Killings Traumatize Morne du Don Drivers

Morne du Don Buses

ONE minibus operator who plies the 5A route to Morne du Don on a daily basis has expressed concern about the recent spate of gun violence in the city along a path he frequents several times a day.

Buses use the Chaussee Road to get onto the Morne du Don road and this takes them in front of the trouble spot known as Wilton’s Yard. Last week, three men were shot to death in the area in what is believed to be a long running feud between rival gangs.

Dwayne John said that as worrisome as the surge in homicides may be, drivers have little choice but to traverse the route in order to provide their service. Because of this, he has called on the Police to beef up their presence in the area.

John said: “We wish that the police officers would do a little more in protecting us. We’re also concerned for our passengers”.

As a result of the criminal activity, John said some of the drivers have resorted to reducing their time on the road and have decided to call it a day at earlier times than usual.

Two of the latest broad daylight homicides have left some of the drivers traumatized, according to John. He said it was understandable that they have been affected.

The minibus operator sent out a message of vigilance to his fellow minibus operators. He said: “Be careful and be more vigilant so if you see there is any incident going on, immediately turn around and go through La Pansee instead”.

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