Sol Launches New Line Of Fuels

Promises of More Miles, Longer Engine Life.

Cabrera [Left]     Mc Naughton [Right]
Cabrera [Left] Mc Naughton [Right]

Sol, a leading petroleum company in the Caribbean and Latin America has introduced cleaner and better diesel and gasolene fuels to motorists on the island that will make vehiclse go further than than they normal does using ordinary fuels sold by its competitors.

The announcement was made at a cocktail reception at Sandals Grande, Pigeon Point under the sparkling lights of the company’s orange and blue colours and comes on the heels of previous launches of the company’s high mileage lubricants and educational and social campaigns aimed at building Saint Lucia through its youthful population.

Sol, earlier this year launched high mileage lubricants that have been said to extend the life of vehicle engines and slow down the aging process.

The lubricants, Shell Helix HX7, HX5 and HX3 are engine oils formulated with a special additive package to help recondition worn engine seals and reduce oil leakage and consumption giving worn out engines that ‘born again’ feel when they are in use.

And two weeks ago the company contributed cash to the educational component of this year’s Jazz and Arts Festival, the human development programme at St. Joseph’s Convent and a social programme at St. Mary’s College.

The new Sol ‘Go Further’ line of fuels, which started flowing into the tanks of vehicles from last Thursday, is formulated to enhance fuel economy, hereby giving more mileage for every full tank of Sol gasolene or diesel.

“Our aim is to make sure our customers have access to quality, world – class products that suit their active lifestyles,” Sol’s general manager Lawrence McNaughton said, adding that the Sol team in Saint Lucia is fully equipped to deliver the Sol ‘Go Further’ fuels.

He said that the new fuels have already been positively received by customers in other territories in the region and that the company is confident that customers from their site at Massade, Gros Islet to Sol stations in the south of the island, will welcome the winning benefits of going further with Sol.

The advantages of Sol’s new fuels can mostly be derived on a full tank, explained by McNaughton and Lisbeth Cabrera, Sol’s Retail Fuels Marketing Manager for the region.

McNaughton said that fuels are specially formulated to offer up to 10 kilometres more per full tank based on average driving conditions. The fuels, he noted, are known for advanced formulation, including cleaning and friction modifying technology,

“With prolonged usage, motorists will be able to experience the benefits of better engine performance, emissions reduction, less corrosion and improved fuel economy. The product was developed in response to extensive market research, which indicated that every day motorists needed a reliable, economical and performance enhancing fuel,” McNaughton said.

“Start with a full tank and you will start seeing the benefits of Sol Go Further fuel. Try it and you will see the difference,” Cabrera said, adding that the age of a vehicle is not a factor where the Sol Go Further fuels are concerned.

The benefits of the fuel can be experienced with brand new vehicles as well as aged old vehicles.

“If the car is 10 years old or 15 years old it will still receive the benefits because the cleaning action in the fuel will continue to work in your engine,” Cabrera said.

According to Solthe introduction of the innovative ‘Go Further’ product line is testament to its growing contribution to the soci-economic development of Saint Lucia and that it reinforces its commitment to strengthen its brand and to offer additional value to its customers.

Sol’s ‘Go Further’ gasolene is said to deliver significant fuel economy, more mileage, superior deposit control, friction reduction and outstanding corrosion protection.

The ‘Go Further’ diesel delivers low emissions, better cold starting, anti-foaming properties, better mileage, reduced maintenance costs, better engine performance and a better environmental impact.

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