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Labour’s Wishful Thinking

AN article in NATIONWIDE of Saturday April 4, 2015 by Maryanna Williams has prompted me to respond for in it I notice that the Master of the Labour Party, ALLEN CHASTANET was mentioned 43 times. Obviously, Labour is obsessed with the man who has just brought respect to the United Workers Party, who has caught Kenny with his pants down on several occasions. This is the same leader who had the gall to bring down the arrogant former St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister to speak at the Labour Party Convention less than three months ago. Denzil Douglas went down the shute as will happen to Anthony at the next general election which cannot now be December 2015 because Guy Joseph has stopped that with his great case in the High Court.

In paragraph 2 of the said article by Maryanna, he (notice I said “he” and not “she”) expressed that two years into Chastanet’s leadership his shine had come off. This is simply wishful thinking by Labour because Chastanet was the one who exposed the bobol of Labour with the petrol prices, then followed with a march and meeting at the Boulevard. Chastanet’s reputation as a leader has soared since.

To add injury to the aforesaid “kick in the pants” to Labour Mr.Chastanet won over the President of the Union to the United Workers Party and made her a Senator so she can better speak out against a government which is ‘Labour’ yet heartlessly decides to steal five percent of its own workers’ salaries.

I read somewhere in Maryanna’s article that Mr. Chastanet’s supporters committed a sin when they dumped ‘inept’ Stephenson King (my word) for Gail Rigobert. Mr. Maryanna, if you yourself had a child who turned out to be a ‘Moo-Moo’ you would not put him to lead in anything. Further King has not yet got over the licks which he received from the same UWP leader Allen Chastanet. Since that time, upon invitation, he would sometimes make a token appearance. We even got rid of Frederick partly to give Steve space to breathe. To no avail up to now. Maybe we should put Preville in his Constituency to make him realize that he is not indispensable. I will suggest this to our great leader Chastanet. King does not attend meetings of the Executive so he would not know until it was too late.

The person writing under Maryanna Williams must be brought back to earth. I refer to paragraph 4 of the article where he states inter alia ‘Truly the pitfalls of political expediency have come back to bite…the money grabbing and power hungry persons who once again want to plunder the public purse? Maybe Maryanna can tell us why under Labour we are flat broke and going cap in hand to the Taiwanese for everything. We see our Prime Minister on T.V. humbly taking a cheque from their representative monthly. I have seen no inclination in our U.W.P Leader to blow away our money or to misuse it as the present Labour government has done. Our country is flat broke.

Lastly let me refer to the stroke against the plan for survival of the Labour Party.- the decision of the Boundaries Commission to increase the number of constituencies before the end of the year (2015) when the election would have been called. When our great leader Allen Chastanet discussed this apparent trickery it was suggested that Kenny had chosen most of the government members on the Commission, for example a family member who worked for government or had connection with the Labour Party. Kenny as Prime Minister had authority over them either directly or indirectly so they could be manipulated. The most blatant trick (as we call it) was that of appointing the Mayor of the City of Castries-MRS SHIRLEY LEWIS as a member of the Commission. She relies on Kenny as the Minister of Finance for the yearly subvention to help her run the City Council. If she did not accept the position on the Commission, because as a lawyer she considered this as wrong, Kenny could threaten to withhold the subvention and put her in serious trouble with staff. If she still refused he could use her husband Vaughn Lewis, advisor to the government and a member of Kenny’s Cabinet to pressure her into acceptance. This is what lawyers call the ‘presumption of undue influence.’

When our well loved leader took over, our Party was breathing its last for we had a weak leader led by a strong and domineering character in the person of Richard, who even at Cabinet meetings, I am told, would dominate the proceedings. After the U.W.P was put out of power, Richard continued to dominate, (leading Steve by the nose) even on television. Whether he liked it or not Steve’s mouthpiece said in his presence that Steve will NEVER go up for the U.W.P. To attempt to assist Steve we searched and found strong reasons to expel Frederick from the great United Workers Party.

It was not Chastanet who was party to the preparation of that Red Rag called the Labour Party Manifesto. At that time the world was already in crisis, but Kenny gave all Saint Lucians the idea that there will be prosperity from JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! But within months all we got was VAT! VAT! VAT! (Misery).

(1)There was hopelessness and has brought us HOPE.
(2)It was rudderless and has stabilized it.
(3)There was no money to run things, which is no more.
(4)Steve had no control. Chastanet has, but relies to a great extent on all members of the Party including senior ones.
(5)To make good omelet you must break good eggs, not rotten ones like most of them in the Labour Party.

Let not MR. Maryanna worry too much because when our leader ALLEN CHASTANET leads us to victory he will not be there to ask for forgiveness from his master. We will just leave him to the Labour wolves to devour him as they had done in the past with Julian Hunte.

–The Jack Spaniard

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  1. Very bad writing form.
    The content is your choosing But when you consider publishing please be mindful of the range of taste buds being served.
    Re-fried beans in a beef burrito is for the take out window
    but your re-warmed VOMIT is for a latrine-
    Do lock the door after you enter 🙁

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