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Rape of Democracy

Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

The word rape conjures up images of a violent assault on a person, often a young woman. It is seldom associated with the abuses of a political system such as democracy except in extreme cases. As practiced in this region, parliamentary democracy allows people to freely and regularly elect their government. However, since political independence less than fifty years ago, two elected governments have abused (raped) democracy to the detriment of the electorate – and the country. I refer to St Kitts/ Nevis and Grenada. Add Trinidad for good measure.

It may be opportune at this time, to remind ourselves of the words of James Madison, a founding father of the US constitution. “But what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on governments would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

The opposition UWP had done an excellent job of rebutting this year’s budget as presented to the Saint Lucia Parliament. Still, I deem it sufficiently troubling to further highlight a misguided proposal to spend $100,000,000.00 on new offices for the Prime Minister even as a brand new four storey government building lays empty at Point Seraphine in Castries. One also questions such extravagance in the face of the neglect of Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) at Vieux Fort and its handing over to a Middle East outfit for thirty years to do as they please.

The former government in its wisdom had imposed an airport departure tax at Hewanorra to aid in its re-development. On assuming office the Labour government immediately removed that departure tax. When they discovered their mistake they imposed a tax on water and on food, rather than re-introduce the airport tax. Hewanorra airport remains the center of economic activity in Vieux Fort – its importance grows with the growth of tourism. Unfortunately, humility is not a quality that fits easily on Prime Minister Anthony. By the way, is the business mind of Saint Lucia’s representative to UNESCO connected to the new HIA airport deal?

Why couldn’t the Prime Minister re-develop Hewanorra airport instead of building a new government campus at Vieux Fort and an office for the Prime Minister at La Toc, Castries? Why? Madison’s point on the people obliging the government to control itself is doubly relevant. What can the citizens do, short of a violent revolution, to make a government listen when it stubbornly refuses to? How long should a people tolerate a government that consistently mismanages the finances of a country?

Madison’s two great difficulties in forming a government are: ‘enable the government to control the governed and, oblige it to control itself.’ These two beg a third question that bears repetition.  What can (must) a people do when the government is out of control and arrogantly refuses to listen to the people even as it fritters away their taxes?

For further elucidation we return first to the IMPACS report. That report has negatively impacted the Royal Saint Lucia Police Service by the way it was presented by the Prime Minister on radio and television. The second example is the more dastardly act of human trafficking involving Saint Lucia. How can these two events which cast such an accusing finger at the island be allowed to lay low … unexplained? Why was the IMPACS report used to embarrass a popular and well loved Police Commissioner and other officers who had sworn to serve and protect? At whose desk does the responsibility for the work of the police lay? Is it that of the Commissioner of Police or, that of the Minister for Internal Affairs and National Security? Who, when and in what situation was the police given orders ‘to do their jobs’ to quell the spate of killings five years ago? In whose interest were the politicians working, theirs or that of their friends … or the public’s?

Why were the policemen assigned to investigate the human trafficking scandal summarily removed from that duty? Why? Who from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Service is presently investigating the Lambirds matter? Who will save Saint Lucia from that embarrassing international scandal and shame? Is silence the only remedy this deceitful government knows?

And speaking of silence wasn’t it new Labour who promised more transparency, more openness and greater integrity in government? Why then this deafening silence? Why this cloak-and-dagger secrecy? Why this sleight of hand in Lambirds and IMPACS scandals? If we returned to James Madison we may now ask what were (are) the ‘auxiliary precautions’ to which Mr. Madison referred? Was it to the laws and institutions which would help curb the excesses of government?

Here is Cicero, a prominent Roman Senator, speaking one thousand years before Madison. ‘The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and, the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance….’ Cicero, 55 BC. Where does Saint Lucia stand?


