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Island’s Greatest Artist, National Flag Designer Dead At 87

Sir Dunstan St Omer
Sir Dunstan St Omer

ANOTHER truly outstanding St Lucian has fallen. The island’s best known artist, national cultural hero and designer of the national flag, Sir Dunstan St Omer passed away Tuesday at the age of 87.

St Omer was also a former Editor of THE VOICE. A product of the St Aloysius R.C. Boys School and St Mary’s College, St Omer has left his mark in many places in St Lucia, including several Roman Catholic Churches where his huge murals adorn walls. His legacy as an artist is assured continuity through his sons, artists in their own right.

Both Government and Opposition yesterday issued statements in tribute to the man whose place in the history of St Lucia was assured when he designed the national flag when St Lucia became a self-governing Associated State with Britain in1967. The St Omer flag was retained intact when St Lucia became fully independent 12 years later.

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony said of St Omer yesterday: “His passing creates a great chasm in our collective heart and soul, particularly because we know how much he loved and served his island home, and how he believed in celebrating everything that is beautifully Saint Lucian.”

Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert said: “Sir Dunstan’s contribution to Saint Lucia’s nationalism is forever embodied in the blue, yellow, white and black of the island’s most distinctive symbol – our national flag, which he created. His contribution to Saint Lucia’s national consciousness is also without question….. Sir Dunstan loved Saint Lucia and was proud to be Saint Lucian. His passing creates an enormous void in the heart of our country that will not soon be filled.”

Sir Dunstan copped several other accolades during his long life. He was awarded a Papal Medal by the Catholic Church and the St Lucia Cross by the St Lucia government on the occasion of the island’s 25th Anniversary. In 2007 the Folk Research Centre declared him a National Cultural Hero. In 2009 he received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of the West Indies, and in 2010 the Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG) was conferred on him in the New Year’s Honours of Queen Elizabeth II.

As a young artist Sir Dunstan took instructions from the legendary Harold Simmons along with life-long friend and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. In 1946 St. Omer left St Lucia for Curacao to work with Dutch Oil; there he was influenced by Greek painter Pandelis. When he returned to St Lucia in 1949 it was to various teaching jobs, including a stint at his alma mater. He received a scholarship to go to Puerto Rico where he studied art for a year and returned home to work with mentor Simmons as sub-editor at THE VOICE, eventually replacing him from 1959-1962. Sir Dunstan worked with the Ministry of Education as an art specialist and remained there until he retired in 2000.

With life-long friend Derek Walcott.
With life-long friend Derek Walcott.

In a wide-ranging interview with VOICE journalist Stan Bishop published in THE VOICE Independence Day issue in February last, Sir Dunstan spoke about what influenced his design of the national flag. He replied: “Even before the competition, the design of the flag was in my mind already. Not that I had thought that I would be designing a flag. But I was already thinking about what I would want for it. In fact, I submitted two flags. It was the time of Black awareness, so I had a green flag with a black eagle on it. That was too radical for them. Some of my best friends told me that was too much, even though they became as radical as I was afterwards. So the authorities chose to go with the milder flag. With things like these, you cannot simply say that you achieved them; it’s just things that happen to you”

As to what kept him motivated as a painter all these years, he said: “In life, we have to make certain choices – live or die. And if you’re selfish, your ass will get burst. In order to survive, you have to have a generous purpose, somehow. For fellas like Derek and I when we were much younger, we were so fortunate that we had all the materials to work with in the direction we were going. We were emerging from colonialism and we had a nation to realize, so all the materials were in that situation. So we didn’t have to look for ideas because they were all there. But we got through that part very well and, fortunately, we had Harry (Simmons) there to tell us to look at ourselves and not Europe. So he really started the ball rolling. He was the one who started to paint our canoes and our women in their madras. I had never seen Black people in paintings before. I was also able to merge my patriotism with my religion.”


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  3. Sir Dunstan was a very religious man. He knew the Lord Jesus Christ; and so by faith, he is ‘Saved.’


      Why don’t you teach us something from your father the Redeemer ?

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  4. I wish somewhere he could have infused his original GREEN idea (I would bet that his green concept related / aligned with the current Earth survival paradigm of Green engineering and decreasing our carbon footprint.
    Many countries updated the design of their flags over time. Frankly, unless a nation is making a powerfully positive reference to the indigenous folks of their country, then references to the subsequent populace is kinda vain. The closer the flags references to the land- water- mineral, flora-fauna. the more in keeping with Divine providence.
    Therefore, I strongly propose the merging and conversion of the white/black geometric shapes to one GREEN similar shape.
    I truly believe that this global focus on GREEN is even more imperative for small island nations like St. Lucia (we are both way too high octane and proof, gasoline and distilled spirits GUZZLERS).
    This would be a fitting tribute to this great statesman’s legacy:
    That we LEARNED (he was a life long teacher) from his talent and built on it a positive national tribute that places us in a global leadership position (Green awareness of our carbon footprint)
    If I were a naval commander, my destroyer escort would salute Sir Dunstan St Omer with a majestic 21 gun salutation.

