Ave Maria Takes To Volleyball

Ave Maria Primary young, aspiring and enthusiastic volleyball players. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
Ave Maria Primary young, aspiring and enthusiastic volleyball players. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

THE Ave Maria Primary School in Castries is known for its popular road race in December and its most talked about inter house sports meet in early January that draws parents and supporters, but the sport of volleyball is rapidly becoming a household name at that institution.

Well over 80 students have been enrolled into the sport under the watchful eyes of former national player and coach Denis St.Clair and ably assisted by Physical Education teacher Solange Petit.

The Voice paid a courtesy call to the School on Tuesday while one of the training sessions was in progress and spoke to PE teacher Petit about this new sporting initiative. She said, “We are simply getting the girls exposed to mini volleyball, Dennis St. Clair offered his services for free every Tuesday and we happily accepted the offer. At present we are working with the Grade 4 classes ages 9 – 10 years old”.

Ave Maria

“We teach them the basic skills such as serving, four arms passes and digging. They are all eager, ready and willing to play the sport.”

According to Petit, coach St. Clair is a very good motivator. To date the players have been engaged in a series of festivals. In December they were were in Dennery and that went down well. When school reopens after the Easter holidays they will be stepping up a few notches.

Petit noted, “With St. Lucia winning the Under – 16 female Eastern Caribbean Championships one hopes that mini volleyball at the primary schools on the island is not too far from coming, because these girls you see here today, their dream in the coming years is to represent St. Lucia”.

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