  1. Sweet Pea/
    Invoking the superior constitutional merits of Madison and the illustrious authorship of Cicero as book ends of this article deserves applause.
    But then in the body of it all-PEETAR wrests controls to delve into a series of open ended questions fit for the crystal ball of a gypsy queen.
    A “white paper” or modified “prospectus” is stapled to every government outlay / proposed expenditure etc. Why did you not do the journalistic gleaning of available documents (your empress Gail is privy to said docs) in order to do a more realistic /authentic critique.
    Instead of compiling this koh-mess of bird droppings.
    Typical PEETAR to let float the speculative underpins in order to conjure up “bats in the belfry”.
    Sweet Pea needs to “check and balance” PEETAR-
    as Madison would confirm.

  2. The former (UWP) government in its wisdom had imposed an airport departure tax at Hewanorra to aid in its re-development. On assuming office the Labour government immediately removed that departure tax….and is now handing over (that same airport) to a Middle East outfit for thirty years to do as they please.

    Peter, you forgot to mention that this Labour government also hijacked the signed-agreement between former Prime Minister Stephenson King and Royal Caribbean International for the re-development of Port Castries.
    In both cases (the airport and the harbour), Philip J. Pierre was the leading culprit.

  3. People of Lucia:

    I have consistently admonished you, not to be deceived by this mis-educated Negro slave of white supremacy Peter Josie who worships a Blood-dripping Naked White man as God. Consider Josie’s demented attempt to blame Kenny Anthony for exposing the corrupt abominations in the so-called Royal Police force, where KILLER COPS operated with impunity murdering your children, sons and boys while the French Negro Francois practiced “WILLFUL BLINDNESS”.

    We have Negroes like the retrograde TOM TOM, now degenerated to Kane who was an infamous Caucasian known as Hearst a Publisher and father of Patrica Hearst a criminal Bank Robber; this non-thinking self-hating Negro Kane will continue to be allied with Saint Peter as they pray and worship dead Caucasian people as their only hope for salvation.

    These are Negroes who think the Planet Earth is 6,000 years old and dinosaurs walked with Noah into the Ark – Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus to huge Sauropods such as the Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus were walking around three thousand years ago.

    Now this brain-damaged negro Peter who sees the image of God in Chastanet, now blames Kenny Anthony for informing the people of Lucia about actions of murderous killers in their Police department while an incompetent Commissioner played Ray Charles. Josie would have you kept ignorant while these killer cops committed murder in your name, because if you can believe the Romans killed God on Good Friday, he Josie could tell you it was Kenny who killed these Lucian men and planted false evidence on their persons, including guns, and you stupid ‘Lear-lear Lucians’ would have no problem believing his falsehood?

    When will you Lucians lynch that Negro on the Square ? we have the best tree right by the belfry, and the rope is never far.

    1. It is quite obvious that you don’t even bother to read the foolishness you post on these forums; otherwise, you would have committed suicide long time ago.

      Your regurgitated comments have become null and void; in other words, they have become obsolete, repetitive and meaningless. Why don’t you give the rest of us a break and take a sabbatical at La Toc/Golden Hope.

      As a friend, I’m telling you; you are starting to make an ass of yourself. By the way, where is your family? Has everyone deserted you upon your conversion to Islam? You can’t blame them.

    2. “These are Negroes who think the Planet Earth is 6,000 years old….”
      As a matter of fact, I believe planet earth to be well over a billion years old; It’s civilization that’s about 6,000 years old. To be exact, civilization started in 3761 BC; making it 5,776 years old. But these things are above and beyond your level of comprehension, so it would be a waste of time to engage your petty mind in such scholarly matters.

      In response to a query from a blogger, this is what I had to say on the subject not too long ago:
      ‘The Tree of Civilization’; a step by step account of the 5,770 years from the birth/creation of Adam in 3761 BC to the swearing in of Barack Obama as the first Non- Caucasian President of the United States of America in January of 2009; is in the works.

      Also in the works is ‘Cycles of Civilization’; an account of Asia as the first civilization, from 3761 BC to 2301 BC; followed by Africa, from 2301 BC to 841 BC; followed by The Americas, from 841 BC to 619 AD; and finally, Europe, from 619 AD to 2079 AD; then the process starts all over again.
      So, be patient, as I’m still trying to hammer out a deal with my publishers.

