HELEN TURNS 36 — Wants A Piece Of St. Lucia

Helen Alexandra Jean
Helen Alexandra Jean

AS Saint Lucia observes its 36th anniversary of Independence this weekend, Soufriere’s native Helen Alexandra Jean is hoping that her gift of independence finally comes.

Jean, who turns 36 tomorrow, was the first baby born on the very day Saint Lucia gained Independence from Britain on February 22, 1979. Known to her fellow Soufrierians as “Indy”, Jean was born around midnight at the Soufriere Hospital to parents Magdalene and Eustacia Jean of Church Street, Soufriere. She was their tenth child.

Her godparents included Lady Janice Compton, the late Prime Minister Sir John Compton and famous restaurateur, the late Chef Harry.

“My godmother was the one who named me,” Jean told The VOICE on Thursday. “She gave me the name ‘Alexandra’ after Princess Alexandra who was here when I was born. ‘Helen’, obviously, is for the ‘Helen of the West’. My nickname is short for ‘Independence’.”

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At birth, Jean was dubbed the “Independence Baby” and her parents received the $2000 offered by Chef Harry to the first baby born on that historic day. The restaurateur also sponsored baby Jean’s first year supply of milk formula. In short, she was the centre of attention.

“Back in the day, I was invited to cut the ribbon at ceremonies and meet royalties. On my 25th birthday, I delivered a speech at Sandals Grande where a member of the British royal family was present. I think that was the last time I was really invited to a ceremony like that,” Jean recalled.

Jean said her childhood years were cherished moments in which she virtually lived in a bubble. It was also a journey on which she slowly came to realize the significance of her own existence.

“Growing up, I didn’t know how significant or important I was until I was about age 5 when I met Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Saint Lucia. I also met Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the Pitons when I was 10. By then, I knew how really important I was by meeting those royalties. So it has been a journey,” Jean said.

However, when she was nearing 30, the candles on her cake and the magnetism she once had seemed to diminish as the nation was about to celebrate another independence milestone.

“There was supposed to be a flag-raising ceremony at midnight,” Jean recalled. “However, that was cancelled due to the bad weather. I was the one chosen to raise the flag that night.”

Jean described her life at school as “good”. She attended the Soufriere Primary School and later Soufriere Secondary School. Back then, she said, the government took care of school uniforms and school books expenses.

Like Saint Lucia, Jean now finds it difficult finding her way through independence. Currently unemployed, owning her own home is proving to be a challenge to the extent that she is seeking the intervention of the political will in reversing her predicament. Had Sir John Compton still been alive, she said, “I would be okay”. She said both the Stephenson King and Dr. Kenny Anthony administrations have ignored her.

“When the Stephenson King administration came in, I was up and down trying to get to see the Prime Minister,” Jean said. “Now that Dr. Kenny Anthony is there, it’s been very futile on my part getting to speak with them (and get them) to recognize me and help me. It’s very frustrating for me. I though that when they heard my name, they should know who I was. But that hasn’t been the case.”

She added: “Whenever they called upon me to do whatever they asked of me, I never turned them down. It’s too bad that the Labour administration didn’t really recognize me.”

With her birthday almost here, Jean is doubtful that what she is desperately seeking will materialize. Nevertheless, she is hopeful that the authorities will soon acquiesce to her request.

“All I ask of them is my own piece of Saint Lucia – a piece of land. This is all I ask of them. I tried to get it for my 35th birthday but it was very futile trying to make an appointment to see the Prime Minister. So to tell you the truth, that’s all I wish for my birthday. It could be anywhere in Saint Lucia – just my own piece of Saint Lucia. If it comes before my 37th birthday, that would be great but I’m definitely hoping that it happens before I turn the big 40,” Jean explained.

Jean’s mother has since passed but her father is still alive. She has two daughters – JeannealFontinelle, 16, who attends St. Joseph’s Convent and Sherlyn Jn. Marie, 11, who attends Les Etangs Combined. She still resides in Soufriere but the agony of unemployment is slowly getting to her, she said.

“Right now, I am unemployed and it’s very frustrating not getting employment, which is why I’m thinking of migrating. I don’t want to leave my country but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do,” Jean said.

Jean noted that even as the island has come a long way since Independence, her sporadic travels to other countries remind her of how long the road ahead of Saint Lucia is. Nevertheless, she professed a deep love for the country whose attention was focused on her when Saint Lucia, too, celebrated a milestone.

