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Racial Tensions Return

Rochelle Gonzales
Rochelle Gonzales

WHY is it that in 2015, the evolution of human behaviour one towards another is seemingly regressing rather than progressing? People are suffering and dying by their own doing as well as through hatred towards them simply because of the colour of their skin.

I have written on this matter in the past but I feel like I need to revisit the topic after recent occurrences, especially in the United States which have left me and many others in St Lucia and elsewhere dumbfounded..

Racism in the U.S. today is more prevalent than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and that is scary and worrisome. Even with a black president of the United States (or half black for the whiners who like to nit pick), racism is being carried out right up in our faces in plain view and it’s as if to say there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Something is seriously wrong when a man selling cigarettes is killed whilst being arrested by police or a 14 year old girl in a bikini is manhandled by an officer like she was in a heavyweight cage fighting tournament yet an openly racist young man goes into a church, sits with a prayer group for an hour, stands up and says he’s here to kill black people, slaughters nine innocent people…parents, grandparents, brothers, a pastor and then tells one survivor that he will let her live so that she can tell the world what happened and get this…he is arrested peacefully, without a scratch whilst carrying a pistol and he’s even placed in a bullet proof vest for his protection; deep breath I’m shaking just typing this.

Why are people sympathising with this guy and calling him mentally ill when if the deed was carried out by a Muslim, he would have been labelled a terrorist and a black man would have been labelled a vicious thug? And I dare say, had it been a black or Muslim who went to a white church, he would have suffered from overkill at the hands of the “heroic” officers who tried to arrest him but felt threatened because he had a gun.

Why wasn’t he manhandled to death like Eric Garner? Why didn’t he walk into a police van but end up wheeled away with a broken neck and then some like 25 year old Freddie Gray? Why wasn’t he shot eight times in the back like they did to Walter Scott?

I am amazed that this, this…fiend is still alive and well and appearing on my TV with that unapologetic scowl on his face.

I’m also upset because most of these officers including Eric Casebolt who thought he was G.I. Joe whilst manhandling a group of teenagers at a pool party, got away or were allowed to peacefully resign.

The issue of black on black crime is another one that grows more worrisome daily as it’s still very much alive as just days after the church massacre, 10 blacks were shot with one dead by another black and you keep hearing about this all too often.

Black people have been destroyed way beyond repair in my opinion and whilst there are millions, in fact the majority of blacks who are on the right path and are trying to do their bit to make life better for themselves and fellow blacks, even that large number is still a blip on the radar.

Black minds have been programmed to hate each other and themselves for decades…sort of like Stockholm syndrome and the ones doing the programming are just sitting back and laughing as they watch their dastardly works unfold.

Whilst we clearly have to take responsibility of our actions and stand up, evaluate our short comings and fix them, the constant barrage of incoming attacks and discrimination only serves to push us further down our holes.

In this time of unrest, you would think that we would stand together in unity against those fighting us down yet we continue to fight and kill each other like senseless buffoons.

Even worse, if we’re not killing each other, some are seemingly trying to become white with the excess skin bleaching, plastic surgery and all else that they do to not look black (Yes again to the nit pickers, my hair is straightened but that’s a choice of convenience and that’s as far as it goes with me).

Oh, I can’t believe that I forgot to mention this sooner, whilst for years, black people have been ridiculed and being called “ratchet”, “crazy”, etc (which they should actually be called in my opinion) for trying to change their appearance so drastically, how is it when an originally blonde haired, blue eyed white woman (Rachel Dolezal) claims to identify as black after over tanning her skin and sporting an afro, she is considered to be the game changer to make people think about the possibility of being “Trans-racial”… Are you kidding me now?

Why do we continue to blur the lines of what’s acceptable and what’s crazy and just say it’s all well and good? Do cats give birth to dogs? What twilight zone kind of mess are we trying to live in? This is all just so messed up and somewhat insulting!

People are quick to say that we all need to move on with the times and to a certain extent, that is true but at the same time, we need to really take not a leaf or a branch out of our ancestors trees but take the whole damn tree because we need to remember what it means to be black. We need to remember what unity means and we need to learn how to love and respect each other again.

