Image of Kayra Williams

Kayra Williams was born on the island of St Lucia on April 6, 1989. From the moment she learned to read, she spent every waking moment with her nose buried in whatever literature she could find, choosing often fiction novels and deciding early on that she wanted to be just like the authors in the pages that mimicked real life.

Her voracity for words led to numerous creative writing awards in primary and secondary school, and thereafter, she accepted a job offer with the Star Newspaper at the age of 17.

Under the apprenticeship of the newspaper publisher Rick Wayne she found a niche in human interest and feature writing on a range of topics.

Kayra has worked with publications including the SHE Caribbean Magazine, the Tropical Traveler and the St Lucia Star Newspaper. She has also contributed to discussions with the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council in St Lucia, in an effort to inspire young people to nurture their most creative self, irrespective of the obstacle of time.

In 2012 she became the youngest editor to hold the post at the Star Publishing Company. The next year, she would leave her island for educational advancement in the form of an intensive news broadcasting programme. In August, 2015 she graduated from Seneca College in Canada with radio and television broadcasting certification.

Kayra has since worked as a blogger, independent contributor and editor for the government publication ‘Our Saint Lucia.’ In 2018 she released her first nonfiction novel, ‘Meraki’ which goes behind the scenes in the life of a journalist in Saint Lucia. Kayra now serves as the Managing Editor for the Voice Publishing Company.