“We still have a long way to go but I love my country. It’s still my country and it’s still Saint Lucia. I will always love Saint Lucia no matter what,” Jean said.

For now, Jean is issuing an open request to have a sit-down with Prime Minister Dr. Anthony. As she has done in the past, she wouldn’t mind volunteering her services towards empowering Saint Lucians to be proud of their country, she said.

“I would love that. I also don’t mind using my experience to further the good of my country. It’s my country,” Jean said.

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    1. Damn right! So wait, just because she was born on independence day, she feel she royalty or entitled to something? Avaitay with some people. The woman too serious. Maam get your head right cause shate you talking. She want land. Jusso. Hahahhahahahha muen mem, choooppppps tun. Good luck pal.

  1. My dear lady, I believe you have it all wrong here.You should never depend on your country to slice it up on your behalf.Hard work and perseverance is what will make your dream come true.Good luck though!

  2. Happy Bitthday to Helen ‘Inde’

    Girl , you are lucky you got books and uniform back in the day. I am 36 and in primary school I had to wear Hand me downs that were often too small and try to peak in other kids books. I have three kids been to university and run a successful small business. So please please don’t let a news paper make you look like a fool. There are too may folks in St Lucia that are wose off than you. You have two beautiful kids I am sure. Make them proud of you do something with you life. If you can’t find a job start a small business. That sense on entitlement is not one the will benefit you or your kids. I hope for your sakes it’s the reporter who has twisted the story to make me upset.
    People generally are more receptive to help those who help them selves.
    If you are reading this I will be happy to put you in touch with someone who can guide you and not in politics.

    1. Woman, if your parents made 10 or more children and did not leave a few square feet of ground for them to dwell, then you need to break the cycle and BUY YOUR OWN LAND. Honestly, I hope you did not really say these things for publication, cause it sounds so silly.

        1. Young lady I am appaled at your thinking. Who told you that because you were born on the day Saint Lucia attained independence, you were entitled to have it all. Thank God you were given something when you were growing up and stop waiting on government for handouts.

  3. I lay in my bed and tried to make sense out of what I read and all I could come up with was that yhe people who raised you up in a bubble and led you to believe that you are entitled to anything more than what you were so lucky to receive at birth, have done you a great disservice. I was born a few months after you and all the things you apparently took for granted and never came close to experiencing. My family is not rich…I am the third of seven children, but my parents worked their butts off so that I could get an education….i never got any bools or amything free and inspite of that I excelled…I learned that hard work and perseverance coupled with a good education gets me the things I want and today the degree, property and job (among other things) that I have are the result of just that.
    It’s sad that at your age you still think the country owes you some special recognition and favor. I don’t know the full extent of your circumstances but your choices both as a student and an adult must have contributed to your current ‘dilemma’/’problem’….that has nothing to do with the government. Get over yourself and get rid of that attitude of entitlement..and I hope you’re not passing on that crappy notion/idea of self importance on to your children because the world will not be kind to them just because they’re your kids!

  4. I do not believe what I just read….are you really serious Helen??? You believe you are entitled to a piece of St. Lucia when you currently contribute very little to its development? You expect to be put on a pedestal because of your birth date? Helen, please wake up and smell the coffee…before the big 40!

    My family got no grant, school books or uniform from any entity because of my birth date yet I have been able to own my piece of St. Lucia, at under 30 yrs old, despite coming from very humble beginnings. What you need to do now is get rid of that sense of entitlement, put together a life plan for yourself (and your children), and start doing what you have to do to achieve it. Enough with the “I was the first Independence baby” BS, that is not going to cut it.

    And were you not employed for several years not to long ago? Why didn’t you work towards owning your piece of St. Lucia then?? Total nonsense!!

