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The Right Combination? I Really Don’t Know

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

START pulled all the shots last week to ensure a successful show. But the question is: How do you measure that success? If attendance is the yardstick, then they would come up short. I think I heard somewhere that they we listening to the audience and mixing up the soca with the calypso.

If that were to bring in more people, it did not work. Some people came to be studded in the star glitz of the legendary Explainer. But was it enough? If it was to attract more people than the Saturday before, that did not work either. Crowd capacity was about 75 percent. OK, maybe 80.

You can judge the quality of your renditions by whether patrons are walking out during a performance. Persons stayed put a lot more than last week.

When people are running back into the auditorium then something is right. When Bingo redeems himself and gets through an entire song without forgetting his lines, you’re hitting the right note. When most of your performers get an encore, your chords are lined up. When you start nine minutes late, that’s a discordant chord. Certainly a fine start with guest performer, Little Nick from Corinth Secondary doing a fine job, with “Government fat”. And to top it up, he gets an encore.

Taker was a great opener and kept the standard with “Nice Black Man” but that needed to be maintained and the next five performers would not cut it, except for Jackson, who dressed the part and added some needed humour. Nintus’ “BiyoanSoufle” is taking ground and was probably the most musically versatile song of the night. Dennis James certainly did not disappoint. There is something charismatic about his performance. Qpid is certainly an enticing performer, with distinct clarity, though while the song may be garnering some attention because of its vulgar insinuation, it is not the most original in lyrical composition.

Lady Leen did herself an injustice by appearing in the third segment of the show. Teddy boy may stand a chance with “Sex Sweet” since it has been getting some notable airplay, but for the heck of it I can’t remember what Lady Leen sang with her vintage performance. I am not a big fan of soca but I can spot talent when I see it, exportable talent, if we brand it right. Alpha, Mystero and Sedale need to be branded, packaged and sold.

While you are keeping the auditorium clean by restricting food and drinks, make sure that patrons can keep themselves clean by supplying sufficient tissue for use after people have used the toilets. Projected screen outside was a plus. Again I maintain that only consistency and quality will ensure a successful season.

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