Men’s Forum In Belle Vue Tonight

THE Belle Vue Development Committee has organized a Men’s Forum for tonight at the community’s Human Resource Development Centre commencing at 7:00 p.m.

This event will assume the form a of panel discussion, during which pertinent issues affecting men will be discussed such as Men’s Health, Men and Family, Men and Finance to be addressed respectively by Miss Nesha St. Catherine, a registered nurse, Mr. Paul Sammy, a marriage counsellor and educator, and Mr. Lucius Ellivic, the manager of the Laborie Co-operative Credit Union.

This event is being held to commemorate the month dedicated to highlight the relevance of men to society. The Committee says it believes that avenues must be created to facilitate the empowering of men with knowledge they can utilize to improve their social functioning.

It said: “Though many men take active steps to equip themselves with necessary resources to improve their health and carry out their roles in the family setting, there are many who fail to take the initiative.

“As a result some of our men fail to avail themselves of early medical diagnosis and treatment. Also many men have been described as being silent in the family in light of the fact that some do not play an active role in contributing to family life. To make matters worse, some men wholesomely abstain from even carrying out their economic function in the family”.

It is against this background that the Belle Vue Development Committee invites all males above the age of eighteen years from Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort and environs to make a special effort to attend tonight’s Men’s Forum.

The Committee is of the view that this activity will provide men with a perfect opportunity for them to learn from each other various best practices that can be used to improve their lives and that of their families.

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