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Biodanza: ‘The Dance of Life’

Image of Some of the Biodanza participants with Adrien Baya (second from right) and Sylvie (third from right).
Some of the Biodanza participants with Adrien Baya (second from right) and Sylvie (third from right).

The free Biodanza workshop which was held two weekends ago at Kaï Papaï, at the Balenbouche Development in Choiseul, was hailed a success. The workshop, which was a group dance activity, was held from October 11th to October 13th. The organizers were very pleased with the attendance and participants expressed their satisfaction and pleasure for taking part in the workshop. Due to this success, the organizers, Sylvie, founder of Kaï Papaï, and Adrien Baya, the Biodanza instructor, have already announced that the next Biodanza workshop will be held from the 27th November to December 1st, 2019. At the end of the workshop Sylvie remarked, “Our first workshop was a beautiful start. Let’s reach deeper and more people with the next one!”

She continued “We were fortunate enough to gather people from all walks of life, different social, professional and cultural backgrounds. All participants arrived with their own experiences, expectations and emotions. We worked in silence; only the instructor spoke which allowed us to connect with our inner-selves.”

Each dance had a different theme. The participants interacted with each other through movements, which were demonstrated. The participants, which were being guided by the feel of the music, were said to have united as one by sharing their feelings and emotions.

The impact was described by the group to be powerful. Due to the support of the group, the participants reported that they felt uplifted, de-stressed and empowered which gave them much more energy to channel on positive things. Some claimed to have had a more restful night sleep, whilst others reported less pain and improved physical conditions.

Beverlyn, a participant in last weekend’s Biodanza workshop, stated upon reflection, “I almost didn’t attend due to a hectic weekend schedule. So I arrived tired and lethargic. At the end of my first workshop I felt energized. I had a restful night’s sleep with lots of vivid dreams and woke up determined to get the benefits of that day’s workshop. It was truly worth it. This time I felt uplifted, relaxed and calm. I am so glad I was able to attend.”

Image of Participants during the Biodanza workshop.
Participants during the Biodanza workshop.

Another participant declared, “I was not sure whether or not to attend the session, since I was sore all over from a vehicular accident the day before, but I was glad I attended. It showed me through a positive mind how dance can transform one’s way of relaxing, sharing, and becoming one with another. I left more relaxed and with a great feeling of assertiveness. It really did me good and I am glad that I was able to meet with new friends.”

Yoga will be added into the mix for the next Biodanza workshop.

Paula, who also participated remarked, “Taking part in the Biodanza workshop was really good. I felt calm and renewed after the sessions. I enjoyed being silent during the class, because I felt the connection with self. I loved it. Thanks to Sylvie and Adrien for putting this great workshop together. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Megha Kulkarni, who didn’t quite know what to expect when she signed up for the workshop added, “I was fortunate enough to participate in the workshop led by Adrien. At the beginning, as the concept was new to me, I didn’t know how it was going to be, until I experienced it for myself. For the three hours of the morning workshop I was in the present moment. It made me emotional and joyful at the same time. After the session I felt light in mind and body. The flow of energy in the group was awesome! There was positive connectivity among us. Overall, it was a unique and delightful experience for me. Thank you Sylvie and Adrien… for giving us this wonderful opportunity to experience Biodanza… the dance of life!”

Given the success of the workshop, participants decided to build on the experience and share it more widely so that it can be a benefit to those who would not otherwise have access to it. This is why they decided to add sessions of yoga and Qi Gong to the Biodanza sessions. According to Sylvie, “Yoga and Qi Gong are two techniques which also help us to connect with our inner self, tapping into the energy of the universe and sending it back.” The next Biodanza workshop, with the inclusion of Qi Gong and yoga, will be held from the 27th of November to December 1st, 2019. This workshop will be donation-based with a fee of EC $50.00 per session for non-residents of the southern quadrant of Saint Lucia. Sylvie is hoping to grow this workshop with the purpose of sharing its benefits with many more Saint Lucians.

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