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Jacmel Family Robbed At Gunpoint

THE sister of a Jacmel resident is counting her blessings after her brother and two female companions were robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday night.

According to Faye Miller, her brother Roger Miller, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s sister were at home when three masked men entered the residence, tied them up and proceeded to grab whatever valuables they could.

Miller said there was no forced entry as the doors were not locked at the time of the incident which took place at 9:35 p.m.

She said that during the ordeal, the perpetrators gathered the occupants’ phones, money and some electronics before fleeing the scene with her brother’s vehicle, a grey 2003 Toyota Corolla, registration number PJ 134, with red and white reflective tape on the rear bumper and no back lights.

However, Miller told The VOICE that the vehicle was retrieved in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Miller said she hopes that the news is spread far and fast in the hope of getting justice for her brother and his family.

She also said she was extremely thankful that no physical harm came to her brother and his companions. The stolen items can always be replaced, she said, but nothing can bring back lives lost, so she is just happy that everyone was safe.

This incident is one of numerous cases of brazen home invasions conducted while victims are at home, including a case that resulted in a homicide.

It is also one of numerous cases involved in a rapidly rising spate of vehicular theft sweeping the nation and striking fear and worry into the minds of motorists.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the police as soon as possible.

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