Scenes From Chalk Art Festival

COLOURFUL art was the theme of the day last Monday at Baywalk Shopping Mall as many artists participated in the 5th Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival.

Chalk Art Festival

Organized by the School of Art and Design, the event provides the platform for budding and professional artists and designers to showcase their talents. By purchasing a few sticks of coloured chalk, artists were assigned a spot on the sidewalk where they made their creative impressions.

Chalk Art Festival

The event, which ran from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., was further enhanced by the rich blend of upbeat music played by the Laborie Steel Pan Orchestra, winners of last year’s Panorama.

Chalk Art Festival

There was no shortage of enthusiasm among the artists, many of whom interacted by exchanging ideas and comparing notes (or drawings, in this case) while hoping that their creative ways would be the stepping stone to a colourful future.

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