  4. People of Lucia:

    Take a listen ? Lend me your ear ? This is the meaning of discombobulated – This brain damaged Negro Peter Josie, who thinks Black women are ugly and Chastanets are beautiful, criticizes Kenny Anthony for being too open because Kenny informed the public of the murders committed in their names under the leadership of the “sleeping policeman” slave-named Francois practicing “WILLFUL BLINDNESS” and walking in his sleep.

    Then a few sentences after the criticism for being too OPEN, he attacks Kenny for lack of openness ? this is the boug fooh: “And speaking of silence wasn’t it new Labour who promised more transparency, more openness and greater integrity in government? Why then this deafening silence?” this is the same fiend who condemned the PM for informing you of what was taking place in your Police Department.

    It’s the free alcohol in these Rumshops ! Josie meet me under the CDC by the Market, so we could knock-off a “white Po-ban with fililum”

    1. People of Lucia: Take a listen ? Lend me your ear?”
      You cock-eye hypocrite; you bash the Romans, the Catholic Church – and white people – everyday on this forum; yet, you find it fitting to steal from Marc Anthony’s famous eulogy: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him….”

      You should be ashame of yourself; you thief.

  5. Loud clamor is a sure stamp of insanity ! “You cock-eye hypocrite” ? lol

    Look TOM TOM aka KANE, it is self evident that you could not have grown up in Castries – I am not saying that people from other areas are as mentally dwarfed as you, but YOU, could NEVER, have been from Castries.

    For you to present this ignorant chronology of the human presence on this Planet is simply proof that you are irrevocable brain-damaged by this worship of a Naked Caucasian as your God and Master, not to mention the scene of your woman kneeling and praying to this Naked Caucasian, dripping blood into her mouth while you extract some sort of perverted sexual gratification in a manage-a-trois.

    You exhibit open hostility to Truth and Reason disregarding any historically accurate information, for example, I took time to inform you that it was a practice during the time of early followers of the Creator of Creation to marry-off their daughters at the time of seeing their first menstrual period – in case you didn’t know this happens around age 10 plus or minus 1 – this is still practiced in many parts of the world today.

    This was the age when Mary the Mother of Isa/Jesus was given to Joseph, yet he had not consummated the marriage even though she was his spouse. According to the Scholars of Religion, Mary gave birth to Jesus about the age of 12 years. You in your perverted world of fornication and ignorance say that The Holy Prophet of Islam was given Ayesha, by her father Abu-Barka at her age of puberty ( Abu-Barka was his nickname, because of his love of racing Camels: Abu means Father, and Barka means Carmel; literary Father of Carmels)

    In my attempt to give you a rude awakening, you were informed that according to your confused belief, God impregnated the young Virgin Mary at the age of 12 years, and most scholars of Christianity agree that this is the case. Today there is a great debate as to the effects of early pregnancies on the anatomy of the female.

    I can argue, that if your God found it Halal/permissible to get the Virgin Mary pregnant at 10 years of age then it can’t be bad, especially armed with the knowledge that in your Christian Culture, fornicating from age seven and getting pregnant at ten and having abortions are common practices with the blessings of the Christians society – I made my First Communion at age seven and had to confess “I made vice.”. In the Muslim Countries parents do like Ali Imran the father of Mary, and marry their daughters instead of raising lewd fornicating teenagers ?

    But perverts like you and the celibate priests prefer to fornicate, practicing sodomy and cunnilingus sex on vaginas poignant with rancid urine, than marriage. Now you want people to believe that the first Human Being lived from 3761 BC plus 2015 = 5776 and the world will End in 2079, some 44 years in the future. You are totally mad and in need of some dry coconuts. I know you to be comfortable in your ignorance as a small-minded garcon, hoping to get a job with Chastanet, so I leave you with this:

    “The soundest argument will produce no more conviction in an empty head than the most superficial declamation ; a feather and a rock falls with equal velocities in a vacuum.”

    How old was Mary, the mother of Jesus, when she gave birth? / At what age did Mary become pregnant?




