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Jazz: Main Stage Magic!

ALL good things must come to an end, the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival included. At least for this year, that is.

Pigeon Island National Landmark would have seen its fair share of melodious music, music lovers and creative magic from Friday to Sunday last. The music has stopped and the massive effort to get the Park back to its natural beauty is now underway.

The annual music festival would have experienced many positives as well as faced down several challenges as continues to grow. The lessons learned this year should serve as ample reference points to make next year’s event bigger and better.

Speaking of next year, the festival will be in its 25th season by then and will run from May 1 to 15. It’s a lot of time to get the kinks out of the festival and fill it up with more great music, bumper crowds and cool vibes.

But before we get to next year’s milestone season, let’s reflect through these images some of the moments that made last weekend’s crescendo another feather in the cap for Pigeon Island National Landmark.

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