  5. Okayyyy…am I glad that I am not alone in thinking there is a slight issue here which this article seems oblivious to. Not just that all born in ’79 gets their own piece of St. Lucia as someone suggested, but why is it that she thinks the island owes her so much more than anyone else born there because of the timing of her birth? I’m sorry, but this lady seems to be of the belief that the attention shown to her in her early years should somehow make her eligible for all this, whilst the rest of us have to work our backsides off, whilst unemployed, sick etc? And the media actually panders to that view? Wow! You should be fortunate that you had all this without your having to obviously work for it, most of us aren’t as lucky as you to have ANYTHING handed to them. Open your eyes, yes, you were the mascot because of your birth, but that in no way signifies that the government, people of St. Lucia or indeed this planet owes you anything my dear. So please,remove those rose tinted glasses from your eyes and step out of that bubble you keep referring to and welcome to the REAL world, where most of us have to work to earn what we have. If not by hard work then by contributing to the country in some way. Instead of continuously taking what was given you for free, what have you given back? Have you used your position for the enhancement of anything in St. Lucia? Have you used your position to spearhead a project education the young and unemployed or providing some sort of facility where those who do not fall into the formal education criterion are not ostracised from society? No. I don’t think so. If you do decide to leave, there are thousands, perhaps even more, of us scattered across the globe who had to do the same in order to survive, without thinking the government owes us, but just could not contribute in the land where we were born. We would be happy to educate you on your journey.

  6. I am very disappointed with whoever wrote this article. Wasn’t there an editor around? I refuse to believe that somebody will actually go around believing that your country owes just because you were born on a particular date! If anything you should be growing together with the country to set an example for those coming after, is this the best example you can set for your children! With all these opportunities you speak of having as a child this is the best you made of it? I too turned 36 this month and had nothing, but I assure you I can look to my accomplishments and be proud! If this is the attitude that St. Lucians have St. Lucia will never move forward!

  7. I must express my disappointment with this lady. U received the love n support of ur godparents in ur childhood days. They played their part n had u at their side during their term in government.Had u done well u would have gotten a scholarship. U need to start contributing to the progress of this economy and the best way to start is by developing urself. Had u contributed wisely with all the assistance given u would be recognised today. ST LUCIA DONT OWE U LAND. Dr Kenny Anthony is not ur parwear or ur bopear. The money u have making urself nice save it n buy ur land. Cuz ur story just indicates the first independence baby is a loser

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more.Helen needs to get her self qualified or learn a skill to gain employment.Stop expecting hand outs from government .work hard for your piece of St.Lucia silly you.I wonder what your thoughts were after that interview.

  8. so what if there were 10 babies born on that day at that time like yourself? You expect the state to comply in that avenue also? Be thankful for what you did experience because nothing lasts forever. If you so desire that spark of attention … maybe just maybe you will for your 50th birthday if the good Lord wills.

  9. Dear Helen Jean and not “Helen St. Lucia”
    You were privileged to receive free klim, diapers, school uniform and books, many perks from the Government and as you boasted in the article above meeting royalty and give speeches at Sandals as the first St. Lucia independence baby.. You should have been an island scholar by now having received all those perks but you NEVER appreciated them or took ADVANTAGE for them. May I ask you….? Why should you receive piece of St. Lucia’s real estate? What have you contributed to St. Lucia and the economy to receive such? Were you really the first Independence baby? or you got the title because your family had connections? Because you are big disappointment, embarrassment and sure loser to independence and St. Lucia. Sir John if he were alive, he would be embarrassed at you and WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING GOING TO THE VOICE TO GIVE THIS INTERVIEW? I do not feel sorry for you and I am sure St. Lucians do not.

  10. Oh, I feel sorry for her. Let’s help her and not bash her, maybe just maybe she doesn’t know any better.

  11. This is exactly the problem with many Lucians – A MISPLACED SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT.

    By the time I finished this article I couldn’t believe what I was reading – you expect king, kenny and whoever to have left you some land? You are one of 10 children!! Seriously woman, you’re a disgrace.

    This is a joke.

  12. I sincerely believe that this article is not the truth. Please Mr Editor in chief .. Say something. Have you guys stoop so low to sell news papers or this woman really say those things? I am still amazed one at the level of journalism at your organization. If this is indeed true this lady need some intervention. Still shocked!!!!!

  13. God don’t sleep neither does he like ugly! We all kno money was involved for u to be called St Lucia’s Independent baby, we all know ure not the one and since when ure named Indy? Cuz if my memory served me right u were named Helen and the real Indepence baby is named Indy St Prix so get outta here with ur BS and go look work cuz while ure here fighting for a piece of St Lucia as per u, the real Independent baby is prospering and doing her own ting so good luck.Haha!! Boy oh boy, wasn’t I entertained today with ur shit and the outrageous amount of comments lol.

