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Poisoned Chalice

I keep asking Mr. Allen Chastanet whether he is ready for politics. He assures me that he is. He has given that assurance more than once or twice. I asked because I see those so-called UWP’s who led to the demise of John Compton not easily giving up politics or the UWP. Certain constituency groups within the UWP are sounding more and more like Kenny Anthony and “new Labour” since Chastanet became political leader of Mr. Compton’s party.

I remind the people of St. Lucia that they must not allow Kenny Anthony and “new Labour” to change the political conversation – or the constituency boundaries to suit themselves. The social, economic and political problems of St. Lucia have worsened under Kenny Anthony and “new Labour”. VAT is killing; ask Jeff Stewart, an accountant who once headed the Inland Revenue department.

Had the people not demonstrated as they did against the high price of gasolene and cooking gas, the exploiters in “new Labour” government would never have budged? King, the former Prime Minister was always late for every appointment, sometimes by as much as five hours late. No wonder Kenny Anthony wants him to lead the UWP so he can walk all over him.

Remember Kenny Anthony mercilessly attacked d’Auvergne when he was Minister after Sir. John’s passing. The ‘boys’ in the government got rid of d’Auvergne and soon afterwards Kenny Anthony was doing his best to bring d’Auvergne into his hungry and greedy “new Labour”. Remember? Kenny Anthony can shout: “never, never, never” for as long as he wishes but the next elections will be for ‘better days’ for everyone. That’s why the people of St. Lucia will vote him out and hence his reason for wanting to play with the costituencies map. But no matter what he does his days are numbered.

My recommendation to Allen Chastanet is to thank God for the opportunity to serve Saint Lucia and to teach these Labour boys that a progressive country runs on a free press and private investments. The next elections are between a re-energized UWP and a failed SLP, no matter what red herrings Anthony throws in the ring.

Patriotic Lucian.


  1. King is a clown and thinks the people eyes are shut…Allen is correct,
    king needs to make up his mind and stop playing games.

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