We need to come together and stand strong in the faces of those trying to break us down and not falter. Our late greats did it and did it with style and they got us where we need to be in this day and age. Today, rightfully, we can do everything that every other race can do and it is because of all the unity, strength and force of our ancestors…for once, we need to take a few steps back and do it like they did because the past misfortunes faced by blacks are coming back around full circle and we need to have what it takes to stop it dead in its tracks.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...



  1. Rochelle,

    You have read some of my opinions on the mental destruction of the people of African Ancestry by the Caucasian , and the vicious attacks directed at me by lowlife Negroes like a TOM TOM KANE in defense of their Caucasian Masters for my saying that Caucasians have conspired to permanently subjugate the African Peoples through a process of mis-education, White Supremacy Religion, and the total destruction of our Names, Language, and History.

    Most of our African People are in denial, thinking that by demonstrating to Caucasian Christians that they love and worship them, will invoke endearment from the White Supremacist, but we all know that this strategy has failed as we are continued to be oppressed and our children murdered. There have always been token Negroes, even during Slavery, and Oprah and Obama are just that, token Negroes.

    You mentioned Black on Black violence. You will see in the video that Black people are made to hate themselves from the moment they open their eyes at birth and behold the Image of the White God on the walls of the delivery room – why do you think your little daughter in the video calls herself “BAD AND UGLY” at the age of four years old ? If you have tears …

    Even before the victims of the Racist Killer had time to digest and reflect upon the actions of this demonic terrorist Roof, they begun to forgive the killer and the Caucasian Press run with how “insane” our people are – I ask you do you think if Jews were murdered they would make the following statement made by the daughter of one of the victims:

    Camryn the daughter of a victim of the terrorist killer Roof said this: “I just feel a lot of love. I’m a little bitter, but I’m overwhelmed with love.”. I can’t help thinking, had this killer been a person of African ancestry, would these practitioners of the worship of the naked Caucasian God they call, “Sweet Jesus” embraced retribution and profess “LOVE” for the killer of their mother ? Now, I can’t say definitively what Camryn would do, but if I were betting I would say NO.

    I will continue to say this: Taking down the “FLAG” of White Supremacy being flown over the heads of the descendants of Chattel Slavery will be easy – in fact, the sale of these racist symbols have skyrocketed as the Caucasian Christian reinforces his belief. However the removal of the Racist and Sexist Image of a naked Caucasian God, wherein lies the seat of Racism, will not be touched. Then come Sunday morning, “LOVING” Negroes will kneel and beg the Naked Caucasian God to love them – I understand these Negroes are victims, mentally crippled from infancy even before they knew what had happened to them. I have included a video of your beautiful daughter in the video below, save her before it’s too late.

    The real change will happen, when old Negroes cease worshiping a naked Caucasian as God.
    You see, when Caucasian observe Negroes praying to his Image he knows he is superior to the Negro/God Complex, while the Negro knows he is inferior/inferiority complex which can be “cured” if the Negro can get a Nose Job, and a Skin Bleaching. I have included two videos to be considered by Negroes. # 1 is self explanatory, but in # 2 just listen to your Black woman lust for the White King – It’s the white Jesus. # 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK0xrXBWpgo # 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU3qgPn3bGA # 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByhFz5e5Tno

  2. Black America should stop forgiving white racists

    The morgue tag was still on Sharonda Coleman-Singleton’s toe when her teenage children stood in front of news cameras and said they had forgiven Dylann Roof for murdering their mother in cold blood.

    The grieving teens’ absolution of Roof came not more than 72 hours after a white terrorist sat inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for an hour watching their mother pray to God. Instead of accepting the welcoming arms and love offered by the community, the gunman shot her and eight others to death.

    “We already forgive him for what he’s done, and there’s nothing but love from our side of the family,” her son Chris said.

    Here’s the full story from the Washington Post:




  3. …if a Palestinian had committed this heinous act in Israel, the media would not be referring to him as a “kidd….. terrorist would be emblazoned all over the media and, by the way: hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children; and infrastructure would have been blown to bits by Israeli bombers. In Charleston,SC you had a judge saying:” wait, we must acknowledge that we also have a ‘white’ family grieving here too!”

  4. Ok. Now this article is what the world needs to see; our thoughts and opinions of what’s happening to us as a nation and how we can be almost so blind to what’s being done in our face!

