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I Love Trees, But…

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

RELEGATION. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s the matchstick that sets off the revolution time bomb but do our leaders have the sense to perceive it or are they too comfy in their ivory towers to give two hoots about the plight of the poor and destitute among us?

There’s nothing like feeling out of place in your own country. Squeezed.Dejected.Marginalized.Displaced.Denigrated.

Poverty is no place to be. People are catching their royals in this country and man will do anything to survive. Do you think it’s right to stop a man from earning a bread? You’re playing with fire. Your development is displacing your people.

I have contended that we must preserve our factors of production or we will be selling ourselves right back into slavery. I have called before for a moratorium on the sale of land to foreigners. Mr. Felix’s response to the concerns of citizens about the sale of certain lands in the Soufriere Piton Management Area was a cuff in the belly. Who really is trying to save our patrimony? Is poverty alleviation still a goal of government? That more equitable distribution of wealth that political parties campaign on, are they just dangling carrots before our eyes? And then we hear of economic citizenship. Are we looking to make the indigenous second class in their own country? A recipe for long term disaster.

The failed state is at our doorsteps when instead of hiring young, fresh, energetic graduates, we create positions for retirees. If we feel we have to bunk out Ms.Majorie to facilitate hotel development in Cas en Bas, if we have to destroy Frigate Nature Reserve and sever the consciences of our environmentalists for the development of Le Paradis, which was not at all paradisal, if the vendors can’t vend on the street because of the rise of Bay Walk Mall, if canteens can’t be placed outside of IGY Marinas and instead of allowing people to make a living, we erect barricades and plant palm trees.

The thunders of calamities are sounding but who cares? Who’s listening?

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