Kiddy Athletics – Marguerite House Rules At Monchy Infant


MARGUERITE House decked in their customary blue and white attire emerged champions of the Monchy Infant School fun sports with 282 points when they dethroned former champions Hibiscus. The event was held on Thursday 5 February at the Monchy Playing Field under clear skies.

When the final scores were tabulated by the statisticians and announced by Physical Education Teacher and national goalkeeper Randy Poleon, Marguerite won by a slim margin of just 12 points over its closest rival Hibiscus 2nd on (270), Sun Flower 3rd (246) and Lily 4th (214) points respectively.

In events run on the day Aariah Fitz of Lily won the 60m Kindergarten boys event while the Kindergarten event was won by Kayla Minneville (Sun Flower). The 60m Grade 1 boys race went to Joshua Norley (Marguerite), while in Grade 2 girls the winner was TyraAvril (Sun Flower).

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In the Potato Relay Grade 2 – 1st. was Hibiscus, 2nd Sun Flower. The Potato Relay Grade 1 went to Hibiscus, with Sun Flower second. The Potato Relay for Grade K – was won by Marguerite, Sun Flower second, while the Sack Race in Grade 1 was won by Marguerite with Hibiscus second. In Grade 2 the event was won by Hibiscus ahead of Marguerite.

The action continued with the much talked about Balloon Bursting event that brought much amusement to the many spectators who came to support the young ones. The results: in – Grade 2 – 1st Lily, 2nd Sun Flower; Grade 1 – 1st Marguerite, 2nd Sun Flower; Grade K – 1st Marguerite, 2nd Hibiscus. The Water Relay in Grade 2 was won by Sun Flower with Marguerite second while the Water Relay Grade 1 was won by Marguerite, with Hibiscus in second place..


Physical Education teacher Randy Poleon said after the day’s activities :“The event today is basically for students in Grade K, Grade 1 and 2. I am pretty satisfied especially with the performance by the students in the 60 metres”.

He continued: “We did this meet early enough so we can continue our preparation and then select our team for the District Sports Meet scheduled for Wednesday 11 March as the Monchy Combined will be going all out to regain northern supremacy. We started preparing them throughout our various PE Classes. Come next week Thursday will be the turn of the primary school students and it will be strictly track events in the Under 9,11, 13 and 13 plus respectively”.

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