    My next part is what are the solutions?
    I feel the cycle is going full circle. If you have read the Willie Lynch theory then you would see we’re due a new reprogramming as the last one had run out last year or so (according to the calculation from the letter) and if not done then we will wake up out of the coma.

    Now if we read more about out history we will know that this has been happening from before the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade from Africa to America; we’re even talking back in B.C (if we follow that type of calendar)!! This ‘programming’ has been happening from longtime but this is maybe the 3rd or 4th edition.

    I’m not going to be naive and say religion hasn’t played a part in it; it helps control the masses. But I’m not going to say it’s solely Christianity either. We were enslaved by Muslims before the mass illegal immigration to the U.S by Arabs and had Islam forced upon us. It’s no different! At present I’m a practicing Christian but I’m not blind to the doctrine of a white Jesus alluding to white supremacy. Nor am I leaving the fact behind that our greatest dynasty, the first recorded dynasty wasn’t from a Christian or Muslim background but simply an African man who wanted to take back his land for his people (King Menes).

    Religion helps divide us and causes more of a struggle within. Malcolm X realised this and touched on this on one of his speeches which I have the link to.

    In looking for an answer I’ve had to look at myself. Am I prepared to be apart of a revolution? Where does it start? Where will it finish? Am I willing to sacrifice for the revolution? Am I ready to die for the revolution?
    These questions and more are what circle my mind. My vision sometimes is that we are all in some sort of rally facing the enemy. When ready ourselves to attack the enemy the majority of our nation sit back and watch a skinny wave of black people run to our deaths not as martyrs but as fools whilst the rest turn their backs as if nothing just happened.

    In other words be about change, be that change. Help unify us instead of break us down.

    Rochelle, I’m loving your passion. It spurs me on to keep on doing what I’m trying to do. Keep on pouring into us all and we will make that change.
    What’s your thoughts though?

  5. Rochelle:

    Here are examples of the psychological damage done to our people who have been made to hate themselves by teaching them Religion of White man worship – these creatures are all around us and may seem normal, but never verbalize their self-hatred, choosing instead to practice it while walking around with the symbol of Death, the Cross with a dead Caucasian around their necks.

    I remember you writing about reassuring your daughter of how beautiful she was – do it often by informing her of our rich history as Africans who built the Pyramids of North Africa and the Muslim Moors bringing Civilization into Europe, because self-hating Negroes like Peter Josie and Rick John Wayne will say that only so-called pale people should be Carnival Queen, and by the looks of this year’s stock, the self-haters have won another year. Video of self hating Blacks:







  6. The Voice of Saint Lucia, stands heads above the Rags published by the Stripper who thought the name Carasco was not white enough and discarded that name to become a relative of John Wayne, a Caucasian Cowboy and known killer of the Native American, the so-called Indian.

    Publishers like Rick John Wayne who boast of being an M.B.E./O.B.E. Member of the British EMPIRE, are assigned positions, and financed by the Caucasian Rulers’ C.I.A. and M.I. 5 to keep the Commoners/Black People misinformed. These Sell-out Negroes stagnate the mental development of the Lucian masses while being aided by self-hating Negroes like Josie and Mutt and Jeff, by publishing tumultuous gossip supplied by their “aristocratic handlers” and C.I.A. Station Chiefs like Chastanet.

    This important piece written by Ms. Rochelle Gonzales exposing our people to the realities of the World outside the 238 sq. mile land mass is significant to awakening the mentally dead and delusional population from the mental crucifixion of white supremacy. Many delusional Negroes tell our people how “nice” Caucasians are, and my response, “If Caucasians were worth a dime, they would stop worshiping themselves as God while teaching Africans to hate themselves.




  7. Rochelle,

    I have to ask you about the headline in this article, “Racial Tensions Return” – When did it ever leave ??

    Second flag: “The Stainless Banner”

    By 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia’s square battle flag was so popular among the Confederacy that it was incorporated into the upper left corner of the new flag. The white rectangle symbolizes the “supremacy of the white man,” according to William T. Thompson, the flag’s designer. “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race,” Thompson wrote. The second flag faced criticism for being too white, with complaints that it could be mistaken for a truce sign in battle.