  14. Oh God my lady, you just killed it! What really happened during the time u left school and now? Did you ever work? If you did, where are your investments. Did you really think that you would be taken care of your whole life? No my lady think straight! If you have to migrate to find a better life please do so, then you will see what every other St Lucian must do to ‘get a piece of land’. Be real, we all want a piece of 758 but you must work hard darling. Remember how good you got it when you were younger? Don’t you think some other children were suffering ? I’m sure some parents cried knowing that they had nothing to give their kids while it was all good with you and family. Question. Do you think the country owes these kids who suffered and had nothing to go to school a piece land at this time? We all had to make the best of whatever came before us. My lady you were very successful in upsetting many St Lucians both here and abroad. Happy 36th birthday and Happy 36th Independence Anniversary. I know things are hard but find a job or migrate and you will see what it is to work for what you want. Teach your children something better my dear. OH LORD GOD!!

  15. Helen I totally agree with you and yes the government have a right to give you a piece of land,and it is in CHOC when you ready just die and see if you don’t get it

  16. Please do not encourage this lady to migrate, if she is a burden to her country of birth, she will surely be burden to any countries she migrated too. She is a sure welfare or food stamps recipient. Don’t you see her false sense of entitlement, her language ‘they all know my name and who I am” she has not gotten out of the old school colonial thinking. Helen go volunteer your time, get on the NICE program or getting in the oldest profession which I need not explain to purchase a piece of land from thy sweat of thy brow.

  17. Helen I read on fb, that as per the family of the real Ms. St. Lucia Independence baby you were born on Feb 21, 1979, so therfore that does not even make you an independane baby. Your mother had connections and yall threatened and paid the nurses to say you was born after 12, when in fact you was born minutes to 12. You and your family felt no guilt while you all accepted the perks, gifts, free milk, diapers, school uniforms and to meet with royalty which you didnt deserve while the real Independence baby lived streets away from your home, yall even went to the same school growing up yet not once did you offer to share the perks that belonged to her with her. I feel for you and blame your greedy mother (God rest her soul) She had u walking around Soufriere like u were prized posession and everyone owed you something because of your fake title, and I can see what even today you havent changed. You still think the government owe you. Helen I hope this newspaper lying so u can sue them and finally get money to buy the piece of land u want, if u honestly said that now Kenny or no other government officials will set with you because they an clear see u are a bit silly. Honey my advice to you is to put your pride and sense of entitlement aside and find a job to better yourself. The real Ms St. Lucia Independence baby made a living for herself. Her mother had to leave the island and leave her children behind to make a living for them. She grew up without her mother, while u the fake Independence baby got all the perks she rightfully deserved and not once did u or your family offer to even give her a can of milk or a pack of diaper. GOD DONT LIKE UGLY. Now u feeling how she and her family felt all these years.

  18. Is this for real?? If so i am a christmas baby so santa i’m coming for my piece of the north pole. Woman i am 28 and i have never heard your name before today so not everyone knows who you are. I have never heard such nonsense in my life.

  19. St Lucia still got parasites. .who the hell she thinks she is, woman not because u born on that day makes u moreimportant than any other stlucian…stupid. ..get up and get a damp job and ask your kids father for help raising them…all what u had from birth not enough for u?..

  20. I still can’t believe this…..when i first read this article up till now I have not seen one positive comment. That says so much…..u see that happens when some people believe that they are better than others and this shows clearly in the way they act or think…..because Helen you’re such a retarded to be expressing such views but i can’t blame u. You are indeed unemployed and very bored. Better yet go scratch and smell…..choops@ all ur foolishness

  21. I had a hard time reading this article without being appalled and feeling very angry about it. A misplaced sense of entitlement in truth! People are working too hard to have some of us feel ‘privileged’ more than others by just happening to be the first baby born on Independence Day. If you are to be a true St. Lucian, a patriot and an ambassador for your country, you should TOTALLY change your attitude towards your country. WORK HARD and you will get your due reward. You are not representative of what the rest of us are trying so hard to accomplish. Rumour has it that you got FIRED for being involved in a scandal with money in your last job! I cannot say anymore. But please stop living in a bubble… and let reality hit you… then you will understand what the rest of us have to deal with. And poor job Mr. Editor of the Voice Newspaper. Do your investigations first next time.

