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What The CSA Constitution Says

While the members are within their rights in calling for the resignation of Ms. Mary Isaac (CSA’s President) are doing so in accordance with Provision 6.7 captioned National General Meetings/Annual General Meetings on page 8 of the Association’s Constitution, they should be properly guided.

Isn’t it very interesting that these members cannot quote any provision in the said Constitution to prove and justify that the CSA’s president has violated any provision of the Association’s Constitution. It would be equally interesting to ascertain who are the proponents of this petition calling for the removal of our dynamic and courageous president.

I crave your indulgence in allowing me to quote Section 3 of the CSA’s Constitution captioned Membership on page 2 of that very same document:

(a) “Membership in THE UNION shall consist of all persons legally and gainfully employed in Saint Lucia who wish to become members of THE UNION, or retain membership notwithstanding retirement, and a change in their place or field of employment.”
(b) THE UNION shall consist of full and honorary members: –
(i) Full members

“Full members shall be all persons legally and gainfully employed in Saint Lucia who wish to become members of THE UNION or retain membership therein, regardless of age, religion, colour, creed, gender or nationality, political persuasion or affiliation. Membership will be open to all employees 16 years and over. However, only full members 18 years and over shall be eligible to serve on the Executive Council.”

It’s now up to the interpretation of our members.

CSA Member


  1. BECA– USE;
    Principles of accounting 101 – Double Entry Ledgering PRECLUDES the same accountant who does ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE from also doing ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE;

    Now if yuh KHAN figga dat out den you need to be victimized by Bobolis Inc.

  2. Oops (ACCOUNTS PAYABLE in the latter)
    The gist of the vote is that although no law now exists but Principles of accountability do.

    The one that most CSA workers do know -regardless of party affiliation- is that you need a separate accountant for accounts receivable and another for accounts payable.
    The temptation to EMBEZZLE is just too great for saint or sinner alike.
    Just imagine the possible political deals made in ghost books, links on a golf course, offshore bank accounts etc.. etc..;
    Placing a person with dual hats and powers between administration ( the gov ) and workers (CSA)- regardless of party in power- implies a fugue state of inertia; rather than the vigorous proactive vitality that union stewardship REQUIRES.

    At best the lady shall be a political “Lame Duck” and a Union door mat in her current dual roles-
    She can never be highly effective at either /or in this duality. This is beyond multitasking. It is akin to a freight train engineer on a cell phone (happened in California with a commuter train) while disregarding a person or vehicle on the track.

    The vigilance, vigor, and vitality demanded from an effective union leader is nullified by her “official” entrenchment (“senator”) proscribed in her political alliance.
    In her senator /role she becomes DEFENSIVE if not PASSIVE. Whereas, her first role is as a forward offensive striker (Brazil’s Pele is the Platinum standard) on a championship Shamrocks soccer team.

    Malheuresment, the lady has retreated to a backburner role as in the opening lines of the 3 apparitions in Macbeth 🙁

  3. Dassault Mirage,

    These issues raised by you should be self evident to individuals capable of exercising reason, however as I often maintain, the colonial victims of Elizabeth-ii are incapable of thinking critically, a condition induced through the after-effects of slavery driven by religions of White Supremacy.

    How could anyone with a sound mind, imagine that Bloody Mary ever intended to arrive at an amicable conclusion while negotiating a wage agreement with the SLP Government ? Mr. Hinkson has established his magnanimity and integrity as a person Lucians can trust, however, Bloody Mary never intended to bring her charade to an end, fearing this would portray the Government in a good light., and acting under Allen Chastanet’s dictates, Bloody Mary Isaac was to sabotage a wage agreement, “No matter what !”

    From speaking to members of the GNT, Bloody Mary was offered better options than any of the other Unions, but she turned it down; WHY ?? The Answer, TO WIN THE NEXT ELECTIONS FOR ALLEN CHASTANET’S UWP !! This woman should be charged with sedition and sent to prison for her criminal behavior.

    1. “… slavery driven by religions of White Supremacy.”
      Why are you stuck in a time-warp? Maybe it’s time to get rid of that broken vinyl record.

      1. Some body need to help this white man TOM TOM. This Oreo hates his own self calling the enslavement of black people a broken record? This fool needs help for real! Can you imagine him calling the Jewish Holocaust a broken record? This man is really “stuck in a time-warp”, 10,000 B.C.

    2. A Negro, ashamed of his history, referring to the suffering of the African peoples as a broken record to please his Caucasian benefactors. A lesson for President Obama, that the white supremacist who attacked him mercilessly for stating that Christians has its own legacy of savagery, and ISIS had no monopoly on barbarism, is well and alive in St. Lucia.

      When America behaved like ISIS: Jesse Washington and the Bible Belt’s dark history of public lynchings.