    1. “If I were a naval commander, my destroyer escort would salute Sir Dunstan St Omer with a majestic 21 gun salutation….”
      Just do a fly-over in your F-15 while son-of-man is standing on the wing.

  5. I am a cousin of Dunstan St Omer, and know of his painting when he resided in the CDC as related to me by family members.

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    What did we know about the fingers 1400 years ago when the Quran was revealed ?? Finger Prints ? we knew nothing of the science – so notice Allah in this Surah/chapter uses the finger to identify the person. The Quran is filled with such science we have only recently discovered.

  8. @ Son-of-Man “I am a cousin of Dunstan St Omer…”
    Yeah! And I am a cousin of Derek Walcott.

    1. TOM TOM:

      You have a never-ending list of pseudonyms – you act like being related to someone is an achievement. People don’t choose their parents so stop making yourself the signature idiot of this blog which is dominated by men and women of great intelligence and reason.

      You know who else is a relative of Dunstan and my cousins ? Boo, and Winston, and Chester Hinkson. I guess you will tell me that Taylor Swift is your cousin ? Tom, please ??

      1. “… stop making yourself the signature idiot of this blog which is dominated by men and women of great intelligence and reason.”
        Son-of-a-Fool, keep Tom Tom out of your foolishness. I’m still going through a busy tax season; you’ll be hearing from me in a couple of weeks.

        And by the way, did you include yourself among the men and women of great intelligence and reason who dominate the blog? Oh! I didn’t think so.

      2. Tom Tom:

        I went in search of you during my winter travel to the New England States, but your address was bogus. I was told that Blacks are not welcomed in Bergen County and are liable to be shot in the back by the white Christan police who enjoy murdering blacks who want to marry their pale-skinned women, or choked to death for doing business like selling cigarettes.

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        I think I had attempted to contact you from my hotel in Columbus Ohio before you went into hiding in your sister’s basement apt., lol

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        1. “I went in search of you during my winter travel to the New England States, but your address was bogus …. I think I had attempted to contact you from my hotel in Columbus Ohio”
          First you thought that Paterson was in Bergen County; now you are making Ohio a New England State.
          Geography just isn’t your thing.; but then again this blog is dominated by men and women of great intelligence.

          1. How did you summarize that me calling you from Columbus Ohio meant that Mid-Western State is geographically located in the North-Eastern U.S.A. is beyond my ability to synchronize, yet again you are able to make A FATHER GOD + A SON GOD + A GHOST GOD = ONE, and substantiates my arguments that the Religion of White Supremacy distorts the Sense Reason.

            Allah has given the human no better gift than Reason.

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          2. This is when Satan became the Rebel, and swore to make wrong look right.

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  9. I called a brother SIR, in this blog some time ago and he admonished me NEVER to call him by this title, and he explained to me it was an insult. After I thought about it I totally agree with him, DR. OPTICAL.

    I asked myself, why would anyone want to be titled in the company of pirates like Sir John Hawkins, and Sir Francis Drake?? all pirates who enslaved Africans and made Knights – Knights of Columbus ? Awwa garcon!! I can see people like the guy who wears a thong while clothed in baby oils and Vaseline, doing the strip dance for the British Homosexuals considering kneeling at the feet of the white pirate queen an honor, but no self respecting person will accept such humiliation, SIR JOHN ?

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    Your efficiency /tax prep alacrity and health will reap great benefits.
    By the by
    SOM is most generous with sharing authentic verses from one of the world’s great spiritual books-
    How come you don’t share some FINANCE /TAX tips -advice to Looshans in the diaspora?
    Do you prefer that Uncle Sam get more from the sweat of their brow.
    Or that they should remain downtrodden workaholics –
    far from the light at the end of the tunnel.
    You are a tax expert and you are not sharing financial tips:
    Blogging is sharing
    Yet you take insignificant potshots at a man who shares:
    One of the apostles was a tax man and the biblical account of his lifestyle (before FELLOWSHIP WITH Christ) are as conniving and ruthless as a modern Wall Street parasite (the proverbial vulture came to mind but like SOM I would have to ask the Bird genus or is it phylum for forgiveness for such a lowly equation)
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    TOM TOM are you a social-light –moderate or heavy drinker?
    Beware of Wall Street cubiclelitis
    At least mount a fair literary challenge to SOM’s blogging skills by sharing some of your finance expertise?
    In closing, your F-15 wing walking “flap” did not meet the satirical bar. Why?
    The sweet aerodynamic lines of the Eagle (wing load to center of gravity/ thrust to weight ratio etc) allows it to cruise at extremely stable (think glide like a real eagle) low speeds, thus making a wing walk theoretically possible
    The F-15 aerodynamics allow for a slower more stable platform than the aircraft depicted in photo. So, again it is theoretically possible to execute a wing walk, which nullifies your cynical comment about the fly pass salute.
    What is more disturbing and indicative of your possible episode of intoxication is the fact that the salute was homage to a great St Lucian statesman but you chose an attempt at wry cynicism.
    Please keep in mind that unlike the thin line between love and hate, there exists an even thinner blur between bookkeeping/tax preparation and EMBEZZLEMENT
    I pray you stay on the straight and narrow righteous path
    Isn’t it ironic that the person (SOM) who exalts staying on the straight and narrow
    Path with God (a guiding principle that is so relevant in your career (inherent temptation within cooking the finance books) is the one you need to align with.
    Personally, I will hustle/stowaway on the first colonization flight to Mars.
    To survive your rabid canine eat canine finance world you need a SOM –more than you can imagine.
    Till then, tallyho 🙂

