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SLP To P.M. Obey The Law

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s

THE Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to point out where in the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly or in the Constitution of Saint Lucia or any reference book on Parliamentary practice can the Prime Minister instruct the Speaker to remove a procedurally correct motion laid by another member from the Order Paper on the day when it was slated to be debated, without consultation with the member who proposed the motion.

Saint Lucia is governed by laws, not the rantings and whims of an arrogant Prime Minister. The SLP will always be guided by the law and is never afraid to challenge anyone who transgresses the law.

The Prime Minister must not treat the people of Saint Lucia as his servants but must at all times observe the law.

No threats, intimidation, acts of vindictiveness or victimization will ever frighten the SLP to abdicate its duty to the people of Saint Lucia and not stand for law justice and democracy.

The SLP warns the Prime Minister that it reserves the right to take the required and necessary action to stop him from breaking the law and stands by its parliamentarians in their justifiable and legal action by walking out of Parliament on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

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  1. Unfortunately PM you do come out as arrogant and bullying. Now I don’t know what had you to go out of your to ensure the motion as requested by SLP was not debated on the date it was meant to be debated. Could it be your arrogance? Could it be your bullying mentality? Could it be your ignorance of parliamentary procedures? Were you terrified of confronting the opposition, what may have transpired and or what may have been revealed?

    You see MR PM the idea of you being uncomfortable with how the motion was worded will not do. Since when it is the role of the PM to tell the opposition how to word a motion? This unfortunately have been a defining moment in the “Prime Ministership” of Chastanet. It is quite clear that all the above characteristics came to a head which resulted in the PM making a mockery of our parliamentary processes. In the final analysis what is at stake is our sacred ideal democracy!

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