    1. SOM, the video link you posted is of a white man: John Schoenheit, so why you referencing his work ?. And, were you molested (aka bull) as a child by a white priest ?

      1. I understand that many of you brainwashed Negroes will believe the Caucasian with no hesitancy, since you are trained to see the Caucasian as the All-Knowing God. Me, on the other hand is skeptical of anything the Caucasian says because they are wicked liars. If Caucasians were honest and truly God-fearing people they would not continue to teach you Negroes that God had one son who is a White man. This is their Religion of Devil worship and White Supremacy and Sexism.

        This racist idea ; this Sexist idea, that God Chose the Male instead of the Female is sexist ! Is the man better than than the woman ? Oh yes, I forgot, it was the woman who caused the man to sin and God Cursed all Women with pains of childbirth, because she was also snaked in the garden by Lucifer – this is what your Caucasian Devil worshipers teach you Negroes, and you believe it – using your women as second-class, because if this evil woman did not get snaked by Satan, John Compton would be still alive, bananas would be selling at $5/lb, and none of us would die. I can prove what I say in, “YOUR WORD OF GOD BIBLE” This is what God thinks of your mothers and daughters and sisters :

        Ecclesiasticus Chapter 25

        13 Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman:

        14 And any affliction, but the affliction from them that hate me: and any revenge, but the revenge of enemies.

        15 There is no head above the head of a serpent; and there is no wrath above the wrath of an enemy.

        16 I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked woman.

        17 The wickedness of a woman changeth her face, and darkeneth her countenance like sackcloth.

        18 Her husband shall sit among his neighbours; and when he heareth it shall sigh bitterly.

        19 All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman: let the portion of a sinner fall upon her.

        20 As the climbing up a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of words to a quiet man.

        21 Stumble not at the beauty of a woman, and desire her not for pleasure.

        22 A woman, if she maintain her husband, is full of anger, impudence, and much reproach.

        23 A wicked woman abateth the courage, maketh an heavy countenance and a wounded heart: a woman that will not comfort her husband in distress maketh weak hands and feeble knees.

        24 Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.

        25 Give the water no passage; neither a wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.

        26 If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.

    2. “… it is self evident that you could not have grown up in Castries.”
      So what exactly are you trying to say? Are you saying that your Allah found it fitting to bestow intelligence only upon those who grew up in Castries? So why did he skipped you? Were you out of town that day?

      “Mary gave birth to Jesus about the age of 12 years.”
      Such foolishness (damage control) was inserted in the Quran only after it was discovered that Muhammad had sexual intercourse with a 9 year old girl name Aisha.

      “Now you want people to believe that the first Human Being lived from 3761 BC plus 2015 = 5776 and the world will End in 2079, some 44 years in the future.”
      Don’t put words in my mouth. Don’t say what I didn’t say. If glaucoma is getting the better of you, I would suggest you go see an eye doctor.

      This is what I posted earlier:

      ‘The Tree of Civilization’; a step by step account of the 5,770 years from the birth/creation of Adam in 3761 BC to the swearing in of Barack Obama as the first Non- Caucasian President of the United States of America in January of 2009; is in the works.

      Also in the works is ‘Cycles of Civilization’; an account of Asia as the first civilization, from 3761 BC to 2301 BC; followed by Africa, from 2301 BC to 841 BC; followed by The Americas, from 841 BC to 619 AD; and finally, Europe, from 619 AD to 2079 AD; then THE PROCESS STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN.
      It is you, peanut brain, SOM, who concluded that Adam was the first human being upon the face of the earth; not Citizen Kane.

