PR Man UWP Choice For Anse la Raye/Canaries

Dominic Fedee
Dominic Fedee

REGIONAL Public Relations Officer for the Sandals Group Dominic Fedee is taking a step into politics.

Fedee said he was both “elated” and “electrified” after winning a run off Thursday night to be the opposition United Workers Party’s candidate in the Anse la Raye/Canaries constituency come the next general elections.

“It’s a great opportunity and I thank those people who supported me and showed confidence in me”, Fedee told THE VOICE yesterday.

He said he was honoured and humbled by the level of support that he received in the three-way race with former deputy Commissioner of Police Hermangild Francis and Amatus Edwards, a self-employed agri businessman and University of the West Indies graduate.

According to UWP Elections Officer Leonne Theodore-John, Fedee won the secret ballot contest among the 99 branch members eligible to vote, winning 50 votes to 34 polled by Francis. Edwards did not win a single vote and there was one spoilt ballot.

Before the votes were cast, each candidate made an 8 minute presentation to the Constituency Branch on their vision and way forward for the constituency if chosen as the candidate.

The next general elections are due by March 2017 at the very latest but at largely expected before then.

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  1. Is Jeff your daddy or are you your own man.
    Are you just a caricature of the Flambeau-yant (pun intended) party or do you have sound blueprint for the chemin forward.
    From my research abbey, this constituency has had a miserable decade or more under the overlords of the contraband “futures & exchange” black market and the spontaneous violence that erupts amongst its traffickers and warehouse entities.
    The conversion of the Roseau Valley to Oil storage and huge competition from international fishing conglomerates has createte a dire unemployment stalemate.
    Man, I do hope you have a master plan and the gonads to sell it.

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