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Forgotten And Dispossessed

WHEN Kenny D. Anthony and the SLP refer to the dispossessed, one tries so hard to understand where they are coming from when the residents of Micoud, Praslin and Savannes Bay continue to suffer under the grave environmental issue of seaweed which has remained on the coastline of these areas for the past 12 months.

The Prime Minister to the best of our knowledge drives along that route at least once a week and there is no doubt whatsoever, that he has not witnessed the awful stench. Our French sister island which suffers from the same awful conditions, their health authorities have concluded that this odour is extremely dangerous to the health of the residents.

Is our Prime Minister in denial, careless or simply does not give a damn? The residents of these areas are simply requesting that a backhoe be sent to the area immediately and remove this hazard. The dried and decayed sea moss should be placed in an area away from the residential communities and buried. We now call upon the authorities to do what is right to protect the health of the dispossessed and underprivileged that the Prime Minister so often pretends to support.

Whist on the subject of environmental issues it should be noted that over 12 years the Choiseul village remains under environmental siege based upon the fact that the sea wall constructed by the Government of Japan for the Fishing Complex has virtually sealed off the entrance and exit points by way of ocean drift resulting in the inner basin retaining all the contaminated runoff from the village.

Concerned Citizens

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  1. It’s an act of God!
    Therefore, there is no political bluster to be gained if the # 1 political rep in the area affected (Leader of the opposition) takes a passive stance so that the BLAME Game defaults to the incumbent governance of the nation.

    For empress Josephine this is no major hospital facility where sanitized / contrived free media spotlight and persecutory anxiety is connived and hyped up on the professionals/patients and constituency of a political rival.

    Actually, this is a golden opportunity for the areas affected to explore any COMPOSTING opportunities. The wild coastal coconut strands may benefit from the nutrient rich composting. Mangrove and other swampy zones may also benefit from this act of GOD..

    But then, you need focused LOCAL leadership (REPS) to step up and mobilize constituents.

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