    1. Boy, boy, boy; what a litany in response to my one sentence comment; anyway, I’ll take ‘Abandoning my hi rise cubicle at lunch- and taking in some natural Vitamin D from Majestic RA.’
      The rest of your litany is a direct suck-up to SOM. You are so scared to offend SOM that you are fighting his battles even when he, himself, isn’t willing to fight.

      Don’t forget, I have been sparring with SOM long before you came on the scene; and I have never found it necessary to showcase my knowledge of Taxes, Financial Statements, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO’s, etc., etc.
      As a matter of fact, I come to these blogs to getaway from these things. I am not here to impress upon people how smart I am; instead, I am here to keep SOM in check. LOL. So Dassault, you need to lighten up a little.

  11. Tommy.
    I get it
    “As a matter of fact, I come to these blogs to getaway from these things.”
    SO, it’s all about PURPOSE, why we are here on this blog?
    I am so glad that you shared “your purpose”
    That your purpose is limited to your social-emotional domain or what my warfare college professor of psy indoctrination classified as the “dumpster”
    In layman’s terms you use this blog to jettison or relieve yourself of the press and impingements that placate your psyche as you serve the God $ Almighty Dollar $
    And pray / prey in his grand Cathedral THE MALL
    So I interrupted your long standing “Tom & Jerry” antics with the SOM and so you deploy TRIANGULATION to foil my perceived interference?
    Alright already?
    Do understand that my purpose on this blog is way beyond yours: The maintenance of a level nation building playing field for those who truly hold the BEST INTERESTS of the nation –regardless of their humble-middle or elite Social economic status background; thus, are motivated to be proactive participants in the progressive construction of this nation
    Yes the SOM and I do converge on some ideals (the glorious quest to be humble only to the DIVINE), the commitment to commit Peetar and Mayreek to intense Psychiatric services in order to arret their corrosive effect on party politics.
    As a seasoned warrior I shall utilize point of attack –wingman strategies (as in civilian terms WWF tag team maximum effect synergy)
    Nevertheless, the rhythm of your lexicon was a dead giveaway that your presence on this blog is to inspire mayhem
    Your purpose is like the fluffy topping of a Meringue pie
    Mon ami a Rocky Road Chocolate Cake with intricate layers of Cherry Chocolate fudge—ou la la- now that is enticing substance
    Returning to the pastry analogy and your meringue pie caricature
    I kinda suspect you are a euro-stlucian-on the surface
    Most euro Stlucians I grew up with had more substance than that displayed by your decadent déclassé embrace of the urban vernacular of the S word you used in your adolescent attempt at triangulation of SOM and I.
    And how extreme from the use of LITANY to the S word
    The trashy euro urbanites of NY do use it to express a wide variety of euphemisms
    Your vulgar use of the s word was smartly cloaked suggesting a bout of intoxication.
    You knew that you were descending into the gutters to coin the phrase.
    It’s all good I learn from everything!
    I will not descend from my stratospheric advantageous perch to engage you in said tormented states- after all like most of the current flocks of urbanite yuppies and too many buppies most of you are like puppies chasing a thrill.
    I do pray that your use of the S word is not subliminal codification of your own intimate fetish
    Perhaps your fetish limits your inventory of the KINDA GIRL YOU CAN TAKE TO MAMA.
    The thrill of a Rick James (late Funk Master) kinda girl is only a cheap thrill: actually these types of girls that support your perverse fetish serve your $GOD$ in more elusive rituals at the your Cathedral MALL
    They Gold dig better than Bond’s Goldfinger!
    If you ever need a quick fix on that S*** FETISH of yours , please allow me to contact a wounded in battle vet current turf duke of Herkimer Street Exotics Unlimited.
    Why this extended pacifier
    Well, my friend or foe onboard transponder is off when I swoop in to my barrel rolls to get at the vulnerable point of attack of Peetar’s Hoesie’s Sopwith Camel and his girlfriend Easy May oui Mary’s barnacle encrusted galleon
    So stay on your BiBon while watching how airborne warriors do your S*** word
    Thrust me it’s a life or death thrill in live combat theater of operations : exponentially more mind BLOWING (pun intended) than that you can pay from any Eubonics Drama Queen
    Till then , hope to miss you at the Peetar and Mary flying circus :’)

  12. Dassault Mirage;

    You must have X-Ray vision to have seen the emptiness and vulgarity of this demented character TOM TOM whose sole purpose is to spread mayhem, while contributing nothing, but you are so correct in stating, “It’s all good I learn from everything!”, these are words of wisdom, yes, observe the action of the fool who shoots himself in the head, so we do not impose such destruction upon ourselves.

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