Too Little or Too Much?

THAT a framework agreement signed by the Government of Saint Lucia and an investor, DSH Caribbean Star Limited finds its way into the public domain despite clauses contained therein that speak to confidentiality is a precarious scenario. Firstly, it speaks to the government’s quality of security measures in keeping confidential records confidential. Obviously, the ostensible “leaking” of the 20-page agreement is a major concern for any investor pondering whether they should plunk down a sizeable sum of money in any project here.

A Greater Resolve

With just over a week left to go in 2016 before the new one creeps in, there seems to be some sense of optimism brooding on the horizon. However, there is still that nagging school of thought that everything will go downhill, especially among those still wishing that the government – and by extension, the country — fails.

An Outstanding Caribbean Man

A truly outstanding Caribbean personality passed away last Friday, but sadly, the majority of people in the region might not have heard of him, far less be aware of his claim to fame. In fact, so little was said at the time of his death that had it not been for the words of tribute from OECS Director General Didacus Jules, his passing might have gone largely unnoticed.

Freedom of Information

TWO of the regular contributors to the columns of this newspaper have raised the matter of a Freedom of Information Act for St Lucia, in their separate articles this week. We welcome the suggestions since they are in line with our own thinking, voiced as recently as last month, about the need for information to be made available to our citizens so as to help them enlighten themselves about issues facing the country.

Image: Street vendors in Vieux Fort

Pay The City Its Due

THE recent uproar by the membership of the Castries Vendors Arcade that the monthly rental of booths would increase from $120 to $138 this month will obviously make the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) look like a dinosaur trying to eat a housefly. However, that is not necessarily the case.

HIV/AIDS Shocker

DID St Lucia drop the ball in the fight against HIV/AIDS? Or is it that we never had the ball in hand in the first place? We are forced to ask these questions after hearing the shocking news this week about our HIV/AIDS figures. St Lucia has already chalked up some records in the field of health that are not at all flattering. Now we have gone and added “the country with the second highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Eastern Caribbean” to our list of negative accolades.

Image of Fidel Castro

A Positive Sign

EVEN in the worst times, some of the best lessons in life must not find us missing them. Quite often whenever constructive criticism is given, one gets the impression that such criticism must be based solely on highlighting the negative. Sadly, the positives often go unnoticed — or worse – unrecognized…