Gov’t On Nepal Earthquake

THE Government of Saint Lucia says it will extend whatever support it can to assist stranded Nepalese students here to cope with the weekend earthquake tragedy in their homeland.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, particularly the city of Kathmandu, resulting in several hundred deaths.

A Government statement here said that over 1,457 are dead. The devastation is reported to be widespread. The death toll is forecast to increase as rescue efforts get underway.

It said information reaching Prime Minister Kenny Anthony suggests destruction to family homes and injury to the family members of at least three of the students, “who are currently in Saint Lucia as a result of the Lambirds Academy case”.

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The government extended “its deepest condolences to the students, their families, and indeed, the Government and people of Nepal”.

It said it was sad to note that such a tragedy had occurred at a time when the students in our midst are coping with the difficult circumstances brought about by the Lambirds Academy case. “In recent weeks, they have taken to the airwaves to express their sorrow, fears and concerns. The events in Nepal would of course, complicate efforts currently underway to assist the students to be reunited with their families”, the St Lucia government statement said, adding:

“The Government will extend whatever support it can to assist and support the students as they seek to cope with the tragedy in their homeland.

“Saint Lucians are asked to offer their prayers and support to the students in their hour of need. This a humanitarian crisis that deserves no less of a response”.


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    Jerry Brown is governor of California where the blessed rain has stopped. DROUGHT.

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