Careless Garbage Dumping Infuriates Northern Resident


A resident in the north of the island has drawn attention to the indiscriminate dumping of garbage in the community and her unsuccessful attempts thus far to have the various authorities attend to it.

So Elizabeth Glace took these photos of the areas where the garbage is being dumped and sent them to THE VOICE.

The photos, she said, highlight a trend that she has noticed recently on daily walks and which she finds both disturbing and infuriating. They depict rubbish indiscriminately dumped, an area where an enormous pile of garbage was set alight and left to burn uncontrolled and an enormous dump site just off the Gros Islet highway on the way to The Landings.


Said Ms. Glace: “We have reliable and regular garbage collection and a facility which is easily accessible for those who wish to use it. Apparently some people are just too lazy, too cheap or just too irresponsible to take advantage of services provided”.

Glace said she has contacted both the Police and the Solid Waste Management Authority as advised by the Fire Department, when they responded to the fire so recklessly started in this dry season.

She added: “I have yet to have any response from the Police, and the SLSWMA informed me that they couldn’t do anything unless I could tell them who was responsible for the dumping”.


Glace said she knew litter was a huge problem island wide and it seemed indicative of an enormous lack of both self- respect and respect for the island. She added: “I simply want to highlight a problem which seems to be getting worse and to tell the lazy, ignorant people who do this to grow up and start acting like responsible citizens. I would also like to appeal to whatever authorities might be deemed responsible, to have these areas cleared of these eyesores and rat havens”.


  1. I have travelled extensively but Saint Lucians are without doubt the nastiest people on the planet. All they care about are their stomachs, shit entertainment and booze and petty party politics.

  2. ………the campaign : good sanitary habits are essential to quality living.!!…be graphic, show a picture a human infected with the PLAGUE!!

  3. glass beer bottles are collected on a daily basis by some people as a sort of income because there is a refund on it. It works well.
    Why not a similar system can be implemented for plastic waste, where the dealer have to take back the plastic waste and refund collectors? The dealers will then be responsible for responsible disposal.

  4. Silent Joe, thank you. I always say that – if there was an economic incentive Lucians would be all over it like flies around crap. Remember the same about the seaweed – people want government to fix it. If it were gold bars, people would be in the sea straight away.

    1) reduce plastic use by putting in those collection incentives
    2) make importers/supermarkets pay a tax on plastic bottles which goes into waste collection and other environmental protection measures
    3) Ask supermarkets to come up with other ways to reduce plastic bag use. Use string bags instead which can be reused.

    I believe that will solve about 60% of the problem. Organic waste can be sorted, it’s the petro products which cause the long term problem.

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