  22. Is this lady for real, why don’t you go fine a job , like everyone else and stop looking for hand me downs, u 36 years with children go fine a way to better yourself and care for them, the government doesn’t owe u anything, u enjoy all the perks years ago, although to u wasn’t even the real independence baby, wake up and small the coffee, if the prime minister isn’t taken note is time u open up eyes up and go get a job, with u r foolishness, and wanna give a time frame as to when she hoping her land will arrive, I guess everyone needs to go to the prime minister for their land to,,,,,, did st.lucia ask u r Mom and dad to have u , no its up parents right to leave and give u land, u were just born around independence day, u not entitled to anything, as far as I see u enjoyed all u have to until u reach 30 when reality started kicking it…………The free ride is OVER

  23. Can’t be upset when pol are now giving their views on this article this is ridiculous. ..really did you honestly think that this article would sit well with sane ppl, only the insane would agree with this appalling article, hun the government of st.lucia doesn’t owe u nothing, u are not entitled to a black cent or even a deed with ur name..I think this article and this backlash is a good thing for u to rethink u r way of thinking , cause u 36 not 1 ,5, 15 ,27 when u enjoyed all ur perks..The free ride is over, woke up from the royalty dream u had before and get a really job, u not even the real independence baby , what land u entitled to, go work and buy ur own land.hope ur don’traise ur kids thinking aanyone owes them a thing, u work for what u have

  24. My my my this article made my day and the comments were the icing on the cake. My dear Helen are you for real?

  25. Here are the facts. Mr. Editor before you posted this article It would have been great to do your own research and not go based on her say. Helen Alexandra Jean was born on Feb, 21, 1979 around minutes to 12. Indy Margaret St.Prix was born on 2/22/1979 at 12:03 am. Now based on this infor who is the real St. Lucia Independence Baby? All hospitals were contacted and no other birth was recored on 2/22/79 before 12:03. But as she stated in her interview her family had connected with the Compton Family and many well known citizens of St.Lucia who paid the nurses to record her birth date as 2/22/79 at 12:01 just so they can have the perks and fame. But ask any nurse who was on duty that night or ask Helen and her family to tell the truth finally so all St.Lucians know the truth. Helen received all the perks but that didn’t stop the real Indepence Baby from Shining. She shined in her own way. Although she didn’t get the perks she was never hungry or dirty, So when you really look at it thank God they gave Helen the false hopes and false dream. Now Kenny please give the girl her land before she turn 40. St. Lucia gained its Indepence on 2/22/79 not 2/21/79. So maybe PM Dr. Kenny Anthony or one of his cabinet members should contact the REAL MS. ST.LUCIA INDEPENCE BABY AND GIVE HER AN APOLOGY FOR THE MISTREATMENT, EMBRASSMENT AND NEGLECT SHE AND HER FAMILY RECEIVED OVER THE YEARS.

    1. What ^^^^ said!!!! Back then skin color and class played a role in determining who Ms Independence was! Helen is an imposter! STOP your scheming and conning. That’s why your ass ain’t got shit now, because you and your family stole from the real Ms Independence! Shame on THE VOICE for printing this garbage!

  26. You right my girl. They owe you just because you were born on a particular day. How dare they not recognize your importance to this country. Your selfless contributions of cutting ribbons and meeting “royalties” are going to go unrewarded? How dare they? I say you start a petition and see how much support you get. Go Helen, Go!!!

    1. Ou kwere tifi ah pay faire cor-sah? Go claim your reward my child…don’t let anyone stop you! Go Helen Go!! ROFLMBO

  27. All those “hard working fools”, must learn to work smart!!….now the incident of the lady’s birth makes her iconic. The only problem is that, her mother didn’t have an agent: a good agent would have negotiated for her the land, a mansion…..and then some!….ask the Royal Family.

  28. This article is very upsetting and unsettling and I can’t believe that valuable money went towards publishing this. You are a grown 36 year old woman expecting Saint Lucia’s representatives to hand you down a job and a piece of land? Are you kidding me? Are you even tasting these words before you let them roll off your tongue?! Saint Lucia became independent on the 22nd of February, 1979 and over the years we are growing even more but obviously Helen you didn’t catch onto that INDEPENDENT feeling! I hope you are reading this because someone needs to tell you this even from a complete stranger! GET A LIFE! BE AMBITIOUS! FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION! GET A JOB! And like everyone else Helen Alexandra Jean go and be of some value to your nation!