  6. The most ultra right conservative mayor of New York City sought /negotiated the sale of PORT / Harbor of NYC the greatest natural harbor on the planet ((it was the cornerstone of the Empire Builder -opening up the eastern seabord colonies to the Midwest via Hudson and Great Lakes Canad and Europe. to BAHRAIN.
    Most of the prized real estate locations around this city are owned by non US entities.Speaking of camels – At one time Twentieth Century Fox (Hollywood) was up for sale and the lead buying consortium was from the East. One political cartoonist harped and illustrated that the new name and logo would read Twentieth Century CAMEL.
    I am appalled that Kunta Kane (pun intended) a supporter of BIG $MONEY$ and daddy warbucks does not support the much practiced sale /lease of massive infrastructure to private operators.
    After all isit not your right wing credo to SHRINK big government.
    Come on dude the tea party influenced UWP would privatize even the public latrines to foreign entities for a farthing on the dollar.
    I bet you Empress Gail has a master plan for privatizing (Charter schools in US) most public schools on island.
    A nice ” bean counting” side job for Mr CPA Kane -‘what Abel?)
    Only in an aristocracy can Wall Street CPA sharks feast in bloody frenzy.
    Note how the Blood skull and bones come together in symbolic ritual.
    There’s private money to be mined within dem dere public coffers! :’)

    1. “I am appalled that Kunta Kane (pun intended) a supporter of BIG $MONEY$ and daddy warbucks….”
      If you don’t have the goods to counter a man’s argument, especially as it pertains to civilization, you then make fun of him; you ridicule him; and hope he goes away; but let me tell you, Citizen Kane ain’t going nowhere. Ha, Ha, Ha,


    Y he run from himself lowlife NIGGER. Talk a lot of shit that house nigger. SOM peep his card for long time. Him say God plug him own mother wen she a little virgin Mary @ 10 year old. That M.FKER. THIS SOME SICK SHIT TOM KANE. U must b fake christian & no read your bible with all them christians bulling their father noah and plugging their own daughters? TOM KANE HOPE DIVISION. OF CHILD WELFARE KEEP CLOSE EYE ON U & THEM LITTLE BOY & GIRLS IN YOUR APARTMENT. CRAZY LOWLIFE HO– USE NIGGER TALKING SHIT BOUT END OF WORLD IN 2069.

    1. JOHN, or whoever you are; it is quite obvious that waking up @ 3:42 am to criticize Citizen Kane just didn’t have the desired outcome you expected; for your post lack coherence and clarity; it’s too fragmentary; it’s a disaster; a nightmare of a post..
      I suggest you go back to bed; get some more sleep, and try again a little later; but then again, you are unable to sleep because you can’t stop thinking about Citizen Kane.

    2. John:

      I try to think of the things I read or told me, but I admit, I never considered the angle that God impregnated his own Mother-of-God. – wow, I didn’t think this could get worse – INTERESTING !

  8. OH LA LA:

    I leveled the accusation of SEXISM and RACISM against the misogynistic practices of these Devil Worshipers, who degrade the dignity of the Female in their Bible and Religion of White Supremacy. Surely my statements of Truth will be condemned by the ignorant and unsophisticated who live a life of falsehood.

    Today I encountered this story:

    Our Mother who art in heaven: Group of Church women want to refer to God as a ‘She’ to combat sexism

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3104672/Women-priests-want-rewrite-Church-England-religious-services-God-called-SHE.html#ixzz3bsT3YUfE
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    I wonder if the little Negro TOM TOM KANE will call these Caucasians Racist as he calls the SON-OF-MAN ? LOL

  9. Kunta Kane
    Sweet Pea’s article did not hyperbole into a treatise on “civilization”!!!!!
    You conjured your ‘sales pitch’ for your personal monetary gain about some future publication on the subject.
    My <emphasis on MY) PEETAR criticized the 30 year lease /operational controls of Hewanorra.
    My response concentrated on the article's author and added a rebuttal of your proxy to PEETAR'S said criticism………
    Your obvious HYPOCRICY was laid bare as the tong wearing jamettes you purchase near Lincoln Park
    therefore, to save face you try to undermine my warrior gonads. Your HYSTERICAL fantasy is weak defensive strategy for your KO-KANE saturated dendrites.
    Kunta Kane when you sober up, you’ll realize that I am of the lineage of
    SHAKA ZULU ; and you -a mere brothel PiPsQueak-
    the DIFFERENCE between a hired hand
    -and a noble WARRIOR!