      “They burned him alive in an iron cage, and as he screamed and writhed in the agony of hell they made a sport of his death.” was the language plastered across the Christian Countries. So I Googled Waco, Texas Lynching, and sure enough, there it was: the charred corpse of a young black man, tied to a blistered tree in the heart of the Texas Bible Belt. Next to the burned body, young white men can be seen smiling and grinning, seemingly jubilant at their front-row seats in a carnival of death. One of them sent a picture postcard home: “This is the barbeque we had last night. My picture is to the left with a cross over it. Your son, Joe.”

      The victim’s name was Jesse Washington. The year was 1916. America would soon go to war in Europe “to make the world safe for democracy.” This was not medieval Europe. Not the Inquisition. Not a heretic burned at the stake by some ecclesiastical authority in the Old World. This was Texas, and the white people in that photograph were farmers, laborers, shopkeepers, some of them respectable congregants from local churches in and around the growing town of Waco.

      UNCLE TOM TOM you may want to look at this postcard that a lowly Negro like yourself living in Bergen county with your white woman calls a broken record.




      1. “UNCLE TOM TOM you may want to look at this postcard that a lowly Negro like yourself….”
        When your rhetoric and your logic fail to persuade, you resort to name calling? What’s next, bodily harm such as burning me alive in a cage? Thank God I am many miles away from you; for you are one angry, dangerous, racist, stupid and confused negro. But then again, you are following the Quran.


      There has been a good deal of backlash following the National Prayer Breakfast last week. While discussing ISIS, terrorism and Islam, Obama made it a point to remind us of the great evils committed in the name of Christianity.

      PRESIDENT OBAMA: “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

      Both the crusades and the Inquisition happened in the 13th Century or earlier, many hundreds of years before the establishment of the United States.

      “In our own country, slavery, Jim crow, so often was justified in the name of Christ,” Obama continued. And he mentioned the collision of faiths in India.

      “So it’s not unique to one group or one religion. There is a tendency in us — a sinful tendency — that can pervert and distort our faith.”

  4. Here’s Allen Chastanet publicly talking on behalf of Mary Isaac on the issue of wage negotiations. Allen in this video ignorantly claims that the American Civil War was fought over “taxes without representation”. The Tea Act associated with the Boston rebellion took place some one hundred years before the Civil War, and shows to the thinking person how ignorant Allen Chastanet really is, and this man should not be taken seriously on anything coming out of Allen’s mouth, while he leads a march calling Lucians NIGGERS.




    1. “Allen in this video ignorantly claims that the American Civil War was fought over “taxes without representation”.
      One doesn’t have to be well versed in American history to lead a 238 sq. mile Caribbean island. As a matter of fact, Charlemagne, “Father of Europe”, was illiterate, but yet went on to lay the foundation of modern-day Western Europe.

      So your obsession with Allen Chastanet and white folks is mind-boggling. Aren’t they part of the four races of mankind (the others being: Asians, Africans, and Native-Americans) that Allah created and saw that it was good?

    1. VAL

      What did Allen promise you ? did he also vow to give you a white woman, like he has promised Peter and John Wayne?? lol

      1. SON-OF-MAN…..You are pathetic. Unfortunately for you there is no medicine for stupidity, you sit on your ass too much and it lead to a bruised posterior that is why you shoot so much BS.

        1. another castrated Negro, prepared to defend his status as an inferior slave of the Pirate Queen with his last breath. Brain damaged, mentally dead Negroes who pray to dead people and “Too-loo-loos” in the sands at Choc Cemetery, kneeling before a naked Caucasian nailed to a piece of wood, who the Negroes call their KING OF KINGS, while his women sing this song, asking to get laid. Just listen to your woman sing to this naked white man – san honte/shameless




  5. Val-a-ree val-a-ra val-a-ha-a-ha-ha-ha-ha
    That choral melody once sung by the Nuns and students @ SJC but I would like to know the formal name of the song .
    Vanity Val with your spit and run offensive, perchance you ride like a Valkyrie
    On thy winged steed you have chosen well -your hero !
    Alas, only the nebulous mists of Horseshoe Falls will crest thy hoofed ascendancy
    as you yearn,
    in solemn Titanium visor –
    for the lofty honor laden Halls of Vahalla?

  6. By the same logic miss Isaac it could be argued that your appointment and you accepting the appointment was also politically motivated.

    Could it have been a set up by the bully boy? I would not put that pass the little idiot in his quest to be prime minister and remain the boss of UWP neutralises everyone who he sees as a threat to his position.

    1. Boujon Guiyave:

      I like the Kweyol word, “konplo” = an underhand plot. Yes Bloody Mary Isaac entered into a diabolical pact with Satan at the price of her soul. This was a diabolical plot to sabotage the wage negotiations with the team led by Mr. Hinkson to enhance the chances of the reprobate Allen Chastanet would win the NEXT ELECTIONS and reign as Lord over the Natives, and Bloody Mary would be rewarded with a government job, similar to the role played by Claudius Francis for his kon-plo against the Hon. Richard Frederick.

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