Woman of the week – Cynthia Williams

Image of Cynthia Williams

Seeing that this is our final paper for the year 2016, I figured I would end it with a bang and a twist. This is because, this week’s WOTW doesn’t even know she’s being featured. This year has had its high points and low points (many will say that there were more lows than highs); however, I am going to use this platform to highlight a Super “Shero” that has undoubtedly made an enormous mark on this world, so needless to say, this WOTW is definitely a high for me.

Woman Of The Week – Alisha Ally

Image of Alisha Ally

Whenever I think about our WOTW, I think of a bee…no lie, because she is so tiny, yet she packs a serious punch, she is always busy and she is completely dedicated to all her responsibilities, especially motherhood. Although Alisha Ally works at the Government Information Service in the News and Current Affairs division, she leads a double (or quadruple) life. She also serves on the executive of Saint Lucia Youth Ambassadors’ Programme, is the current female CARICOM Youth Ambassador for Saint Lucia and works with the Saint Lucia National Reparations Committee team as well.

Woman of the Week – Fiona Compton

Image of Fiona Compton

In St Lucia, the name Compton speaks volumes, so let’s meet this week’s “Woman of the week” Fiona Compton, the daughter of “Father of our nation”, the late Sir John Compton and Lady Janice Compton. In her own words, this is how she described herself: “Mother, fashion artist, photographer, filmmaker. Many people describe me as a free spirit. I personally don’t feel like I am. I do things to make me happy. Being creative makes me happy, laughing makes me happy, sharing makes me happy, trying to make my surroundings better makes me happy. All these things encompass my personality, whether you want to call that free spirited or not, I just try my best to enjoy life.”

Woman of the week – Catherine Sealys

Image of Catherine Sealys

It is always being said that women are women’s worst enemies and that we, as a gender, could be so much further if only we stuck together and stood up for each other. Well my WOTW is proving that this is far from the case as she has made it her life’s duty to stand up for women in St. Lucia and children as well who suffer on a daily basis at the hands of strangers, and worst still, loved ones.