    “These white folks, they think the world belongs to them,” Grandma told me 12 hours after Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Cynthia Hurd, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Depyane Middleton Doctor, Daniel Simmons and Myra Thompson were murdered in a black Charleston church by a cowardly white American thug. “White folks been misusing us since I been in this world, if you wanna know the truth, Kie. If you expect any thing more after all they done, you the world’s biggest fool.”

    I am one of the world’s biggest fools. I am also a fat black boy raised by a village of fat black women practiced in surviving, forgetting and forgiving the raced and gendered violence of holy American rooms. One of these fat black women – my grandma – taught me how to outlast southern white folks, how to serve, pray, read, write, cuss, listen, laugh and how to properly fear and praise Jesus Christ.

    When I was a child, Grandma and I spent hours in Concord Baptist Church in Forest, Mississippi, at revival, in Home Mission and in Sunday school, hoping that we’d learn to walk with Jesus and protect our insides from what white folks had done, were doing and would do. But in far way more ways than either of us want to admit, in our healing spaces in Concord – the place where we were taught to love, honor and remember humungous parts of ourselves – we were also taught to become the world’s biggest fools to and for white folks and white supremacy.

    We members of Concord were supposed to love white folks because they knew not what they did. We were supposed to heal them because they knew not who they were. We were supposed to forgive them because salvation awaited she or he who could withstand the wrath of the worst of white folks. We were supposed to pray for them, often at the expense of our own healthy reckoning.

    Grandma and her church taught me that loving white folks in spite of their investment in our terror was our only chance of not becoming them morally.

    As a child, I wasn’t sure I could question Grandma’s God, or the white picture of Jesus hanging in Concord, but I knew I could question Grandma’s Bible. Grandma never shut my questions down. She’d ask me to read verse after verse, and fill college-lined notebooks with all the biblical questions that fit. By 12, I knew my Bible like I knew every episode of Good Times.

    Still, I hated actually going to church. My slacks were too tight on my thighs. My shirt choked my esophagus. My clip-on tie looked like a clip on tie. No matter the temperature, Grandma made me wear a polyester vest. My feet grew so fast that my penny loafers never fit. Plus, she stopped me from putting dimes or nickels in my penny loafers because was something only mannish boys did.

    I was 12-years-old. All I wanted to be was mannish.

    Inside Concord Baptist church, I loved the attention I got for being a fat black boy from the older women: they were the only women on earth who called my fatness “fineness”. I felt flirted with and, like most fat black boys, when flirted with, I fell in love. I loved the organs bended notes, the aftertaste of the grape juice, the fans steadily moving through the humidity, the anticipation of somebody catching the Holy Ghost, the unsure lawd-have-mercy claps after the little big head boy who couldn’t read so well was forced to read a greeting to the congregation.

    But as much as I loved parts of church, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t love the holy word coming from the pulpit. The voices carrying the word were gaspy, slick, directed and sure of themselves in ways I didn’t believe. There were no black men in my immediate family and the word at Concord was always carried by the mouths of Reverend Weathersby, deacons or other visiting preachers who acted like they knew my Grandma and me better than they did.

    The village of black women who raised me conjured words like yesterday’s magic, and those black women, like the other black women in the church, made up the majority of the audience. But their voices and words were only heard during songs, in ad libbed responses to the preacher’s word and during church announcements. While Grandma and everyone else amen’d and well’d their way through shiny hollow sermons, I just sat there, usually at the end of the pew, sucking my teeth, feeling super hot, super bored, and really resentful because Grandma and her friends never told the long-winded sorry preachers to shut up and sit down.

    My problem with church was that I knew what could have been. Every other Wednesday – and Grandma took me with her most of the time – the older women of the church had something called Home Mission: they would meet at alternate houses, and bring food, their Bibles, notebooks and their testimonies. There was no set music at Home Mission, but those women, Grandma’s friends, used their lives and their Bibles as primary texts to boast, confess and critique their way into tearful song every single time. They revealed the partial truths of their lives, connected those partial truths to everyone in that room, wandered in some of the closets of those partial truths, and wondered if those partial truths held for women not in the room. They made space for everyone listening to share.

    Long before I wanted to write like Morrison, Baldwin or Andre 3000, I wanted to write like the women in Home Mission spoke to each other. Their word was black love.

