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Those Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy….

By Stephen Lester Prescott

THERE can be little doubting the fact that the United Workers Party under Allen Chastanet has for some time now been running on flat tyres. Now it appears as if the wheels have come off altogether. Nowhere was that decline more greatly manifested than during Chastanet’s appearance last week on, of all places, Newspin. There, on the basis of a simple question from the host, himself among the country’s best known UWP sympathisers, Allen Chastanet unleashed a venomous tirade against the press. Poor Timothy Poleon hardly knew what hit him.

Over the past few weeks, social media has been awash with posts suggesting the UWP leader had hitherto been less than truthful where his academic qualifications were concerned. For years Chastanet had paraded himself as the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s degree. He also proclaimed himself to be an economist by profession. Of late, however, these credentials have come under publicly scrutiny with callers to the radio stations as well as social media participants, insisting Chastanet make public, copies of his certificates.

On Thursday last, Chastanet was the guest on his party’s favourite talk show when the host asked him whether he would address the issue of his qualifications.

What was a simple request from the friendly Poleon so enraged Chastanet that he even turned on the party loyalist. Poor Timothy was as shell-shocked as the lunch time listeners as Chastanet proceeded to berate and chide him. According to Chastanet, the host was out of place to have asked such a question and he Tim should have instead done the necessary research.

What followed was a broadside against the press in particular and anyone else who dared ask the question, in general. The party leader, who has on several occasions accused Prime Minister Anthony of seeking protection from the courts, was now on the attack threatening to sue anyone who dared to question his academic qualifications. He even called for the resignation of at least two talk show hosts.

All of this following up on a mere request to address the doubters of his academic qualifications. Where is Media Association of St. Lucia President, Clinton Reynolds? Why hasn’t he defended his colleagues from the unwarranted Chastanet assault? Where is the indignation he displays when his comments are directed at either Prime Minister Anthony or Labour Party supporters?

So what exactly has Chastanet so hot under the collar? Why doesn’t he simply call a press conference and present his qualifications?

Ironically, it was his former Cabinet Colleague of five years, Richard Frederick, who set the ball rolling. Chastanet’s response was a threat to sue anyone who challenged his qualifications.

If he was of the view that his threat of litigation would quiet the angry mob, Chastanet was clearly mistaken for it served instead only to strengthen the resolve of those who demanded transparency on “Degree Gate” as the scandal is now known. Rumours now abound with all manner of speculation coming to the fore. So sensitive has the issue become that even Chastanet’s tenure at local high schools is now under scrutiny.

In a failed effort at deflecting attention from himself and his credentials, Chastanet latched on to a report alleging St. Lucia’s economy was among the ten slowest in the world. Again Chastanet miscalculated as his comments only lent more support to those who doubt his academic credentials. Even before Finance Minister Kenny D. Anthony could respond, Chartered Accountant Richard Peterkin would set the record straight. According to Peterkin, anyone who read the report cited by Chastanet would immediately doubt its authenticity as the data relied on was diametrically opposite to the reality in St. Lucia. Where the report stated St. Lucia’s tourism had not recovered from the financial crisis, the reality is that St. Lucia has had record tourist arrivals for three successive years. That alone would have alerted any economist to the flaws in the report but so hell bent was Chastanet on diverting attention from his own troubles he fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Worse was to follow for the beleaguered UWP leader as Michael Flood, a former chairman went public with a claim that a secret poll commissioned by Chastanet had revealed the party would lose the upcoming elections 14 seats to 3. Whilst what Flood revealed was hardly news to those in the know, it would nonetheless mark the very first time that someone with ties to the UWP had publicly acknowledged this. Caught literally with their pants down, the party’s public relations machinery could only issue a statement advising that Flood was not authorised to speak for the UWP. Noteworthy was the fact that whilst heir response was condemnatory of Flood, there was no denial of what Flood had stated. Even Chastenet when questioned simply stated the poll results would remain private.

Sources have, however, advised that in addition to the poll revealing only three possible seats for the UWP, it also showed when Chastanet went head to head with Kenny D. Anthony, the Prime Minister wins that contest of leadership 3 to 1.

What next for Chastanet then? Under siege to come clean on his academic credentials, threats to sue anyone challenging the same, shown to be less than an economist with his misreading of a faulty review and now the results of his secret poll no longer secret, the UWP must be wondering how much longer they can endure his leadership.

Little wonder many call Chastanet Labour’s secret weapon!


  1. How well we love America to get rich quickly but detest its op\en Democratic principles.
    Excuse us peasants, but your educational credentials are public access just as your income tax reports and your bleached carlsohns swaying in the tropical breeze.
    We the peasants want leaders who graduated above Standard Nincompoop, n’est pas?

  2. Lester,

    Why has it taken this long to realize that Allen Chastanet is a deceitful fraudster ignoramus with the many of his public actions indicating nothing otherwise. I have persistently cried out that Allen Chastanet’s educational credentials was suspect. I went into the past articles written by you and found this statement/comment made by myself on Nov. /23/2014 – why has it taken a year to wake up to this Idiot Allen Chastanet and his bogus credentials ?

    November 23, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    I lack the ability to comprehend, how this mental invalid Allen Chastanet can be presented to Lucians as some kind of Leader, when the man is incapable of uttering two sentences without being deceitful. A paramount requirement of leadership is trustworthiness, something which is totally absent in this Holy Ghost.

    Here we can see with our hearing that this guy Allen lacks credibility, but our eyes make us perceive him as the son-of-God, because he is not black like King and Frederick, prompting Negroes like Peter Josie to proclaim the ‘beauty of Allen’ because of his pale skin.

    Lester, you cite the deceitful maneuver of the “ear-piece” by Allen as a gross insult to our intelligence, but have you not considered the shamelessness of this scoundrel, as he looks the Lucian people in the eye while telling them the American Civil War was fought with England over “Taxation without representation”? Yet the scabs in the UWP can find nothing better than this pathetic ignoramus to be their leader? take a listen to Allen in this news clip, as this pathological liar rewrites history with a ‘strait-face’.




  3. “… the reality is that St. Lucia has had record tourist arrivals for three successive years.”
    Well, it would be safe to argue that record tourist arrivals do not translate into economic gains for the vast majority of St.Lucians; because, the year 2012, 2013, and 2014; which you referred to above; were among the hardest, on record, that St.Lucians had ever had to endure.

    Stephen Lester Prescott (SLP); or whatever you call yourself; when will you stop giving the poor, ill-informed St.Lucian people a 6 for a 9?

  4. Another part of both the SLP’s and the UWP’s grand strategy of economic growth has just be knocked sideways. Europe today is reeling from the possible Greek exit from the Euro currency arrangement. Banks are shut for a week. One of our two clowns has placed in a similar debt position. The people asked for jobs. They with an empty boast gave them STEP.

    As is their wont, expect to hear our two topmost, dumb and jackass buffoon politicians find renewed hope and additional enthusiasm to base our future development on tourism arrival figures. Two sickening disgusting economic idiots! What a litany of idiots have literally paraded the political stage all wrapped in the mantle of leadership both in pre- and post-independence years.

    1. Indeed.Once this hapless Saint Lucian population prostrates itself before these two shysters, once they believe uncritically all the jive these two charlatans are saying, then Saint Lucians relieve themselves of their personal obligations and the need to think for themselves. Politics becomes religion. It become a faith with a huge cultist dimension. That is why we are stuck. That is why we suck.

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