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V Fort Match Ends In Chaos

Rival Fans Stage Pitch battle With Bottles

THE final of the Dr. Kenny Anthony football championship on Saturday evening was marred by fan trouble in the closing stages of the encounter between Young Roots and Green Lakes of Vieux Fort North and South respectively.

Crowd interference surfaced with Young Roots leading 3-0. The match had to be stopped by the referee after scores of football fans, including women and children invaded the playing area.

A pitch battle then ensued with fans of rival teams pelting each other with empty beverage bottles sold at the venue.

After a while, following police intervention, order was restored and the match resumed. Young Roots added another goal to their tally to win 4-0 and take the championship.

It was an unfortunate end to what was an eventful day with the formal commissioning of the Phillip Marcellin Grounds where some $2.6 million was spent upgrading the facility.

One man was seen lying on his back in the stands apparently struck by a bottle. The extent of his injury was not known at the time. It was not known how many others were injured.

Up to press time yesterday it was still unclear what trigged the violent behaviour .

Earlier, Parliamentary Representive for Vieux Fort South, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony had spoken in glowing terms of the addition of lights at the grounds. He said: “A few months ago we watched in despair as many other communities got lights, we wondered when our turn would come, but despair has now turned to joy as we are now able to commission our own facility.”

He added: “To the young people of Vieux Fort, we tested your patience, we know you wanted this facility very badly, but you understood it would take time and so you embarked on a journey of patience and understanding and for which I thank you immensely”.


  1. Young Roots of Vieux Fort North whiped Green Lakes from Kenny Anthony’s constituency, Vieux Fort South, and all hell broke loose. This is just a glimpse of things to come when Kenny loses his seat in 2016.

  2. There have been far worst bedlam , deaths ,riots, even national declaration of war (was that Salvador???) in international soccer premier matches.
    ASK THE BRITS! They never coin it on politicians just the ID of the fans fueled by BOOZE etc.
    Really well circumvented by monocular vision- core-lock-eye LOL
    A better response would open a conversation on the legacy of great soccer essence that has fermented in VFort over many decades;
    My best memory is of a VFort Primary school team lead by the robust captain and cool forward B. Williams (too bad we had no video cams/smart phones back then) playing the finals for the island wide Soccer Shield against my Castries Central Primary school (The one adjacent the Cathedral and Ave Maria)

    My gosh , many office workers from downtown hurried into the prestige national Marchand Field to watch. You could see folks on rooftops all around the highgrounds around Marchand looking down at the spectacular day (perfect weather) of the best of St.Lucia school level soccer.
    The goal keeper for Castries was a classmate. I knew his skills . We played often at Vigie field. He was the backbone of the Castries defense that kept the match to a 1-1 tie.
    Offensively the VFort team was the better team and put on a dribble pass clinic that day. They showed poise, mature sportsmanship,cool under pressure and even dignified reserve as their bus was pelted with all sorts of “missiles” from adult spectators upon departure to the south- so far from their home – before the birth of the Eastern highway and the perils of the switchbacks/precipices of the Barre de Lisle-in late afternoon early evening light!!!!!.

    So the VFort school got possession of the national soccer shield for one half the year and Cathedral Boy’s primary got it the other half -till the next championship.

    Somethings never change!

    1. “… before the birth of the Eastern highway and the perils of the switchbacks/precipices of the Barre de Lisle….”

      That was eons ago, during the pre-historic age, but this is today; in the age of Kenny Anthony who behaves like a dictator-for-life.

      Now, get back on your rocking-chair and reminisce about more recent things that the rest of us can relate to. LOL

  3. Core-Lock Eye
    Sorry to disappoint you but I am up way before the dawn. I hit Planet Fitness at 4:00AM.
    My typical circuit goes like this:
    15 mins on treadmill followed by 15mins on Stair climber- 15 minutes of biking 15 mins of nordic nordic track- 15 mins abdomen crunch- cool off with a variety of weights isolating specific muscle groups 30 minutes-

    very hot shower – rub with wintergreen alcohol followed by palmers cocoa butter- splash on a light old spice and buff johnsons baby powder ouuuu (where the sun dont shine)

    grab a quart of smart water- pick up a toasted bagel (multigrain) some hot herbal tea, pop a centrum and off to WORK

    Does it really matter who you put up to lead the island IF a larger swath of the voters are not adequately REHABILITATED.
    You mention the term dictator> Let me play Lucifer’s advocate:
    Compare Libya under Qhadaffi and the hell that it is today
    Compare Iraq under you know who- before shock and awe- and now not even hell’s angels want to visit.
    Finally, the weakened Syrian dictatorship gave rise to ISIS

    So the question of dictatorship comes down to how well will the VOID be filled. I bet on History’s proven lessons. Perhaps I should dust off my knowledge of 1865 CARPET BAGGING techniques – St Lucia’s reconstruction / rehabilitation may prove to be a Bonanza for SOUL-LESS speculators.
    The ADVANTAGE of age allows me to predict that post elections 2016 will resemble the elements and theme within the novel “ANIMAL FARM” – by George Orwell.

    Meanwhile, I study the vicious cycle of impetuous youthful waste and the material worship of young adults feasting on obesity and insulin shots.

    I close with an ageless motto:
    May I remain within my correct weight to height ratio with optimum cardio vascular, sound musculature tone and dendrite -axon fluidity- Sela

    1. “… 15 mins on treadmill followed by 15mins on Stair climber- 15 minutes of biking 15 mins of nordic nordic track- 15 mins abdomen crunch- cool off with a variety of weights isolating specific muscle groups 30 minutes-”

      Go old man; go old man; go old man. Don’t over do it while searching for immortality.

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