    “Sometimes, Kie, at five in the morning, we had to go to white folks’ house and wash they clothes outside, no matter how hot or cold it was. Sometimes they might pay in you in some change. Most of the time, they pay you in a little cornmeal. Anyway, we sometimes would be behind they great big houses washing they clothes in the tub out there, and hanging them up before school. And the little white children who was no older than us would be in the house pointing and laughing.”

    Grandma paused and I heard the beginnings of unspoken words pushing against the back of her throat. “We would walk to school after doing all that work, and every single day, a school bus of white folks would pass us and some of them same kids who was laughing at us in they backyards would be on that bus pointing and laughing at us because we dressed like we just got done working, and because we was walking to school instead of driving.”


    ROCHELLE READ COMPLETE STORY: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/23/black-churchesforgive-white-people-shame?CMP=share_btn_fb



  9. I have always said, “If Caucasians were serious about doing right by us Africans, they would condemn the worship of making a God in their IMAGE while they laugh at Negroes praying to a naked Caucasian they call Jesus Son-of-God.”

    “And let me tell you one more thing about these folks. Sometimes, we do the same work for them on Sunday mornings,” she said. “And instead of driving by and laughing while we walking home so we could put on some church clothes, the white folks would drive right by us, slow down, say hello, and keep driving while the kids in the back steady laughing.”

    Laughing at what, I asked her.

    “That’s what I’m saying. You supposed to be on your way to church. What you laughing at? Church don’t mean nothing to these folks, Kie. Nobody in they cars, or on they buses told them to stop laughing. Do you hear me? They love to watch the devil. If church meant something to them, they would have made them stop laughing. They would have paid us right. They wouldn’t be throwing us off in jail for doing the same thing they do. The education would be different, too. That boy over in Charleston, he wouldn’t walk up in no church and killed those folks either if they believed in church. They just wouldn’t treat us like they do. Why they ain’t blaming that boy’s parents? Or his community? If you shot up one of they churches, those white folks woulda killed you as soon as they found you. And every nigger in America, at least the ones who got some sense, would be ashamed. These folks ain’t never ashamed of themselves, Kie. Hard to be ’shamed when you think you own the world. It makes me sick.”

  10. “Well, I try to take it to God,” she said.

    And what does God say, I asked her.

    “God says you must forgive them for they know not what they do. Shit. Maybe God says something else. I haven’t been to church since I they got my foot in this boot. It’s hard for me to get to church and feel good about myself now that I’m this wheelchair. I like to look good in church, you know. So I just sit up under this TV, watching the news and eating whatever ain’t nailed down.”

    We both laughed.

    Grandma grabbed an apricot off the counter and did something she’d only done three other times in my life: she asked me what I thought about what she is saying.

    “Am I making sense to you?”

    I told her that loving white supremacists in the face of white supremacy is a hallmark of American evil, and a really a fundamental part of the black American experience in this country.

  11. Rochelle,

    Just because you’ve buried your head in the sand all these years does not mean there was any resolution to racial tension; hence, what you see is just a continuation of what has been!

    What has happened is that you have been pacified by the idiot-box with images of the serial rapist Cosby and his make-belief family. The level of success of the show indicates the level to which you have been snookered into accepting make-belief as a substitute for reality; and now you want to come crying here?

    Tell me what difference it has made for black people that there is another black show family on parade, this time in the White House; it’s a just a continuation of the con game being played on gullible folks like you. I don’t hear you trying to get a little piece of the huge lifetime payment that Obama will be get for running his game on you, as a house negro, protecting the interests of his masters!

  12. How “The Cosby Show” duped America: The sitcom that enabled our ugliest Reagan-era fantasies

    My mother, having just thrown the dog a bit of bread and pulling up the sleeve of her winter robe to keep it from catching fire on the oven, poured her tea and threw some verbal darts. “You don’t have to look at the TV to find a role model or father figure. He is here, in this house, right now.”

    I remembered that moment the other day when I saw the news that Cosby had admitted in a previously sealed deposition to drugging women in order to rape them. In all probability Cosby is a serial sex offender. Thus, the public scold of the black ghetto underclass may in fact be guilty of far worst “crimes” than wearing sagging pants or giving their children names that reflect an unfortunate deficit in social and economic capital.


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