Bordelais Now Caters For Juveniles

Home Affairs Minister Phillip La Corbiniere
Home Affairs Minister Phillip La Corbiniere

A 15 year-old male is the first ever juvenile to be housed at the Bordelais Correctional Facility in Dennery, Saint Luciaโ€™s lone prison structure.

The minor found himself there after staff at the Boys Training Center (BTC) in Massade, Gros Islet, undertook industrial action earlier this month in protest over a court order have him kept there.

The minor, a resident of Castries, is facing an attempted murder charge and is well known to police and persons within the CDC area in Castries for acts of criminality.

The stance taken by the BTC staff forced the Ministry of Home Affairs to re-examine laws governing the housing of juveniles deemed to be a threat to society.

The answer to the problem was the commissioning of a juvenile center at Bordelais, separate from the general population there, where juveniles said to be of a high risk to society would be housed.

โ€œThe law provides for the Minister in certain circumstances to declare an area of a facility or a facility to be a place for the juvenile,โ€ Home Affairs Minister Phillip La Corbiniere said.

The minor was first housed at Custody Suites after which he was escorted to Bordelais.

Clive Jules, Communications Officer at Bordelais yesterday said that the juvenile center is a secured place and that the young man is being given the necessary care and attention he deserves.

He said that the highly secured juvenile center can comfortably hold about five to six juveniles who are considered a threat to society.

The Bordelais Correctional Facility, which was commissioned in 2003. It was to house inmates of both the male and female prisons, who were located in separate buildings in Castries.

Built to house 500 inmates the Facility is currently home to approximately 650 detainees.

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  1. It is a condemning statement when a fourteen-year child is labeled a Public Enemy, Treat to Society, necessitating imprisonment in a Maximum Security Prison – the Statement ? Saint Lucia is a failed State.

    The treatment handed-out to the child and elderly is indeed a barometer of the social health of any people.

    Phillip La Corbiniere has always been an aloof and arrogant Negro, which can be traced to his early childhood in isolation on Maryan street by his strange family practices, and has now become manifest in his incompetence and reactionary policies as a Minister of Government.

    From the information I have obtained he lived next to Scott the Civil Engineer on Maryan Street but was never allowed to socialize or play with any of the children in the neighborhood, almost an identical replica of Allen Chastanet – So what do these incompetent failures do ? they become burdens upon the taxpayers, seeking a government job, and enemies of the poor by being despots – a condition made evident by their inability to speak Kweyol. So let us find comfort in the words of the Naked Caucasian God’s Bible which is their book of guidance.(NIV)

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    So we can say that as death approaches even the devil gets to acknowledge Truth. Allen Chastanet sees the Lucian as NIGGERS, finding no discomfort to publicize his sentiments in public-demonstrations.

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