GAS: $10.65 – Lowest Prices In 14 Years

The Leader of the Opposition Party, Allen Chastanet
The Leader of the Opposition Party, Allen Chastanet

MOTORISTS and users of petroleum products breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday after the government lowered the prices of these products for the second time within a month.

The greatest joy may have come from motorists who are now paying $10.66 for gallon of unleaded gasoline, the lowest price in 14 years.

The Leader of the Opposition Party, Allen Chastanet expressed his elation over what he calls a “victory for democracy in this country” after the new rates were announced.

On January 12, the prices of petroleum products were reduced island wide including gasolene which went from $15.85 to $13.65, a total reduction of $2.21 per gallon and diesel which went from $15.14 to $13.21. The next price adjustment was due in April

Whilst the reduction was welcomed, the masses were not satisfied and spearheaded by the UWP, embarked on a campaign calling for further reductions to be made.

It was then that a march was organised by the opposition party calling on St. Lucians regardless of political preference to protest.

The news of the further reduction was a welcomed but nonetheless shocking announcement made yesterday that gasolene prices were being reduced by $3.00 going from $13.65 – $10.65 and diesel by $2.12 going from $13.21 to $11.07.

Chastanet told The VOICE: “Now that there is a voice, hopefully the government will sit down and listen and recognise that this is not just cheap politics as they’re accustomed to doing”.

The UWP Leader said it was evident that from the results of the march and the numerous complaints made by the people on the airwaves that they are no longer willing to accept what information or misinformation is being presented to them. According to Chastanet: “They want proof”

“It is those people”, he said, “that helped make the difference” and he added that the people had truly had enough.

Chastanet said that following this new reduction, the base of the UWP has been strengthened along with their ability to mobilise and advocate for the improvements in the island’s policies.

He said: “This party will continue to play its role in the governance of this country”.

“Kenny Anthony and the Labour Party” he said, “is not our enemy, it is poverty that’s our enemy”.

Chastanet pinpointed the “below the belt” tactics being used all too often by the ruling St. Lucia Labour Party and stated categorically that under his watch, the UWP will not follow suit or entertain that sort of behaviour.

He said the UWP, since he came leader, has made it a strict policy to criticise and focus their energies on bad policies made by the SLP through their advertisements and comments rather than to criticise people personally.

The UWP leader said there is a need for serious change in politics in the country. He added: “We must stop those personal attacks every time that you’re attacked or somebody said something that you don’t like. I looked at recent articles and recent ads that are of a personal nature but regardless of what the Labour Party does, this party will not do that. We will not lower ourselves to that kind of cheap politics and we feel it doesn’t serve the people of St. Lucia or our country”.

Chastanet said the country’s policies are top priority and it is clear that the country is being run on policies that are bad and in need of addressing.

Economic statistics, he said, had all indicated that St. Lucia was headed in the wrong direction and it was his intent to remedy that situation.

He said at this point, the support and involvement of the people of St. Lucia was needed and was vital as public change will not happen from simply voting once every five years.

“This is our country and everyone is entitled. People cannot sit idly by and not say something”.

According to Chastanet, there has been a rise in job losses, unemployment, small business closures and even suicides. “People have lost hope”, he said.

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  1. I arrived in September 2009 and the price of gasoline was 8.95 per Gallon. Any way St. Lucia needs the UWP to rule the country with a white prime minister.

  2. Now if only Mr Allen Chastenet would put his money where his mouth is and lower the prices of the products at his supermarkets. The lower gas prices have definitely resulted in lower shipping and transportation for imported and domestic food products so the reduced costs should be reflected on supermarket shelves.

    That should be the objective of the next protest.

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