Blues Win VFCSS Sports

1000m junior boys in action. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]
1000m junior boys in action. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]

DESPITE a late start due to unforeseen circumstances on Tuesday, well over 400 students from The Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School, Beanefield converged on the George Odlum Stadium for the school’s inaugural inter house sports.

Blue House nosed ahead to emerge champions with 695 points, 44 points clear of second place finisher Green House on 651 points. Red House was third with 594 points and Yellow House last with 585 points.

School Principal Patrick Lashley told THE VOICE that he saw a number of shortcomings among the young athletes. Some were not fit while others were not able to run the distance properly. Breathing and baton passing techniques also needed to be worked on, he said. But apart from these two areas the students did pretty well.

“It’s our first time as a school so come 2016 one will see an improvement”, Lashley promised.

He noted that the school’s physical education teacher had been out most of the time as he was an active cricketer playing for the Windward Islands Volcanoes in the WICB Professional League. So the various teachers had to pick up the mantle to train the students.

Epic finish boys 100m. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]
Epic finish boys 100m. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]

Asked of his general impressions of the team’s overall performance and development heading into the inter-schools championships in March, Lashley said: “It looks good and for the last time we will be going along with Vieux Fort Comprehensive in La Ressource. We will be having a trial next week to select the best students to represent the south. Some of those students who performed well on the track came from the Pace Setters Athletic Club”.

On the square some of the events were exciting and so too were the supporters from the four houses wearing their respective colours. Here are some of the results – Girls 600m 1st place Tamara St. Marie (Green – 1 minute 59.88 seconds); Boys 600m 1st place Levi Jn Baptiste (Yellow – 1 minute 42.19 seconds); Girls 800m 1st place Zadie St. Louis (Blue – 2 minutes 38.16 seconds); Boys 800m 1st place LayranMarcellin (Blue – 2 minutes 20.66 seconds); Girls 150m 1st place Tamara St. Marie (Green – 20.71 seconds); 150 Boys 1st place Noah Polius (Green – 18.44 seconds); Girls 200m Faith Emmanuel (Blue – 28.06 seconds); Boys 200m Bryant Polius (Green – 24.63 seconds).

In the Girls 1000m 1st place Shertal Sealy (Green – 3 minutes 57.63 seconds); Boys 1500m 1st place Ahmed Francis ( Blue – 5 minutes); Girls 80m 1st place Tamara St. Marie (Green – 11.37 seconds); Boys 80m 1st place Nicoli Stephen (Blue – 10.56 seconds); Girls 100m 1st Faith Emmanuel (Blue 12.68 seconds); Boys 100m 1st place Jean Dantes ( Blue – 11.93 seconds); Boys 300m 1st place Nicoli Stephen (Blue – 45.12 seconds); Girls 300m 1st place Virkel Antoine (49.22 seconds); Girls 400m 1st place Zadie St. Louis (Blue – 1 minute 05.34 seconds).

She was one of the princesses on the track for the House. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]
She was one of the princesses on the track for the House. [Photo: Anthony De Beauville]

Blue continued their domination on the track when they made light of the field to win seven of the nine relay races run following the lunch time interval to bring the curtains down. In the Girls 4x100m the winner was Form 1 (1 minute 01.00 seconds). Blue also won the Boys 4x100m (56.12 seconds) and the Girls 4x100m Form 2 (55.97 seconds). Blue also won the Girls 4x300m Form 1 (3 minutes 13.18 seconds), the Girls 4x400m Form 2 (4 minutes 40.75 seconds), the Boys 4x400m Form 2 (4 minutes 14.43 seconds) and the Relay Medley 4x1x1x2x400m (2 minutes 03.96 seconds).

Meanwhile, Vieux Fort Campus B will stage their annual track meet today at the George Odlum Stadium scheduled from 10.00 a.m. The four houses are Lewis, Walcott, Augier and Clarke.

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