Image: Some of those who attended the Primary School meeting.

Pearl of The Caribbean – Part 4

WHEN the details of the DSH agreement came out, Vieux Fortians’ joy turned to vexation. Allen Chastanet, Rick Wayne, Nicole McDonald, Invest St. Lucia, and Teo Ah Khingwere telling them that it was rain pouring over their heads and burning their eyes, but it didn’t look like rain, smell like rain, taste like rain, feel like rain, therefore it couldn’t be rain. Their anger turned into action.

Image of Dr. Velon John

Why Is The Speaker Allowing Herself To Be Ignored?

THIS issue in its holistic perception bothers us since we are of the firm opinion and belief that the position we have taken in the matter of the Deputy Speaker is the correct one. We are bothered because of the bland and ubiquitous acceptance of the status quo. Why hasn’t the former Prime Minister as a constitutional expert submit a paper on the matter to the House/Speaker? Considering the patent impasse why hasn’t the Prime Minister as Leader of Government Business sought the resolution of this parliamentary farce. The present situation is constitutionally, commonsensically untenable, and everyone is mired in a morass of self-righteous, self-serving posturing.