know already what your hired hand purpose is all about. You are like those criers on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, hustling us to their “peep \ shows””

    As the writer so accurately stated, Josie your sanctimonious lectures about Lies and deceitful behavior trumpets only naked hypocrisy. Are you such a reprobate, that you feel no shame in citing such scripture while trying to sell us the decomposed remains of Allen Chastanet ?

    “There seems to be a growing awareness that trust is often undermined by a lie. And once trust has been broken or eroded, it is difficult to recapture – more so if those who are lied to take such virtues as integrity and honesty, seriously.” – Peter Josie

    Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!

    Josie I have to be at a location a few miles away so I will leave you with Satan in person at one of your Peep Shows:




  3. Josie:

    What has caused you to turn against Allen Chastanet with such venom ? was it because of the weightlifter’s act of contrition to Kenny Anthony ? I mean, just listen to yourself “de-parley” !

    “Lies spoken by leaders are even more damaging. Such lies imply that, people are too stupid to identify the lie or, that they are too timid to call such a leader out. However you turn it, lying is the greatest form of disrespect. A lie aims to deceive! And why should a leader wish to deceive his or her followers? Whatever the reply, one can say with certainty that lies beget more lies.”

    The Weightlifter’s Act of Contrition to Dr. Kenny Anthony:



    Chastanet caught in another lie:






  4. Al-Haqq The Truth is an Attribute of Allah/God himself.

    Here’s Allen Chastanet being caught in a blatant lie, yet this Papa hypocrite Peter Josie stands before Lucians, and I will quote him here, “Such lies imply that, people are too stupid to identify the lie”. Therefore I must ‘axe’ Peter why do you think the readers of this News Paper are STUPID demonstrated by your lying to us about the phony liar Allen Chastanet ?




  5. Josie:

    “HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE ALIVE” – Ezekiel Joseph

    Even the narcissistic Negro Stripper Ricky John Wayne has begun to change his ways, and has seen the House Negroes of the UWP as an embarrassment to the people of St. Lucia, however, let me caution you as it pertains to John Wayne, snakes do change their skins but the venom remains deadly. This is the individual Ezekiel Joseph who is the “Nigger-in-Charge” of Allen Chastanet’s Plantation the UWW engaged in a fit of rage.




  6. Allen Chastanet was awarded the title of Liar-in-Chief by the Hon. Richard Frederick. This Title was previously held by Claudius Francis, but with Chastanet on the scene, Claudius Francis looks like the proverbial Alter-boy. Allen Chastanet has lied about his place of birth – not Martinique ! He has lied about the bogus degree he claims to have paid for – there is no record of Allen ever graduating from kindergarten





  7. /

    Are the people of St. Lucia really that STUPID ? Let me quote this fawning sellout and worshiper of a Naked Caucasian as his God and Savior, Saint Peter : “Such lies imply that, people are too stupid to identify the lie” in other words pathological liars like the Chastanets can lie to you with impunity – you Lucians are just too STUPID to identify falsehood dripping from the lips of such corrupt Devils like the Chastanets.

    I have been saying forever, that Allen Chastanet is a piece of decomposing swine who lies with such ease because he sees STUPID written on the heads of all us Lucians, but it was his father’s latest advocating the murder of Lucian Black men that has exposed The Father of the Liar. In the video # 1 provided, Michael states that in the United States of America, (Caucasians) murder/”Takeout” the (Black) citizens who are not submissive to the White God with impunity as can be seen in video # 2.

    Michael Chastanet is lying because he knows you Lucians pray to Dead people and your God is a Naked Caucasian dripping blood – he sees you acting STUPID every Sunday on Micoud Street across from the Court House, therefore has NO respect for you since he can buy Negroes like Saint Peter to sell his lies. Michael Chastanet says, “In the USA we just “TAKE THEM OUT !”

    I have news for this evil White Supremacist Michael Chastanet – in the U.S.A. they prosecute these Racist evil KILLER COPS, and the killer cop in video # 2 was arrested and charged with murder. So Chastanet is lying when he tells you STUPID Lucians, “WE JUST TAKE THEM OUT !”

    John 8:44
    New Living Translation

    For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.



    # 1


    # 2




  8. Israeli military kills Palestinian kids, United Nations whitewashes it

    Last week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon capitulated to pressure from the Obama administration and removed Israel’s armed forces from a child rights “blacklist.” The decision not only undermines a strong global tool necessary to protect children in armed conflict, but provides Israeli forces with tacit approval to continue committing egregious violations against children with impunity.

