POEM – My Identity

By Perlina Murray

The first day that I walked into private college, dorm room,
Eyes pierced like daggers through my heart.
The whispering of the N word was my daily meditation.
It was then that I thought my skin colour needed medication.
I walked into Intro to College Life.
When asked, “What makes you feel insecure?”
I struggled not to yell, everything!
Everyday felt like a crucifixion.
Do you know what it feels like to be Black?
It was with that thought I asked myself:
What happened to Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech?
What happened to the fact that all men are created equal?
Since skin colour is a crime!
I have learned not to answer to anything but my name;
And as a human being, to always embrace my roots;
So when you say to me, “Know your place in college,”
I think, “You don’t have to prove yourself dominant
In a world that already places you there!”
I fight so my voice can be heard.
I fight cause I’m Black, Bold, Strong, Proud,
Intelligent, and a beautiful genius by nature,
And there’s no law or legislation of what’s right or wrong to change that!
I’m privileged to live a life that permeates the darkness.
To be at peace with whom I am.


I was born to be free,
I was born to be strong,
I was born to be proud,
I was born black and beautiful.
I have a right to be here,
I am the dream of the slave,
Cause I was born black and beautiful.
You have a right to be here,
You are the dream of the slave,
You were born, black and beautiful.
Black and beautiful.

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