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The Sincerity of a Leader

By James Stanislaus

What a breath of fresh air it was to hear the views of the Opposition Leader on the present conditions existing in St Lucia.  To begin with, his presence alone on television displayed a calm and composed politician, well informed on every subject he touched upon.  The feedback from mainly independent persons was one of satisfaction.  The Opposition Leader was careful not to get involved in casting aspersions but to bring a level of hope and understanding as to where the country is today.  No nation can progress without a plan, without development and without monitoring the level of growth.

Taxation remains one of the cardinal sins crying to heaven for vengeance and the hardcore of the SLP are fully aware based on the words of a former SLP leader Dr Kenny D Anthony who referred to VAT as an unconscionable tax and should never be introduced.  The fact that he went against his better judgement was simple.  He did not want to practice the rules set forth for growth, unlike the UWP administration which bit the bullet by reducing VAT by 2.5% and witnessed strong growth thereafter.  St Lucians have the opportunity to witness for themselves the difference in a growing economy versus one which remains stifled.

Three years after the last general elections what have we noticed?  First, the existence of one of the ten leading golf courses in the world known as Cabot and where CIE has just completed a $500 million state of the art entrance to this magnificent facility.  Second, the completion and transformation of one of the most derelict structures on island converted into the most prestigious office complex and shopping area inclusive of a proper international Court facility.  Thirdly, the fantastic 10-storey hotel facility in the heart of Point Seraphine to bring back life after sundown.  That is what vision is all about and not promises without the effort required to create the word DEVELOPMENT.

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