LUCELEC Power Jazz With Cash, Lighting

LUCELEC Communications Officer Carmy (third from left) among sponsors at launching of Soufriere Jazz.
LUCELEC Communications Officer Carmy (third from left) among sponsors at launching of Soufriere Jazz.

ST LUCIA Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is continuing its Gold Sponsorship support of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, contributing cash and electrical infrastructure to main organizers, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

LUCELEC’s support for the 2015 Festival extends beyond the main stage, providing temporary lighting to many of the fringe events in addition to cash sponsorships. These include Fond d’Or Jazz and Soufriere Creole Jazz in addition to free events – Tea Time Jazz, Jazz on the Grill and Marigot Jazz, which for the first time this year is being organized by the Marigot Development Committee.

As a committed partner in the development of Saint Lucia, LUCELEC say it is pleased to be associated with the economic promise brought by the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

LUCELEC Corporate Communications Manager Roger Joseph says this is especially so in community events where capacity is built among the residents who organize and benefit from these activities.

“Beyond the immediate economic impact of these community festivals, there’s the opportunity to build capacity in event management and execution which carries over into other spheres of community activities well beyond jazz. Further, those who perform or sell items who are from these areas, get immediate economic benefit for their families and by extension the community,” he says.

In addition to sponsorship support, LUCELEC is also contributing to the talent of its staff through a performance by LUCELEC Customer Care Engineer Allison Marquis who will lead Lucian Pan Fusion, performing Mainstage Saturday on May 9, 2015.

The relationship between LUCELEC and the Jazz Festival began in 1992 when the very first event was held at the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Back then, LUCELEC provided temporary lighting to Pigeon Island, then not on the LUCELEC grid – to facilitate the hosting of the event.

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