    What do brothel prostitutes and CPA’s share in common?
    The need to keep tight bondahs as in keeping stiff Book ends – i.e., role of bookkeeper.
    <did you miss my Jamaican pastor's patois rendition of the scripture readings from TITUS 1 and TITUS 11? Did you miss the phonetic play on words 🙂
    And of course the favorite line shared by CPA's and West Side Highway Jamettes in response to inquiry about their bankrupt moral compass ” No money -no honey”
    Oh please, by all means, stay in this forum; bring your snort spoon too; your responses merely emphasize your depraved arrested development at the adolescent milestone.
    Your Money Mall God cannot redeem you, as you are a perfect tile on the mantle of Hades Inferno.
    This is not about you, I have a real man-eater
    { PEETAR} to reel in from the cold and into a splendid country club asylum.
    Now, hear this!!!! Roll over into a Marchand river culvert on your flatulence reeking bondah.
    This is all about Sweet Pea + PEETAR and MOI^Skaka Zulu protege!
    Kunta Ko-Kane CPA warriors are not for sale!!!

  10. Kunta Ko-Kane
    True to authentic research citations standards on this forum here is documented proof of the arduous pathways to acquiring a CPA education and become as ambitious as you are:
    I do respect these educational pathways to your credentials -albeit different to mine.

    1. MACH BETH:

      This is PURE GENIUS ! was that KO KANE in the stilettos ? I know UNCLE TOM TOM KANE informed us of his new car that he drives daily into Manhattan to punch-in on his job where he is THE ONLY BLACK NEGRO SYMBOL sitting in the showcase, but this stilettos wearing Pimp never told us he drove the HOG – LMAO, YO !

      Now I better understand what he meant trumpeting his arrival at the “SUMMIT” of his life – “GREEN IS FOR THE MONEY, GOLD IS FOR THE HONEY” O.K. TOM TOM KANE ENOUGH ALREADY !! LMAOL

      1. Wow! It takes an army of city boys – DASSAULT MIRAGE, MACH BETH, SON-OF-MUHAMMAD, JOHN – to combat Citizen Kane; that little knotted headed boy from Monchy; not bad.

          1. Not only were African people the first people on the planet, but there is plenty of evidence to show that Black people built and maintained many of the world’s earliest and most magnificent civilizations.

            The Greeks are considered by many Euro-American scholars to be the first civilized Europeans. But a preponderance of evidence demonstrates that this Mediterranean society has the Black Africans of the Nile Valley to thank for their contributions to Grecian art, architecture, math and science.

            The Greeks passed on this acquired culture to the Romans who ultimately lost it, thus initiating the Dark Ages that lasted for 500 years. Civilization was again restored to Europe when another group of Black Africans, the Moors, brought the Dark Ages to an end.

          2. Africa Built No Institutions of Higher Learning Before Europeans Came ???

            In the 12th century, while Oxford and Cambridge were just getting founded, Timbuktu in Mali already had three thriving universities and more than 180 Quranic schools.


            Africans Made No Worthwhile Contribution to Mathematics ?

            The earliest numerical record found to date, about 37,000 years old, comes from the Lebombo Mountains between Swaziland and South Africa. It is a fossilized piece of baboon bone with 29 well-defined notches. The notches are evenly spaced and appear to represent a lunar calendar.

            About 25,000 years ago, on the shores of Lake Rutanzige (formerly called Lake Edward) between Zaire and Uganda, a pattern of tallies was carved on a bone by the Ishango people. This Ishango pattern suggests some understanding of the principle of multiplication and division by two and prime numbers.

            An analysis by Dr. Stephen Chrisomalis of McGill University in Montreal suggested the Greeks borrowed their number system, alphabetic numerals from Egyptian demotic numerals, used in Egypt from the late eighth century B.C. until around A.D. 450.

    2. “… here is documented proof of the arduous pathways to acquiring a CPA education and become as ambitious as you are….”
      Come on, MACH BETH, it’s not like you didn’t try to become an accountant also; but you just couldn’t tell your Receivables from your Payables. So now, you have decided to make fun of those who succeeded. Uh Uh Uh.

