‘Take Over’ Opening Show Scores Highly

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THE perfect blend of great music, a full house audience and an MC to knit the upbeat ambience together perfectly would be the dream of any calypso tent these days. With waning audiences at tent shows and subject matter found either lacking or over-used, something’s got to give sometime, right?

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Take Over Tent can count its blessings as far as that blend is concerned.

On Wednesday evening, TOT hosted their first tent show of the season with a musical bang at the National Cultural Centre (NCC). Fifteen calypsonians performed on the night, many of them offering hard-hitting subject matter – some topical, others general.

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However, there were a few brighter gems among the cast, notably Lilly, the winner of the inaugural SLTU Calypso Monarch held last week, who performed her “We Taught Them, Too”; Walleigh (“End of the Rope”); Lil Nick (“Obeah”); Trish (“Superiority Complex”); and Achiever (“That’s For Another Show”).

Other performers were TK Da Boss, Bruno, Weatherman, Platinum George, Invader, Washer, Kisha and Ailing Ailer.

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But the night definitely belonged – at least, overall – to Herb Black and Morgie. Herb Black performed his season comeback hit, “No Tra La La”, in which he decried the unethical liaisons between teachers and students. In the song are inferences to a recent incident that allegedly involved a school principal and a student. The crowd fed off the catchy lyrics and the frenzy, resulting in Herb Black being asked back on stage twice.

Morgie was his usual dynamic and entertaining self as he delivered his hard-hitting “MwenPé”, a follow-up to Menell’s 2016 UWP campaign anthem, “YoPé”. Citing the Desert Star Holdings (DSH) ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ project as being disadvantageous to Saint Lucians, Morgie argued that he was fearful of what the future holds should the deal go through.

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Lil Nick

With the carnival season just six weeks away from ending, Wednesday’s show began on just the right note organizers could hope for. However, it remains to be seen whether the other tents maintain – or even better — the standard already set.

Image of Herb Black
Herb Black

Meanwhile, South Calypso Tent hosts their season opener this evening at the National Cultural Centre. Among the impressive line-up are Journalist, Arthur (reigning Groovy Monarch), Animator, Hitty, Believe Me, Oshun, Dr. G, Crown, DycerFontelio and Nintus.

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