Second Calypso Tent Tonight

Ashanti was one of the audience's favourites at last Saturday's tent launch show. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Ashanti was one of the audience’s favourites at last Saturday’s tent launch show. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
THE second calypso tent of this year’s season will now be held tonight at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

This comes after the postponement of the show last Wednesday due to what START (Saint Lucia Association of Registered Tents) officials say were circumstances beyond their control.

Calypsonians on this evening’s card include Bingo, Ashanti, Nintus, Blaze, Ready, Educator, Animator, Realist, Q-Pid, Taker and Walleigh. Back-up band is Caribbean Connection.

The pay-per-view feature for each show that was originally scheduled to take effect last Wednesday will begin with this evening’s show, START’s Gordon Gene Leon told The VOICE yesterday. The show will be broadcast live via www.choicetv.39 for those using the pay-per-view medium.

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Menell says she's letting it all go this year. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Menell says she’s letting it all go this year. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Meanwhile, last Saturday’s opening show managed to attract a huge crowd, a rare feat for calypso shows these days. However, many patrons felt that the show did not live up to the hype that was built around it.

Performances last Saturday came from Walleigh (“Promising Politicians”, “Koudmain”), Jackson (“My Pastor”, “Nowadays”), Teddy Boy (“Sex Nice”, “Wicked Heart”), Dennis James (“It’s A Shame”, “Tonight Is Your Night”), Achiever (“Questions”, “Peace Jam”), Blaze (“PokieCapute”, “Emancipate Yourself”), Ready (“Not Working”), Robbie (“Letter From Sir John”, “I Had A Dream”), Educator (“I Believe”, “Boat Ride”), Menell (“Respect The Pan”, “Letting Go”), Hyper (“Seven Years Ago”) and Ashanti (“Nun Eh Running”).

Educator believes his belief is believable. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Educator believes his belief is believable. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
With not-so-favourable fan feedback from the first show, organizers and calypsonians will undoubtedly have to dig deeper to ensure that the momentum for this season amplifies. Trinidadian MC, Errol Fabian, a fan favourite will host this evening’s show. Despite the much-looked-forward-to punch-lines he brings to the calypso shows, the calypso fans are definitely expecting a few more from their calypsonians.

Tickets for this evening’s show cost $30 each and the show starts at 8:30 p.m.

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