    – #TheStruggleIsReal

  29. I am rather shocked after reading this controversy regarding the times and date of the independent baby saga in 1979. As some some said skin colour, money, connections and power played a major part to this fraud. I remember as a young woman growing up in St. Lucia, Helen you had some beautiful curls, ribbons, national costume presenting flowers and cutting ribbons all because in the St. Lucian colonalistic mentality you were fair skinned and had what we consider “nice” hair. I would image the real independence was totally the opposite. Her family had no connections, money and power so she did not cut it. This is so wrong.
    Your family received 2 thousand dollars from Chef Harry in 1979 and back then this was like 20 thousand dollars not withstanding all the perks. What did they do with this money? Didn’t they invest this money for your future? the sad reality of this is that Chef Harry who donated this money died at an old age, did you ever though of bringing him a meal or doing something for him in his aging and dying days? you lazy good for nothing… go get a job like everyone else. I would not blame the voice for publishing your story because they just wanted to show the St. Lucian public how dumb of an asshole you are. You should be ashamed of yourself, because not as the say “mouth open story jump out” and will the real independence baby finally receive the recognition she rightly deserves. Helen Jean do the right thing and own up as you are not the real independence baby.

  30. …smells like an implied contract. Was the lady adequately compensated by the Government of St.Lucia?…..let the court decide. All those narrow- minded ‘hard working’ citizens should stop hyperventilating!

  31. Are you serious?! WOW!! First of all, St. Lucia does not owe you a damned thing! What have you ever done for St.Lucia to deserve a piece of land?? It seem that while growing up you were very fortunate in getting free books and uniforms. Why didn’t you go to University to further your education? I’m sure that your “contacts” would have given you a scholarship back then. If you had gone to University, then you would not be writing this ridiculous article now. My advice to you is to find a job and stop relying on St. Lucia and the Government to just give you a piece of land! Choops tun!!

  32. Helen Jean,I grew up not too far from your residence on Church Street and from that very same day It was well documented by nurses from the Soufriere Hospital including my aunt who is still one there,that you were never born @ the time and on the date that you and your family claimed all these years.
    Your parents who were well known @ that time operated a very popular local bakery on Bridge Street in Soufriere and I can recall your parents received the $2000 from the Chef which they invested into a red Datsun pickup van which they used to sell their bread and pastries between Canaries to Choiseul. The result of all that money and perks were big fetes where the entire Cabinet of Flambeau ministers were invited with vehicles parked from the top of Church Street down to the bottom near the Soufriere Church.Your family’s status changed overnight thank God to the blatant flaunting of the new found wealth by your mom God rest her soul. The bravado openly displayed by your family in the faces of especially the other family who were supposed to have been the rightful winners of that “first independence baby competition. ” was apalling.
    If memory serves me correctly I recall your mom openly disposing of food in abundance rather than offering it to the poor or needy and I mean food that in this day and age persons in the upper middle class of society would never think of throwing away. She instantly developed an atitude @ the time where she felt that she was rolling with the “big dogs” so she looked down @ the very same persons who once patronized their business. Though she is gone that still remains the talk of the community that we live in. It finally got to a stage where the tables got turned and poverty reared it’s ugly head again now you behaving like the country owe you something. Blame your mom who made it look and who made you feel that way.Thank God that she was able to feel what it was like to be caught in the savage and ugly grips of poverty again before she exited this world.
    Young lady,you have partially wasted 36 years of your life but you still have the chance to do something for yourself and your kids,so get up off your lazy ass and rid yourself of that right of entitlement due to a stupid ass birthdate and make something of your life just as the original Independence Baby is doing in the VI. Put away the shame and pride and ask her to hook you up. She’s doing pretty well for herself. She’s truly independent and asks of nothing from President Obama. Did you ever stop to ask yourself how ya’ll cheated her from living an OK life as a child by unjustly taking away from her what was rightfully hers? I don’t hear her crying neither did I ever hear her mom Ms Benedict halla about it. My girl there is one lesson to life that we all should remember and that is WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. Teach your kids to be independent and depend on no one cause nobody owes anybody anything unless we have worked for it.

  33. Well I guess since you grew up in a bubble you thought you didn’t have to further yourself to acquire things on your own….news flash lady bubbles eventually pops and you need to understand reality…..Saint Lucia owes you nothing as a matter of fact you owe Saint Lucia so if you think migrating is the answer then bye….Felicia…..AA just so…..avaitay….maybe you should have Compton land a long time ago before his death since he was your Godfather….plus if he wanted to give you land he would have from day one…..

    1. Tell me about it! It doesn’t even look like she did well at school she was too much into her glory and all the free stuff she got. Go get a job Helen!

