Lillie Anatole – I Am Not My Hair

Image of Lillie Anatole

This week, I spoke to 28 year old Lillie Anatole who, just like I did, took the plunge…only, her plunge dove deeper than I did as she went the whole nine yards and got a complete buzz cut (also known as a skin head) Now, Anatole is well known for being a comedienne and generally a big child at heart, and whilst she is also humble and extremely friendly and down to earth, she is equally as adventurous, brave and spontaneous. But with all that said, no one saw this move coming by a long shot.

Carlton Ishmael – A Storied Life In The Arts

Image of Carlton Ishmael

IN a society where true and sustained appreciation for the arts has been found wanting, Carlton Mc. Millan Ishmael’s life story proves that any innocent bystander has the propensity to embrace something new and make it become their life passion. Born in 1954 in the CDC housing area in Castries to Theresa Joseph of Praslin and Kenneth Ishmael — a police officer from Barbados — Ishmael grew up in Castries with his father after his mother left Saint Lucia for Britain in search of a better life.

A Christmas Message From Archbishop Robert Rivas, Archbishop of Castries

THE mystery of Christmas is the mystery of the light that shines in the dark, a light that darkness could not overpower. St. John in his Gospel says that the Word was the true light that enlightens all peoples (cf. John 1:9). At Christmas time we become very conscious of the divine light shining upon us and the Word breaking through God’s silence and our darkness.

Cyril Matthew – An Outstanding Son of St. Lucia


CYRIL Thomas Matthew was born on January 11, 1936 and is a derivative of a well know rural family with extensive roots in the Thomazo/Grande Rivere/Barre de’Lisle and Barre Denis/La Croix Maingot/Vanard/Jacmel/Millet areas of Central Saint Lucia. His father, Stanislaus Matthew was a well respected sugar cane farmer in the Millet/Roseau district and who was strongly and deeply involved in the social upliftment of his area through his active participation as Secretary (or “chief cook and bottle washer” if you prefer) of the then Millet Friendly Society.

Lance Florent Discusses His Ten Years In the U.S. Navy

Image of Lance Florent

IT is not everyday that you get to meet someone who would literally put their lives on the line to protect yours, but when you get to meet these men and women, it is an honourable event. Today’s FITC is a son of the soil who has achieved such status after serving in the US Navy for almost a decade. Lance Florent went from humble beginnings in Vigie and Anse la Raye, to the high seas all across the globe, serving as part of the US military, the biggest super power in the world.

Food Safety

AS the season of good cheer and goodwill consumes us all, it is very important that as consumers our guards are not lowered as a result of excessive consumption of food and beverages. At this time of the year, unsuspecting consumers are inundated with shoddy goods and shabby services at lower and enticing prices. As such, it is incumbent on consumers to exercise greater vigilance when shopping.

Denver Pierre – Bringing Art Home

Image: Artist Denver Pierre believes every household should have a piece of art. [PHOTOS: Stan Bishop]

EVER since enrolling at St. Mary’s College in 1996, Denver Pierre has seen his interest in art skyrocket from simply being a subject on the curriculum to becoming his number one passion and major revenue earner. Nevertheless, the thirtysomething year old artist continues to push the boundaries of art. In fact, he’s on a mission to push that boundary right into our homes.

Holiday Anxiety

Q: Dear Regina, I have been caring for my aunt with Alzheimer for two years. She has declined a lot this year. All my family comes to my home for holidays. I do what I have to. I am a little anxious about it this year. Are there ideas to help make things easier for my aunt? A: has great information and we are sharing this: “The holidays are just around the corner. Families are gathering for Christmas, sharing laughter and happy memories. But for families coping with Alzheimer’s, the holidays can be bittersweet times, filled with stress and frustration. Festivities can agitate, confuse, and over stimulate persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Meanwhile, caregivers can feel anxious, frustrated, and lonely – leading to stress and depression. The Alzheimer’s Association – Florida Gulf Coast Chapter- has developed 10 Holiday Survival Tips for families coping with Alzheimer’s”. We at AWI have shared a few listed below

All That Glitter

THERE are so many interesting aspects of the timeless story of Christmas, of the birth of Jesus Christ. Surrounding the central element of the Virgin Birth are many layers such as the foretelling by the prophet Isaiah, the visit by the angel Gabriel to Mary, the dream of Joseph, the Star of Bethelehem, the three Wise Men, and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The many surrounding elements provide a wrapping for the Christmas story. In a similar fashion, we typically prepare and wrap our gifts at Christmastime, except that the surrounding elements are usually discarded and thrown away.

Nature vs Nurture – NCPC PERSPECTIVE

THE topic of genetics continuously presents a fascinating conversation to us. It is one in which perhaps an end may never be determined. Facets of our everyday lives throw us into contact with a potpourri of characters and personalities in the people who we interact with. The work place is no exception. While the many variances in personalities and orientation may foster breakthroughs in innovative and diverse approaches and ideas, this diversity of breeds and thoughts can undoubtedly present the possibility of a chaotic atmosphere if not contained.

Solange Lawrence’s Art of Life

Image: Father and daughter team, Ken and Solange Lawrence, collaborate for their first joint exhibition. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is known the world over for his extensive contribution to the world of art, including co-founding the Cubist movement, inventing construction sculpture and co-inventing the collage. He is also famously known for coining the phrase, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how we remain an artist once we grow up.” Twenty-one-year-old Solange Lawrence says she’s doing all in her power to make every brushstroke paint a bold statement about her passion for art and an inspiration to others. Simply put, she said, her art is redefining the way she sees the world.

Compere Lapin Is New Orleans ‘Restaurant of The Year’

Image of Chef-owner Nina Compton's

IN 2016, the New Orleans Restaurant of the Year is Compere Lapin. Why? Because chef-owner Nina Compton’s big idea — to marry the cooking of her native St. Lucia with that of her adopted New Orleans home — is a delicious case study in the hard art of belonging. Because she translates that big idea to the plate with finely tuned, you-can’t-do-this-at-home skills.

Talents on Display at Festival of Lights

Image: Festival of Lights

MONDAY night’s Festival of Lights lived up to its hype this year with a magnificent display of lights that captivated the thousands who flooded Derek Walcott Square and surrounding streets. From blazing up the Central Library building with a digital light display to the switching on of the lights to illuminate the square, the producers of the extravaganza at least went beyond the first half of the night’s theme ‘Celebrate Light Celebrate Jesus’.

Gratitude for Our Sister

Q: Dear Regina, My mum has dementia and doesn’t recognize any of her family or how to do anything. She lives with my sister who does most of the care for her. My sister use to be very social but now she does not take it on because of caring for our mother. She refuses to leave mum with strangers. I have two brothers and we are appreciative of my sister caring for our mum. We would like to show our gratitude. Can you suggest a way that will help her and our mum?

Productivity and Patriotism – NCPC PERSPECTIVE

THE Oxford dictionary defines patriotism as a ‘vigorous support of one’s country’. The word is also defined as ‘A devotion or cultural attachment to one’s homeland’. Patriotism simply put, signifies ‘a love for country.’ It is a desire to see one’s country grow and develop whereby citizens can enjoy a higher standard of living. Therefore, patriotism demands good citizenship. It requires that individuals contribute to the well-being of their community and country as a whole.