    Each year, the Secretary-General submits a report on children and armed conflict to the UN Security Council that includes an annex, or “list of shame,” specifically identifying armed forces and groups found to commit grave violations against children. Israel’s armed forces were recommended by Leila Zerrougui, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, for inclusion in the list for killing and maiming children and carrying out attacks against schools. This was rejected by Ban, as was the recommendation to list Palestinian armed groups.

    The latest report, released on June 8, is itself a real contradiction. While Ban expressed deep alarm “at the extent of grave violations suffered by children as a result of Israeli military operations in 2014” and recognized the “unprecedented and unacceptable scale” of Israel’s military violence, he omitted Israel’s armed forces from the annex.

    The report methodically details the devastating impact Israel’s prolonged military occupation had on Palestinian children, highlighting that 557 Palestinian children were killed in 2014. The total ranked third highest behind Afghanistan (710) and Iraq (679), and significantly more than in Syria (368). The report notes that at least 543 schools were damaged or destroyed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the highest recorded number of all situations in 2014.

  9. Sweet Pea/
    You need to influence Peetar more stridently. Peetar’s pickled shriveled peppercorn cranium is dictating your,s and his hemispheric cognitive processes. Furthermore, the ZSum total polarity of his synaptic outcomes act like an inter galactic Black Hole- devoring TRuth + Reasoning.
    Alas, Sweet pea, your entire dendrite circuit board is permanently defaulted to bypass opportunities for OUT OF THE BOX thinking excursions.
    How ironic that he trashes satire or SHEATHING, necessary tools of the trade in his attempt at persuasive oratory for selling pirates cloaked as privateers with the royal seal of approval
    -as perfumed, manicured caricatures of statesmen. Henry Morgan shall not be resurrected.
    Peetar, you are NO Athenian noble man circa Socrates.
    Instead, a Superfly Pusher Man of the hedonistic ’70’s is your current portfolio.
    A song that truly exemplifies your writing style/objective
    and your subliminal career ambitions, oui!
    Here it is…………….

  10. Peetar/
    Pleas to stay the official decree for your humane medivac evacuation are rapidly shrinking away from your own self inflicted S&M cat o nine rituals. A new addition to the seance rituals at your girlfriend’s coven-Mary Is.
    This nip of anti satire grog is a result of your S & M debasement with cheer leading support from Mary & Guy……
    Congratulation Peetar, Sweet Pea has earned the ultra deluxe package. Familiarize the comfort and attention to details . They are patterned from the exemplary services of Singapore Airlines.

  11. Peetar who pipes from a pickled, pea brain with -only- peppered vitriol, I also scoured other famous ‘politics’ themed novels that employ SATIRE; lo & behold ANIMAL FARM popped up.
    Can you identify your fitting animal role in this SATIRE on the Stalin inspired regimes.
    By Jove , you are correct! You are one of the Canine Doberman’s Enforcers- trained to protect the elitist -talking SWINEs.
    Fortunately, theirs and your Achilles Heel, is the fond addiction to top \ shelf BOOZE :’)
    Eventually, the honest industrious horse will eventually cart you and your ilk to the therapeutic asylum.
    PEETAR, boozing directly impinges on the Central Nervous System and ravages the frontal lobe of the brain . Have you noticed or better still wait till Carnival – the last lap-
    wherein the majority are boozed or charged up. Their consequent lewd public sexual sacrifices at the altar of Bacchus share all the extreme acting out events of lunatics in crisis situations at a psychiatric hospital.
    Well PEETAR we do not expect public Baccanalia from a well groomed St Mary’s Alumnus-
    however, your drinking outcomes are displaced -like a tempest in a teacup- in your one track writing..
    There is a scene in the movie SUPERFLY where the lead pusherman explains why he sells “poison” for the MAN. Alas, it is laced with common vulgarities, I find unsuitable for posting.
    Nevertheless, It all “distills” to the self serving ambitions of a ME -MYSELF – and I- ego.
    Peetar, by all means, head back to that high ball icy Tangueray with a kiss of Rose’s Lime Cordial, crushed ice, rounded off with a splash of Cranberry Juice-optional.
    I heard your aaaahhhh oui……:)

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