  34. What puzzles me is that why is she asking for a piece of land now??? Why didn’t she do so when the husband of her godmother was Prime minister? Her parents received $2000 when she was born. … for crying out loud in 1979 this could have bought her 10 pieces of land or More. Why didn’t she have her godfather buy or give her a piece of Land? She got free books, uniform etc for school. … she should have been well educated by now or even a striving business woman. Miss lady….what have you given back to St. Lucia for all those free things you received from her? You being born on 22nd February 1979 does not automatically give you the right to seek free land? You should be giving something to the less fortunate than you something at your age. Get a job, get a loan like we St. Lucian do and buy your own land anywhere in St. Lucia.

  35. You are very fortunate to have gotten it so good over the years. Seriously, do you have any goals? Don’t you want to earn anything on your own?
    I was born in St. Lucia just like any other St. Lucian and feel I’m entitled to a piece of St. Lucia. Do you believe the Government should honor me with a piece of land? That’s pathetic!!! you are being an opportunist… Get off your high horse, get an education and a job. You come off as lazy and expect to be spoon fed.
    Everyone one out there works and earns the desires of their heart. you’re not from a royalty family… “Soufriere” for crying out loud.
    Do some farming, learn a trade. Stop being a beggar

  36. HMMMMMM????
    Just wondering, are there any “silver spoon in mouth -at birth, politrickians” feel like you do-
    about entitlement to power?

  37. One respondent lamented the absence of any POSITIVE response: Here is one but please view it like a PRO BONO free consultation
    – Never publish names of minors via internet- they are taught that very piece of advice in their tech classes- obviously you also missed out on many global treaties on CHILD ENDANGERMENT policies. You are not alone – study the recent drowning of the 4 year old.
    -Their surnames indicate prominent fatherhood (plural-unmarried) therefore, one is inclined to suspect that a prime motive of your expose is to FORCE the purse strings of these fathers to deliver $MORE$ to achieve the ROYAL lifestyle you imagine you and your daughters are entitled to.

    Are these fathers derelict in their lawful child support responsibilities- You and your daughter do not look it. Besides your Prongcess of the realm attitude would seem to indicate that you are demanding beyond the threshold mandated by the paternity laws.

    – There is also a veiled threat to these fathers when you hinted at MIGRATION and /or a GIRL HAS GOT TO DO WHAT A GIRL HAS TO DO- The use of GIRL instead of the more mature WOMAN indicates REGRESSION IN SUPPORT OF THE ID (Yes the ID as mental personality construct that drives passion for all sorts of pleasures including the vital ones associated with food, status etc). It is obvious that a father -even one with visitation rights and mandatory support payments WOULD be heart broken if his darling daughter is separated from his familiarity.
    s this a form of bribery to demand concessions from their father (s)? 🙁
    -The above is the only motive to be gleaned from your desperate irrational plea. If this is the case (demanding more lifestyle enhancements from daughters’ fathers ) then my first advice is to seek counseling for both of them ASAP.
    Next- meet at a public place -the Beach at Reduit is ideal- with each father and discuss a blue print for the education and development of each daughter (please no OXFORD U on the menu) This blueprint will be refined when next you meet with each father in family therapeutic sessions.
    -If you are down to Earth and willing to coexist within their means I am optimistic that they will support what is best for the children. Somehow, if you can find a path between humble and humiliate; therein you shall garnish the available synergy of both fathers to meet the needs of their daughters- but you need enrollment in continuous therapeutic support to assure their cooperation.

    ENDNOTE- The older child needs greater economic support to transition to college or trade school and INDEPENDENCE- focus on her academic -psycho-social needs in the moment.

  38. Tiny correction:
    Reduit Beach is not a good idea- Swimwear and picnic may convey unwarranted signals.
    For myself, the beach is therapeutic with transcendental powers.
    The Square (next to Cathedral) is better and dress for Sunday Mass if you meet as per the pertinent issue.

  39. Like seriously!!!thought she was Miss Independent why is she so dependent . Why don’t you live up to your name and birth date. Can’t believe what I just read .

  40. People I eh blaming Helen ah,the person that put that article their,he or she have nothing to do.U mean their have nothing better to do than to upset people like that,if she wants a piece of independence cake she can have it for free,not st.Lucia!

  41. What a waste of skin this woman is. Wanting special privilege simply because she was born. Get your lazy a$$ to work and start setting a good example for the children.

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