  11. Kane/
    You are a strange cat and so I will exit and let your maintain your intriguing tango with SOM – it would app\ear that three is a crowd-
    unless it is a Fedee, Peetar Josie ; Mary ms thing or flamboyant shewawa Guy Joseph post.
    If you get between me and ’em then my cross hairs will photon torp\edo thru you to get em on my medivac to asylum- where they so belong.
    Still sticking it to me about accounts p\ayable etc.
    Not my forte -is obvious
    but the Humanities/Liberal arts are my oyster.
    why take on a man who is avowed to the highest moral plateau- GOD.
    Like I admonish Peetar: The SOM has a lot of message that we can learn from:
    I have been encouraged to ABSTAIN from so many decadent paths-
    You see, although I knew these paths of decadence to be fruitless, reading SOM emboldened my resolve to stay the straight and narrow path.
    This is the great thing that NY has done for me
    Just because TRUTH comes from the mouth of a Muslim does not debase its essential worth.
    I may not be as verse in the domain of CRUNCHING NUMBERS- and I do admire those who are <I do have family members who have longer years serving in your capacity and even some who qualify as Caribbean region Chief finance officers- if only their African heritage was milder-
    But it is not my thing.
    I love humanity and the arts with a passion that even I cannot measure.
    Thanks to reading SOM"s passion for GOD I am invigorated to find my path to the DIVINE. Coincidence that we attended the same Boys Primary School /Castries Catholic next to the Ave Maria made the awareness even more poignant..
    Do you know my Confirmation Ceremony <first time a Catholic gets to taste the wine like a Priest
    was next door at the Cathedral.
    I likeD Pinot noir till I read SOM’s condemnation of FERMENTED spirits-
    and yes he is right- being SOBER makes for a more VIBRANT personality and does increase SURVIVAL instincts in “Babylon” .
    Unfortunately , you have crested / hit the summit
    on cruise control gliding downhill with no NATIONALISTIC purpose- You’re jaded and constipated with cynicism.
    As a ‘show me the money” kinda guy I understand you fascination with
    A deveaux or Boriel can lead politically in StLucia only in a SURPLUS ECONOMY- much like how Clinton left a surplus for Bush jr to waltz into power.
    The way things are the rich cannot lead effectively because their philosophy is hardwired on TRICKLE DOWN framework as in Reaganomics.
    St Lucia would sink into anarchy if its leader did not spread the fat thinly enough -so ALL can eat-
    When the rich are in power the law of the jungle prevails.
    You may call it a modified version of socialism -as is your favorite attack slogan_ but the current incumbent throws a wider net to avert economic anarchy.
    Kane, have you ever considered asking your boss to donate the outdated comp\uters on your job to a school /hosp\ital /rotary/ lions associate in St Lucia for TAX credits- instead of -as is common practice-of placing them in the eco DUMPSTER.
    Yes Kane it would mean getting off your high and mighty glutus maximus and risk some humility and pro bono logistics.
    Come on adopt any school and get your job to reissue trashed computers to them-
    I promise to salute you CPA status and dine you on the Yacht SPirit of New York if you do.
    Best of all you will feel -heavenly!

    1. Quite a litany in response to someone pointing out that you failed as an accountant; must have hit a nerve.

      “The way things are the rich cannot lead effectively because their philosophy is hardwired on TRICKLE DOWN framework as in Reaganomics.”
      It is obvious that you know little or nothing about the Roosevelts; especially FDR.

    2. “Kane/
      You are a strange cat and so I will exit and let your maintain your intriguing tango with SOM – it would app\ear that three is a crowd”

      On Feb.13th, 2015, this is what I had to say to DASSAULT, who has since become MACH BETH:

      “Dassault, I have read many of your comments over the past several weeks, some of which make sense and some I consider nonsense, but never have I responded to any of them; so it is somewhat shocking to have you attacking my comments….”

      You started it; so I’m glad you are ending it. See you in the subway.

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