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Julian Marley Working On Another Album

Image of Julian Marley
Julian Marley

JULIAN Marley is working on his fourth album which is expected to be out early next year. According to the 40-year-old singer, it will display his maturity as an artiste.

“A lot of creativity will be on the album. Creativity is something that flows each day and everyday life is an experience. I have matured and progressed a lot since my last album,” said Marley.

Marley worked mainly with producers at Ghetto Youths International on the project. He is co-owner of that label along with his brothers Stephen and Damian, who produced his current single, Lemme Go.

The song is on the Corner ‘riddim’ and addresses recent moves to decriminalise ganja in Jamaica.

“It’s great to see the herb getting free-up in Jamaica an’ around the world. Reggae music an’ the herb have enjoyed a good mix over the years and the hemp industry has been around for a while. People come to Jamaica for the music and the herb,” he reasoned.

While there are plans for a few collaborations on the yet-titled album, Marley said it will comprise mainly live music.

The fifth of reggae icon Bob Marley’s sons, Julian Marley was born in the United Kingdom. He learned to play several instruments in his youth, including keyboards, drums, bass and guitar.

He released his debut album, Lion in the Morning, in 1996. His second album, A Time And Place, came out in 2003.

His previous album, Awake (released in 2009), was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Reggae Album category.


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    Como aguas
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    Francesco Sinibaldi

  2. Julian is very much an opportunist. He was born in london to Lucielle Pounder from Barbados in December 1976, which makes him 38 years now. His mum lives in West London, and goes on like she is the bees knees. Her sheninghans with Bob Marley took place back in the later 70’s when he fled to london. These women were after Marley, because of his fame. This character Julian goes on like he is the real deal. The so called son of a mix-race man who sang a few songs and who could barely string two sentences together. What is the big deal about this opportunist? Who cares whether he wants to put an album together? He needs to stop living off the Marley fame and to get a life. Lucielle can be seen around Kensal Rise and west London with long hair which passes off as locks these days.

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